05/31/06 -
- Posted the Coors Light Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam Coverage!!
05/29/06 -
- Lima 4 Wheel Jamboree & Miami Outlaw Nationals Highlight Videos Now Posted!!
05/27/06 -
- Recap & Pics from last night's show at the Motor Mile Speedway courtesy of Chad Dobbins!!
05/26/06 -

- Teasers & Recap from the CAM show in Barrie, Ontario!!

- Traxxas T-Maxx Press Release!!

05/25/06 -
- Press Release with exciting news from Hoffman Motorsports!
05/24/06 -
- Pictures of the new Tail Gator monster truck courtesy of Brenda Noelke!!
05/23/06 -

- Posted the Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Videos from the Laughlin, NV show!!

- Bigfoot / Madusa Press Release!!

05/21/06 -
- Recaps & Photos from the Friday and Saturday Lima Jamboree shows!!
05/18/06 -

- First look at the new Killer Bee monster truck!!

- The Monster Blog Weekend Update!!

- Vaters Monster Motorsports Press Release on next week's Motor Mile Speedway show!!

05/16/06 -
- Monster Nationals points standings update posted here on the main page!!
05/15/06 -

- Preview pics of the new RC2 Johnny Lightning Monsters of Destruction diecast!!

- COVERAGE of the Monster Trucks Gone Wild event in Jasper, TN now posted!!

- Apex Motorsport Promotions Press Releases & New Website!!

- Teasers & Recaps from the Miami, OK and Laughlin, NV events!!

05/12/06 -

- The Monster Blog Weekend Update!!

- Ocala, Naples, Lakeland, Springfield photo galleries now up in the Blog Photo Gallery courtesy of Bryan Wagner & Kyle Doyle!!

- Manassas photos now posted in the Fan Photo Gallery courtesy of Chad Dobbins!!

- Kyle Doyle's latest "Behind the Scenes" feature article now posted in the Features sections!!

05/09/06 -
- Posted the VIDEOS from this weekend's  4 Wheel Jamboree in Springfield, MO!!
05/08/06 -

- More Teasers from the Firebird Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam last Saturday night!!

- Photos & Recap from the Monster Truck Show at the Old Dominion Speedway this past weekend, courtesy of Chad Dobbins!!

05/07/06 -
Recaps & Teasers from Springfield, Phoenix, and Jasper right here on the main page!!
05/05/06 -
Pictures from the Team KCM display at Lynch Hummer!!
05/03/06 -

- Ten new events added to the MT Event Schedule!!

- Huge weekend of Monsters this weekend and we will have it all right here at The Monster Blog!!

05/02/06 -

- A Day of Monsters in Phoenix Coverage now posted!!

- Two new wallpapers from Kyle Doyle!!

- Two new drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd posted in the Features section!!

- Performed April Archive of the main page content!!













  • Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam Coverage!!:  Finally!!  Sorry it took us so long to get this Coverage up, it just kind of fell through the cracks with the move and everything, and for that I apologize.  This was a great event, and my parents did a fantastic job covering it, so I am proud to finally have it up on the site!!  The Video from the show will be up very soon, but in the meantime, check out this great Coverage with over 100 awesome pictures!!  Click below to view it and be sure to stop by the Fan Forum to let us know what you thought of it!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/31/06)




  • Miami Highlight Video!!:  Two nights of monster truck action courtesy of John Darnell's MAP Motorsports, it was the Miami Outlaw Nationals, and it is now all wrapped into one rockin' highlight video!!  See Bigfoot, Nitemare, Full Throttle, Terminator, D'Sturbed, & Road Rage in Racing & Freestyle action now by clicking below or visiting the Video section!!  The video is sizeable at 25MB, but it should be well worth the wait!!  Thanks & Enjoy, be sure to stop by the Fan Forum and give us some feedback!!  (05/29/06)  (This video is Copyright (c) Ross & Rajeana Bonar and 2006 - Do not use without permission!!)



    (Please note that this video is 25 MB, so please be patient when loading, it is worth the wait!!)



  • Lima Highlight Video!!:  Highlights from four big shows featuring nine monster trucks all wrapped into one action-packed, rockin' and rollin' video!!  Nearly seven minutes of highlights from Friday & Saturday at the 2006 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Lima, OH are now available by clicking the link below or by heading over to the Video section!!  Please be aware that to preserve the quality of such a long video, a large file size, 75MB in this case, was required, but trust me when I say this video is well worth the wait!!  Check out the video, and then stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you thought!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/29/06)  (This video is Copyright (c) Ross & Rajeana Bonar and 2006 - Do not use without permission!!)



