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04/01/06 -
Charlie Wagner's Full Gallery from the World Finals now posted in the Blog Photo Gallery!!
03/31/06 -
Chris Kaelin's photo gallery from the St. Louis Monster Jam now posted in the Blog Photo Gallery!!
03/28/06 -
Posted Juan Perez's Full Gallery of shots from this past weekend's World Finals in the Fan Photo Gallery!!
03/27/06 -
New Pictures from the World Finals, courtesy of Charlie Wagner right here on the main page!!  New About Us page posted with our Contact Information!! Huge update to the MT Event Schedule!!  32 New Events!!
03/26/06 -
Teaser shots from the World Finals in Las Vegas, courtesy of our good friend Juan Perez!!
03/25/06 -
WORLD FINALS 7 Recap & Results!!  Added Kyle Doyle's latest "Behind the Scenes" article!!
03/24/06 -
VIDEOS from the WGAS Motorsports Parker, AZ event from this past weekend!!
03/22/06 -
VIDEOS from this past weekend's Sedalia Monster Truck Winter Nationals now in the Video section!!
03/21/06 -
New Drawing of Del Scorcho from Tommy Lee Byrd in the Monster Truck Art Gallery!!
03/20/06 -
VIDEOS from the Harrisburg, PA shows this past weekend, courtesy  of Charlie Wagner now in the Video Section!!  Added Bryan Wagner's photos from last week's Monkey'N Around Display to the Blog Photo Gallery!!
03/19/06 -
Teasers & A Preview Video From Sedalia!! Teasers from Parker, AZ, Harrisburg, PA, and Wilkes-Barre, PA here on the   main page!! 
03/17/06 -
We're off to Sedalia for the Monster Truck Winter Nationals!!
03/16/06 -
Coverage & Video from the Bigfoot Car Crush & Display at Rich Ford now posted!!  See below for more details!!
03/13/06 -
Tuscon Monster Jam COVERAGE now posted, Kyle Doyle's Battle Creek Monster Nat's Photo Gallery and Albuquerque, NM Photo Gallery now posted!!  See below for links!!  New Press Releases from HBR and Special Events!!
03/12/06 -
Posted the first COVERAGE from Dave VanArtsdalen  of this year's Philly Monster Jam!!  Also, teasers from the Bigfoot Car Crush at Rich Ford!!
03/09/06 -
Very excited about our newest sponsor, Jon Christensen's Monster Truck Racing Series!!
03/08/06 -
We are proud to announce a new sponsor, a News Update here on the Main Page, update to the TV Schedule and an update to the MT Event Schedule!!  Also, did the February Archive!!  Team HBR News and KD's latest "Behind the Scenes" article!!
03/06/06 -
New teasers from the Tuscon, AZ show!!
03/05/06 -
Check out Obsession's new paint scheme here on the main page, and results from Tuscon!!
03/03/06 -
Fourteen new events on the Monster Truck Schedule!!








Photo by:  CAROL MAASS


  • 2006 MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS!! - UPDATE 04/01/06!!:  See below for The Monster Blog's coverage of the 2006 Monster Jam World Finals, including pictures and a full recap!! (04/01/06)


  • UPDATE - Another Huge Gallery From The World Finals!!:  Our very own Monster Blog Special Contributor Charlie Wagner was in Las Vegas for the World Finals, and while we know Charlie for his awesome videos, he got some great pictures at the show!!  Charlie's full gallery of photos (70+) is now posted in the Blog Photo Gallery!!  Thanks to Charlie for the awesome pics, & Enjoy!!  (04/01/06)




    UPDATE 2 - Full Gallery of Pictures From Vegas!!:  Our good friend Juan Perez attended the World Finals in Las Vegas last Saturday, and he has sent in his full gallery of shots from the show!!  Nearly 100 pictures now posted in the Fan Photo Gallery, check them out there, or by clicking below!!  A huge thanks out to Juan for submitting these great shots!! (03/26/06)




    Anderson, Meents, Champions in Vegas!!:
      The Monster Jam World Finals were held tonight at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV, and when the dust cleared, the USHRA's top two stars were crowned champions once again, as Dennis Anderson piloted his Grave Digger #20 to the Racing World Champion-ship, and Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction took the Freestyle crown.
         We spent the evening the same way many other Monster Truck fans around the world did, listening to the event live on  A huge thanks out to the USHRA for providing this live audio feed, as without it, we all would have been left in the dark as to the goings on in Vegas tonight.  The production quality was quite good, and hopefully next year they may consider doing a live video feed, or putting the event back on Pay-Per-View.
         The Racing portion of the show was fast and furious, with some incredibly close races, including some awesome photo finishes.  Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction had experienced some driveshaft problems in qualifying, while rival Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger put down the fastest time of the 24 trucks Friday night.  This resulted in the two going head to head in the 2nd Round of Racing tonight, with Anderson pulling out the win, and putting Meents out early.
         Anderson would continue to move through the brackets on through the Semis, where he took out Neil Elliott in Hot Wheels to earn his berth in the Finals.  On the other side of the brackets, Pablo Huffaker in Blacksmith and Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter staged a terrific battle, with Creten coming out on top, and moving on to face Digger in the Finals.
         Jimmy Creten was in a familiar spot, yet again having a chance to take home the Racing victory at the World Finals that he has so desperately desired.  Unfortunately, tonight again would not be his night as Anderson and Grave Digger 20 was just too strong, and Anderson claimed his second Racing title and third World Finals Championship overall!!



    (Winners Shown in Red)

    Brutus Maximum Destruction
    An Escalade King Krunch
    Superman Air Force Afterburner
    Avenger El Toro Loco
    Monster Mutt Batman
    Team Suzuki Del Scorcho
    Taz Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
    Destroyer Predator
    Maximum Destruction Grave DIgger
    An Escalade Safe Auto Minimizer
    Air Force Afterburner Hot Wheels
    El Toro Loco Pastrana 199
    Iron Outlaw Monster Mutt
    Del Scorcho Blacksmith
    Taz Blue Thunder
    Predator Bounty Hunter
    Grave Digger Safe Auto Minimizer
    Iron Outlaw Blacksmith
    Taz Bounty Hunter
    Hot Wheels Pastrana 199
    Hot Wheels Grave Digger
    Blacksmith Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter Grave Digger

         With 24 trucks battling for the other half of the prize, Freestyle was sure to be wild, and it certainly was that.  The fourth truck out was Frank Krmel in Del Scorcho and he burned up the course, putting together an amazing run and filling the clock to earn a score of 29 that would put him in the hot seat for much of the early to middle portion of the show!!  But Charlie Pauken in a one-off shot in Monster Mutt pulled off what was called "the save of the year" in a power-packed, high-flyin' run that received a score of 32 and the lead!!  Competitors including David Smith in King Krunch, Tony Farrell in Blue Thunder, and Adam Anderson in Taz all had solid Freestyles, but couldn't knock Pauken off the hot seat.
         Dennis Anderson was looking to "Double Down" in Grave Digger by taking the Freestyle crown as well, and was putting together an awesome run when he lost control and flipped the truck before his time had expired.  Nonetheless, the judges still felt it was enough to take the lead, and awarded Digger a score of 33, much to the dismay of a clearly disappointed Charlie Pauken who let the judges hear it in an interview after the run.
         In the end, controversy would be avoided as Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction tore up the track, including a show-stopping move in which he jumped over Maximum Destruction #2, which had been parked on the track prior to Meents' run by teammate Neil Elliott.  Meents filled the clock and his run with trademark Meents air, finishing with some insane cyclones as the crowd went crazy!!  The scores went up from the judges, totaling 37 for the new leader.  When the last competitor, Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter, broke a wheel early in his run, Meents was declared the winner!!