(Please note that this video is 75 MB, so please be patient when loading, it is worth the wait!!)


  • Motor Mile Monster Truck Madness!!:  Vaters Monster Motorsports brought 12 monsters to the Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA Friday night, with trucks competing in Wheelie, Racing, & Freestyle competitions!!  At the end of the night it was Rick Long in Bigfoot taking out Gary Wiggins in Stone Crusher for the Racing victory!!  Freestyle saw Long in Bigfoot, Mike Hawkins in Equalizer, and Isiah Morales in Hot Tamale all receive scores of 30 in Freestyle, making a three-way tie for the win!!  Always exciting to see new trucks debut, and there were two tonight out of the Vaters stable, Storm Damage and Killer Bee!!  A huge thanks to our good friend Chad Dobbins for these great pics!!  The monsters return to Motor Mile August 25th, so if you missed last night, don't miss that one!!  (05/27/06)

  • Monster Spectacular in Barrie, Ontario!!:  Chris Arel Motorsports came to the Molson Centre in Barrie, Ontario for the first of two shows Thursday night, and five monster trucks did battle in Wheelie, Donut, and Racing competitions before a packed house of screaming fans!!  A great friend of The Monster Blog, Kyle Seden, was on hand taking pictures and covering the action and has been kind enough to share his pictures with us.  Dan Patrick in Samson took the Donut competition, while Chris Bergeron in Brutus won the Wheelie contest.  The Racing Finals came down to Dan Patrick in Samson and Steve Hearly in Godzilla, but it was Patrick taking the win by a fist!!  A big thanks to Kyle for sending in these teaser shots, and be watching for more of his pics in the Fan Photo Gallery coming soon!!  (05/26/06)

  • T-Maxx Livens Up Lima!!:  (T-Maxx PR - Lima, OH) – The Traxxas® T-Maxx™ team arrived in Lima, Ohio, to invade the Allen County Fairgrounds for the 21st Annual Special Events 4-Wheel Jamboree.  Nineteen-year monster truck racing veteran and guest driver, Charlie Pauken, took the wheel for T-Maxx’s regular driver, Carl Van Horn, who was unable to make the event due to scheduling conflicts.  T-Maxx put on a great show, driving head-to-head with Avenger®, Big Dawg®, Nitemare®, Raminator®, and others throughout the weekend.  Friday night began with a bang as the Traxxas T-Maxx started things off in freestyle with an absolutely phenomenal run.  According to onlookers, T-Maxx put on a remarkable exhibition. The other trucks hardly compared to Pauken’s skillful run.
         On Saturday T-Maxx faced technical issues off the line in the first round of racing.  In the next round T-Maxx ran against Ramunation in a race that was so close that it had fans on their feet.  In Saturday’s freestyle, T-Maxx awed the crowd once again.  The show played out faster and even more exciting than Friday night’s.  Bigger air, longer slap wheelies, and dizzier cyclones prevailed for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday’s freestyle events.
         Fans in Lima were treated to one unforgettable display of monster truck action. Thanks to guest driver Charlie Pauken, T-Maxx was nearly untouchable by the entire field of trucks.
         Next time out, the Traxxas T-Maxx will take the stage in the Southern Monster Truck Showdown in Gaffney, South Carolina, June 2nd and 3rd. 
    Traxxas and T-Maxx are trademarks or registered trademarks of Traxxas L.P.  (05/26/06)

  • Hoffman Motorsports Expands!!:  (Huntington, IN)  Andy Hoffman and Hoffman Motorsports are officially announcing their recent purchase of the War Wagon monster truck, formally owned by Jeffrey and Jody Cook of Auburn, IN.  The 1955 Chevy Sedan bodied War Wagon was built and driven by Cook in 1993.  The Cooks are owners of Wildfire Manufacturing, Inc., custom designers and builders of emergency vehicles for fire and emergency services.  Cook last campaigned the War Wagon in 2003 and began devoting his full time attention to his growing emergency vehicle business.
         Hoffman, owner and driver of the Nitemare monster truck, is still in the process of finalizing exactly what role War Wagon will play in Hoffman Motorsports.  Plans include campaigning the War Wagon on George Eisenhart's 2007 Monster Nationals circuit (
         Hoffman hopes to merge the success he has earned campaigning Nitemare with the War Wagon truck.  Hoffman was recently declared the 2006 Monster Nationals Freestyle Champion, and awarded the MTRA Most Improved Team and MTRA Sportsmanship Award in December of 2005.  He is also a Board Member of the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA).  Nitemare is one of only 10 MTRA certified monster trucks operating in the United States.
         Producing a lighter weight fiberglass sedan body, maintaining a similar paint scheme to the original War Wagon truck, and expanding the line of novelties are all part of the immediate plans at Hoffman Motorsports.  Fans should anticipate the truck being ready for photos this coming Fall!!  (05/25/06)