    Truck Score
    Maximum Destruction 37
    Grave Digger 33
    Monster Mutt 32
    Del Scorcho 29
    King Krunch 26
    Blue Thunder 24
    Superman 23
    Taz 22
    Destroyer 22
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 22
    Batman 21
    Air Force Afterburner 20
    An Escalade 20
    Safe Auto Minimizer 19
    Predator 17
    Pastrana 199 16
    Avenger 16
    Team Suzuki 15
    Iron Outlaw 14
    Bounty Hunter 14
    Blacksmith 13
    El Toro Loco 11
    Brutus 10

         Congratulations from all of us here at The Monster Blog to Dennis Anderson and Tom Meents for their wins in Las Vegas this evening, and our thanks to the USHRA for once again putting together one of the greatest spectacles in motorsports.  Next year, my parents, my wife, and I will all be in Vegas for World Finals 8, and we are more than ready to "Double Down"!!  In the meantime, be looking for the TV debut of this year's World Finals, May 13th at 4:30PM Eastern Time!!  Thanks all, and goodnight!!  (03/25/06)  (Photos by Bryan Wagner & Ross Z. Bonar)

  • Photo Gallery From St. Louis Monster Jam!!:  You've seen the Mini-Coverage of the February Monster Jam in St. Louis, and you've seen Ross Z. Bonar's full gallery of pictures on, but now while you continue to wait for the Full Coverage, Monster Blog Special Contributor Chris Kaelin has sent in his gallery of shots from the show!!  Check them out now in the Blog Photo Gallery or by clicking below!!  Thanks to Chris for the awesome shots, and Enjoy!!  (03/31/06)






  • KD's Latest Blog Entry!!:  Hall Brothers Racing's own Kyle Doyle's latest "Behind the Scenes" article is now posted in the Features section!!  Read about the team's trip down to Georgia for a dealer display and car crush, and their visit to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for a Nascar truck series race!!  Read the article now by clicking the link below!!  (03/25/06)


  • Videos From Parker, AZ!!:  The 2006 WGAS Motorsports Tour continued on to the La Paz County Fair, and my parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar were on hand for the Saturday show!!  Don Frankish in Maniac and Nathan Weenk in Jurassic Attack performed two wild Monster Truck Freestyles during the show, and those Videos are now posted!!  Check them out now in the Video section or by clicking below!!  My mom Lynette did an awesome job with the Videos, and be looking out for Dad's full coverage of the event coming soon!!  Thanks & Enjoy!! (03/24/06)





  • Videos From Sedalia, MO!!:  The Monster Truck Winter Nationals roared into Sedalia, MO this past weekend, and my wife Rajeana and I were on hand for all the action!!  While I was taking pictures of the show, Rajeana took some awesome videos of all the Monster Truck competition and they are now posted for your enjoyment in the Videos section!!  A huge thanks out to her for doing such a great job, and to the fine folks with Checkered Flag Productions for putting on such a great show!!  Be sure to catch the next CFP event in your area, you certainly won't want to miss it after seeing these great videos by clicking the link below!!  Thanks & Enjoy!! (03/22/06)





  • Videos From Harrisburg, PA!!:  The Amsoil Rock'N'Monster Truck Winter Series invaded Harrisburg, PA this past weekend, featuring Monster Trucks, Freestyle Motocross, Lawnmower Racing, and the very exciting Super Truck Challenge series that our own Monster Blog Special Contributor Charlie Wagner competed in!!  When not racing his Ford Bronco tough truck, Charlie & his family were busy taking videos of all the action, and you can see their footage now in the Video Section or by clicking below!!  Thanks to Charlie and his family for contributing these awesome videos that you just don't want to miss!!  (03/20/06)



  • Monkey'N Around Display!!:  Here are some great photos and a nice article from our very own Bryan Wagner, after this trip to Tampa, FL for a Monkey'N Around display!!:
         "The Monkey'n Around 4x4 team took some time off from getting everything ready for the April 7th and 8th "Bull Buckin' and Monster Truckin" event in Okeechobee, Florida to head up to Raymond James Stadium for a display for Advance Auto Parts.  AAP does regional conventions for district store managers and employees to come and check out new products by tons of vendors lined-up all around the club level seating area of Raymond James Stadium.
         As Advance Auto Parts does help the Southern Monster Truck Showdown with advertising needs, the Monkey'n Around team decided to thank AAP by going on display for all of the vendors and AAP managers and employees to come up and view the 1800 HP Hemi.
         Along with the Monkey'n Around monster truck was a full blown show-n-shine car show, with many unique cars from the Citrus County Cruisers club coming down from about an hour north of the arena to go on display.  Also on hand was a NASCAR Stock car with a simulator inside with NASCAR Racing
    Season 2003, and even a few drag cars showed up late in the day to go on display.
         Southern Monster Truck Showdown and Monkey'n Around 4x4 would like to thank Advance Auto Parts for their help with the SMTS series over the past year and we look forward to having AAP as an advertising partner at our future events. Enjoy some of the photos I was able to capture at the event (including one of some guy who snuck in wearing a Monkey'n Around crew shirt!!)"  (03/20/06)




  • Teasers From Parker, AZ!!:  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar were in Parker, AZ Saturday evening for a WGAS Motorsports events featuring Monster Trucks & Freestyle Motocross!!   Don Frankish in Maniac and Nathan Weenk in Jurassic Attack brought the crowd to their feet at the Lepaz County Fair, performing some high flyin', car crushin' Freestyle!!  A huge thanks out to our good friends with WGAS for putting on an entertaining show!!  Coverage and Video from this event coming soon!!  (03/19/06)

Don Frankish in Maniac shows the Arizona crowd how sky wheelies are done!!

Nathan Weenk in Jurassic Attack jumping the cars in Parker!!

  • Raminator Dominates in Sedalia!!:  What a weekend in Sedalia, MO!!  Two big shows at the Mathewson Exhibition Center, and both were absolutely dominated by Geremie Dishman in Raminator.  Dishman swept Racing both nights, going undefeated through the brackets, and taking out Brad Campbell in Monster Moose in the Finals each night.  Freestyle was not as easy for Dishman as all the trucks did a fantastic job each night, but there were two that really stood out.  Kevin Koszalla in EasyRiders really rocked the house, rolling over after a wild wheelie on Friday night, but on Saturday put together an awesome run, walking sky wheelies all the way over the cars!!  But even those performances could be no match for the huge air and crazy cyclones that Geremie Dishman & Raminator brought to the table in Freestyle.  Both nights he took the win giving him the clean sweep of the weekend's events!!  My wife Rajeana and I would like to thank all the folks from Checkered Flag Productions for a great weekend of fun, and we look forward to attending another one of their shows!!  We have tons of pictures & video from the weekend's events, so stay tuned as we will be bringing all of it to you, right here at The Monster Blog!!  Click the links below for more teasers and a preview video of Friday night's action!!  (03/19/06)




  • Teasers from Wilkes-Barre!!:  Monster Blog Special Contributor Dave VanArtsdalen was in Wilkes-Barre, PA for this weekend's Monster Jam!!  It was Mark McDonald in Safe Auto taking the Racing win, but the show belonged to Andy Slifko in Eradicator!!  Slifko had rolled over the previous evening, and ran the show without the body.  Eradicator would be crowned the victor in both the Wheelie & Freestyle contests!!  Full Coverage will be coming soon from Dave, so be watching for it right here at The Monster Blog!!  (03/19/06)


  • Monsters & Tough Trucks in Harrisburg, PA!!:  Monster Blog Special Contributor Charlie Wagner was in Harrisburg this weekend, covering and competing in the event!!  Wagner was debuting his Ford Bronco Midnight Madness, and sporting a sharp lookin' Monster Blog logo on the front of the hood!!  Charlie & his family also managed to video much of the event!!  The video is coming soon to The Monster Blog, so keep checking back!!  Thanks to Charlie for his support of the site and for covering the show!!  (03/19/06)