  • Introducing the Tail Gator!!:  Check out these awesome pictures of the new Tail Gator monster truck from the Big Dawg team!!  This is actually just a new body / identity for the team, as it will be running on the current Big Dawg chassis.  Doug & Brenda Noelke chose the name "Tail Gator" because they enjoy tailgating before St. Louis Rams games, and because of Doug's knack for tailgate-dragging wheelies.  The new body made its debut at the Vinyl Images open house May 12th in Fenton, MO, and will run for the first time this weekend at Elko Speedway for the Eve of Destruction Friday night in Elko, MN.  The body is currently slated to run at a couple more selected events in 2006, and to see more action in 2007.  Vinyl Images created the wrap for the team and did a fantastic job!  For more information on their company and to see more of their work, visit  Thanks to Brenda for sending in the photos, and be watching The Monster Blog for shots of Doug putting the truck through its paces in Elko early next week!!  (05/24/06)

  • Laughlin, NV Videos!!:  Videos from the Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular in Laughlin, NV have now been posted in the Video Gallery!!  See Lucky Logger, Nasty Boy, Natural High, & Unnamed & Untamed in three rounds of Freestyle action at the Avi Casino!!  Thanks to my mom Lynette Bonar for getting the great videos, and be looking for the dad's full coverage coming soon.  Click the link below to view the videos and be sure to stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you thought.  Thanks & Enjoy!! (05/23/06)




  • Bigfoot / Madusa Partnership Press Release:  (St. Louis, MO)  It’s official: Madusa has joined Team BIGFOOT!  For years, BIGFOOT has been the leader in the monster truck industry, from the best trucks to the best mechanics to the best sponsors to the best drivers!  From Jim Kramer to Andy Brass, and from Eric Tack to Dan Runte, and now…add Madusa!  She will be the first female driver to race BIGFOOT.  After her exciting wrestling career, Madusa’s resume has included a monster truck racing AND freestyle championship, along with winning many individual events.  When it comes to winning, Madusa really knows here stuff!
         Madusa: “I want to thank BIGFOOT and company for the opportunity to live the dream of a lifetime.”  Madusa met with Bob Trent, BIGFOOT VP of Sponsorships/Events, and Ann Trent, BIGFOOT President, near her home in Florida last month and the meeting was like being with family..."These people care about you and your well being and for me that is a once in a lifetime feeling in this business.  I am so thrilled to be in a truck again...BIGFOOT hired me because of my style and they are ready to take it to the next level....a woman in a BIGFOOT...way cool...what opportunities for both!!"
         Madusa is tentatively set for personal appearances with BIGFOOT in Phoenix, AZ in late August and Indianapolis, IN in late September.  Later in the year she is scheduled to race BIGFOOT in Red Bluff, CA, Klamath Falls, OR and Redmond, OR.  BIGFOOT and Madusa are working on more dates and events to come!
         Keep an on and for updates.  Also, check out Madusa’s bio at and  Special thanks to Joe Froome of the “Major League of Monster Trucks” for helping make this deal possible.  (05/23/06)

  • Lima Jamboree Recap & Photos!!:  Well, it was a great two days in Lima, OH at the Allen County Fairgrounds for the Special Events 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals.  The family and I had a great time as we stopped and hit the Friday & Saturday shows on our way up to Detroit.  Doug Noelke in Big Dawg and Allen Pezo in Predator were the Racing winners, while Jim Kohler in Avenger and Charlie Pauken in T-Maxx dominated Freestyle.  I have posted recaps and small photo galleries from each show on our Fan Forum and you can access them by clicking the links below.  Updates will be on and off this week as we get settled here in Detroit, but be assured we have lots of great stuff coming your way, so keep checking back!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/21/06)







  • First Look at the Killer Bee!!:  A special thanks to Denise Vaters for sending us this shot of the new Killer Bee monster truck!!  Vaters Monster Motorsports has built the truck in conjunction with crew member Tim Bee, and the 2005 Dodge bodied truck is set to debut this month, and can be seen at the Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA next weekend!!  See below for more information on the Motor Mile show, and again, thanks to Denise for the great shot of the new truck!!  (05/18/06)