  • Big Weekend for The Monster Blog!!:  My wife and I are off to Sedalia, MO for the Checkered Flag Productions Monster Truck Winter Nationals!!  The event will be held Friday and Saturday at the Mathewson Exhibiiton Center at the Missouri State Fairgrounds and will feature Raminator, Demon, Monster Moose, Public Disturbanace, and Easy Rider!!  It should be an awesome weekend of action, so be sure to stay tuned to the General Discussion portion of the Fan Forum, where we will keep you up to date on all the goings on in Sedalia!!  Also, Lauren & Lynette Bonar will be in Parker, AZ for a WGAS event featuring Maniac & Jurassic Attack, while Monster Blog Special Contributors Charlie Wagner and Dave VanArtsdalen will be in Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre, respectively.  Stay tuned for all the action right here at The Monster Blog!!  (03/17/06)

  • Bigfoot Car Crush Coverage & Video!!:  My parents attended the Bigfoot Car Crush & Display at Rich Ford in Albuquerque, NM last weekend, and we now have their Coverage and Video from the event posted on The Monster Blog!!  You can find the new content either the Coverages or Video sections, or by simply clicking the links below!!  See Dan Runte and Summit Bigfoot #15 in some high flyin', car crushin' action, thanks to my parents for doing such a great job covering the event!!  (03/16/06)







  • Tuscon Monster Jam Coverage!!:  Yet another Coverage released today!!  This one is from my parents' trip to Tuscon, AZ last weekend for Saturday night's Monster Jam at the Tuscon Civic Center.  The event featured six trucks, including Grave Digger, Del Scorcho, The Patriot, Tropical Thunder, Obsession, and McGruff!!  Check out the full coverage now in the Coverages section or by clicking below!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (03/13/06)




  • Battle Creek, MI Photo Gallery & More!!:  Monster Blog Special Contributor Kyle Doyle has just sent in his full gallery from this past weekend's Monster Nationals event at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, MI!!  Thanks to Kyle, The Monster Blog has brought you photo galleries from every stop on the Monster Nationals tour this year, and Kyle's Battle Creek gallery is one of his best yet with over 80 photos!!  Also, my parents attended the Albuquerque, NM Monster Jam on February 18th, but had to leave early in the show due to some unforeseen circumstances.  We have gone ahead and posted the photos they did get at the event in The Monster Blog Photo Gallery, which can be accessed through the Coverages section!!  Check out both galleries there now or by clicking below!!  (03/13/06)








  • Hall Brothers Racing Press Release:  (Champaign, IL)  Beginning with the opening round of the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals, April 1 and 2 in Fredericksburg, Texas, Geremie Dishman will take over as the new pilot for Hall Brothers Racing’s famed Dodge Rammunition monster truck.
         “We are pleased to welcome Geremie Dishman as the new pilot of our Dodge Rammunition,” says Dodge Truck Program Manager Scott Richter. “He has already shown his behind-the-wheel skill and winning ability in this season’s Monster Truck Winter Nationals and we know he will do an excellent job for us.”
         “This is definitely a dream come true for me,” says Dishman, who has been working with Hall Brothers Racing for the past three years. “I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to drive Raminator in the Monster Truck Winter Nationals, but being given the chance to run in the 4-Wheel Jamboree Series and the Monster Nationals is simply incredible and I can’t thank Hall Brothers Racing and Dodge enough.”
         With Mark Hall behind the wheel of Raminator and Dishman aboard Rammunition, crew member Kyle Doyle will move up to do special appearances and car crushes with the team’s second Dodge Raminator.


         “We are extremely proud of both these team members,” says team manager Tim Hall. “They are both very ambitious and extremely hard working. We are happy to be able to provide them with this opportunity and look forward to seeing them put both Raminator and Rammunition in Winner’s Circle over the upcoming months.”

  • Special Events Press Release:  (INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.)  The Four Wheel Jamboree Nationals, the largest 4x4 events in the nation, produced by The Promotion Company/Special Events Performance Series, announces a year-long celebration marking the 25th Anniversary of providing four wheel drive truck enthusiast gathering places and "playgrounds" to share stories, swap techniques, show off their creations, and take part in 4x4 competitions.


         To get the Silver Celebration kicked off with a bang, the Four Wheel Jamboree Nationals will giveaway a Silver Anniversary Edition Chevy Silverado truck, for which fans can register to win online at, on location during an event, or via promotional tie-ins. One winner will be drawn during the Indianapolis O'Reilly Auto Parts Fall 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals Presented by TOYO TIRES, on Sunday, September 24, from all entries collected throughout the year long promotion.
         In keeping with the anniversary theme, a silver metallic Pro Monster Truck, named Metallic Mayhem "wrecking machine", is being created. The 10,000 plus pound monster truck, built by Avenger - Brutus Racing, will race against top monster trucks and crush anything in its path at each Jamboree.
         A 25th Anniversary logo was also developed to be used throughout the six scheduled Four Wheel Jamboree Nationals events. The logo will be featured within event merchandise, promotions, web-based activities and flashbacks as the largest truck series in the world pays tribute to its history.
         The following sponsors will take part in the Silver Celebration: O'Reilly Auto Parts, Toyo Tires, 4 Wheel Parts, AEM, Comp Cams, Dodge, Dupont Car Care, Dynomax, Eaton, Flowmaster, Mickey Thompson, MSD Ignition, National Tire & Wheel, Pit Bull Tires, Rancho, Royal Purple, Superchips, TCI, and Westin.
         The 4-Wheel Jamboree Season kicks off this year in Fredericksburg, Texas and will culminate with a grand celebration where the 4x4 Jamboree began in Indianapolis, Ind. on September 22 - 24, 2006.

  • Bigfoot Car Crush @ Rich Ford!!:  Dan Runte and Summit Bigfoot #15 were on display this weekend, helping celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Rich Ford in Albuquerque, NM!!  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar braved severe snow storms to be on hand for Saturday's action, including a high-flying afternoon car crush!!  They teamed up to cover the event, with Dad taking some great photos and Mom videoing all the action, and we will be bringing it all to you later this week!!  For now, enjoy these awesome teasers and stay tuned for more!!  (03/12/06)


  • Philadelphia Monster Jam Coverage!!:  I am very excited to release the first Coverage from Monster Blog Special Contributor Dave VanArtsdalen!!  You all know Dave from his awesome pictures each week in the Picture of the Week contest, but now you can see his first full coverage for the site!!  Dave and his family ventured out the morning after the great snow storm of '06 to make it to the Wachovia Spectrum for Monster Jam, and they witnessed a great show!!  Read about it and see some more of Dave's awesome photography in the Coverages section or by clicking below.  Be sure to stop by the Fan Forum and let Dave know what you think!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (03/12/06)




  • The Monster Truck Racing Series!!:  We are extremely proud to welcome Jon Christensen's brand new Monster Truck Racing Series aboard as our newest sponsor!!  The Monster Blog is honored to have been chosen by Jon and the MTRS as their "Official Monster Truck Coverage Site", and we will be bringing you all the action from the 2006 Exhibition Season when it kicks off!!  Again, thanks to Jon and the MTRS for their support, and we are very excited about this new partnership!!  Visit the MTRS website for the latest information about the new series by clicking here, and be watching The Monster Blog as we will be bringing you more details as they become available!!  (03/09/06)

  • Hall Brothers Racing News!!:  This message from HBR team member and Monster Blog Special Contributor Kyle Doyle describing some changes coming up for the team:


          "Some of you may have learned by now via the website that Rammunition driver Dale Benear has decided to step away from his monster truck driving career to pursue other career interests and to spend more time with his family, which includes his wife Robyn and their two sons, Dustin (5) and Nathan (4 months).  While I am sorry to see Dale leave, I, along with the rest of our team, would like to wish him the very best in his new ventures.  It is easy to understand his desire to spend time at home with his two boys, especially with the recent arrival of his son Nathan.  Dale has done an excellent job driving for the Hall Brothers since his rookie year in 2002, and I’m thankful to say that I consider him my friend.  I’ve got a lot of great memories (and pictures) of Dale’s on and off track exploits, and I’m sure we’ll see him at the race track from time to time.
          What does this mean for our team?  Well, official press releases will be available soon, but here’s a brief synopsis of how things are shaking down.  Geremie Dishman will be moving into the Rammunition slot.  Plans are for him to remain in his HBR005 chassis, but convert to a Rammunition body in time for the Texas Jamboree in April.  He will run as a Raminator at the CFP finals in Pocatello, however.  The HBR004 chassis, which began life as the last Executioner (and subsequently the first Raminator) will switch to the second Raminator body, which I am scheduled to pilot when Dale vacates the seat.  I plan on doing a decent amount of ride truck driving as well, though you can probably expect to see Travis Howard, and others driving it as well.  It has been my lifelong dream to work on monster trucks, and Tim and Mark granted me that opportunity nearly three years ago.  Now they are giving me another opportunity, one that honestly seemed beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m very excited to be moving up the ladder, and I am really looking forward to the coming months and (hopefully) years behind the wheel of what I consider to be the best trucks in the business.  I know I’ve got a great team working with me, and some great teachers instructing me, so needless to say my hopes are high for the future.
          Again, my best wishes to Dale and his family, and I hope to see them a lot at the dealerships and race tracks we visit here in east-central Illinois.  Here’s to the future!!" - KD

    You heard it here first!!  Congratulations are in order to Kyle who is chasing down his dreams, and best wishes to Dale Benear as he pursues other ventures!!  Exciting news for Kyle, and I'm sure he will keep us all in the loop through his "Behind the Scenes" article right here on The Monster Blog!!  (03/08/06)

  • New "Behind the Scenes Article" from KD!!":  Kyle has also sent us his latest blog entry, entitled "Go-Karts, Mexican Food, & Amphibious Personnel Carriers."  The title alone makes this a must-read, so check it out now by clicking below!!  (03/08/06)


  • New Sponsor!!:  The Monster Blog is proud to welcome aboard the Special Events Performance Series as our newest sponsor!!  Special Events puts on some of the best Monster Truck events in the country, and we are very excited to be partnered with them.  Special Events will be celebrating 25 years of their 4 Wheel Jamboree events, and the series kicks off in just a couple of weeks in Fredericksburg, TX!!  Be looking for some exciting things here at The Monster Blog as a result of this new partnership, and a huge thanks to Jessica Hubley and the entire organization for their support!!  (03/08/06)

  • A Message From The Carrington Family:  This was sent to me by Kelley Carrington for posting:
    To all who have expressed your sympathy and condolence to the us, Calvin's Family:  Kyle and I have sent out personal Thank You's to many but, there are some of you kind and thoughtful people that we could not find your addresses.  Therefore, please except this Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  Kyle and I would like to Thank everyone who sent flowers.  They were beautiful and we really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Kyle and I would also like to Thank everyone for the many cards, phone calls, kind words, emails, thoughts and prayers we received over the past few weeks.  They were much needed and greatly appreciated.  Calvin was the World to Kyle and I and to know that he touched so many people's lives on his journey though life gives great comfort to us. Again, Thank You All so much for all you have done for us in our time of need and May God Bless You All.  -  Kelley and Kyle Carrington  (03/08/06)

  • February Archive:  Did the archive of the February 2006 material, while still keeping some of the stuff from the very end of the month.  The rest can be seen by accessing the link at the bottom of the main page to the February 2006 material.  Thanks!!  (03/08/06)

  • Tuscon, AZ Teasers:  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar, attended the Monster Jam in Tuscon, AZ last night, and we will have full coverage coming from that show very soon.  They were only able to send me one photo from the hotel due to internet connection issues, but check out the new paint scheme for Rick Swanson's Obsession!!  It was Phil Foster in Tropical Thunder taking the Racing victory, while Chuck Paukens in Grave Digger took Freestyle with a wild jump over the FMX hill!!  We will have some more pictures tonight, so stay tuned!! (03/05/06)  UPDATE:  Teasers now posted!!  (03/06/06)

The sharp lookin' new paint scheme for Rick Swanson's Obsession!!

Phil Foster in Tropical Thunder defeats The Patriot on his way to the Racing win!!

Rick Swanson in Obsession takes on the FMX hill in Freestyle!!



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