  • The Monster Blog Update!!:  This has been a hectic week at the Blog, as the family and I are currently in the process of temporarily relocating to Detroit, MI for the summer.  Thus, some great content from shows like the Firebird & Laughlin shows that my parents have covered the last two weeks, and the Miami, OK show my wife and I covered has been stalled a bit more than usual.  Rest assured that it will be on the site, just may take us a little while longer than normal.  Anyway, on our way up to Michigan, we will be stopping in Lima, OH to catch the 4 Wheel Jamboree there this weekend!!  Look for teasers from the first show Friday night on the Fan Forum, and more from the Saturday shows sometime on Sunday.  Should be a great weekend, so get ready for another awesome show from Special Events!! (05/18/06)

** 4 Wheel Jamboree - Lima, OH - Friday, Saturday, & Sunday - Ross Z. Bonar, Kyle Doyle **

Avenger, Big Dawg, Metallic Mayhem, Nitemare, Predator, Prowler, Raminator, Rammunition, & T-Maxx!!

  • Vaters' Monster Motorsports Invades Motor Mile Speedway!!:  The 94.9 Star Country Monster Truck Show, presented by 94.9 Star Country and Shelor Motor Mile, will take place at the Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA Friday, May 26th for a night packed with heart pounding monster truck action and much, much more!! 
         More monster trucks will appear than ever before at the Motor Mile Speedway, with an unbelievable twelve-truck lineup set to demonstrate their raw monster power.  Competing trucks include the original monster truck Bigfoot, World Finals competitor Black Stallion, and local Virginia trucks Equalizer, Killer Bee, Wild Hair, and Stone Crusher.  Eradicator, Backdraft, Hot Tamale, Iron Warrior, Weapon 1, and Screamin' Demon round out the awesome lineup of monster trucks.  The Black Jack monster ride truck will also be on hand to give the crowd the ultimate monster truck experience.
         The popular Freestyle Motocross riders will be there performing their tricks and jumping an astounding 70 foot gap, steel ramp to steel ramp!  The Psycho Jet Quad will show off its power and speed with raw force and flames propelling it across the track, and then burning a car to the ground!  As if all that wasn't enough, Bobby Cox, “Hot Rod the Clown”, will be on hand entertaining the fans with his wild and crazy antics.
         This all comes together for what is sure to be a night to remember, so whatever you do, don't miss out on this awesome evening of motor sports action at the Motor Mile Speedway!  The shows begins at 7:00pm, with gates opening at 4:00pm.  Adult tickets are $15, kids age 12 and under gain entry for the incredible price of only $1!!  Advance tickets are on sale now with the Motor Mile Speedway, simply call (540) 639-1700 ext. 18 and speak to Laura Johnson.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For more information you can speak with Laura at the number above, or contact Denise Vaters of Vaters' Monster Motorsports at or by phone at (301) 991-1792.


  • Monster Nationals Points Update!!:  The 2006 Monster Nationals Championship standings currently shows Mark Hall in Raminator with a slim five point advantage over Doug Noelke in Big Dawg with only one event left.  When the Monster Nationals invades the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, OH July 14th & 15th, the champion will be decided.  The Monster Blog is tentatively scheduled to attend this event, and we will be there to cover the crowning of this year's Monster Nationals champion!!  See the Monster Truck Points Series Standings tracker in the left hand column on the main page below for the current full standings!!  (05/17/06)

  • Monsters of Destruction Diecast!!:  The Monster Blog has been given a preview of the upcoming Johnny Lightning Monsters of Destruction diecast toys!!  Twelve different trucks will be hitting shelves this summer, with the first release scheduled for June/July, and the second for July/August.  Trucks featured in the first release will include Bigfoot (Version 1), Snake Bite, Captain USA, Nitemare, Fear Factor (Version 1), and Police Rescue.  The second release will include Bearfoot, Fear Factor (Version 2), Fire Truck Rescue, and the Nickelodeon themed Sponge Bob, Patrick, & The Crusty Crab trucks.  The Monsters of Destruction trucks will retail for $3.99, so be looking for them at a retailer near you coming soon!!  A huge thanks to Sarah Meltzer and RC2 Corp. for their help in providing us this information and these awesome preview shots!! (05/15/06)

  • Monster Trucks Gone Wild Coverage!!:  Tommy Lee Byrd attended the first ever Monster Trucks Gone Wild event at the Old Hickman Farm in Jasper, TN the weekend before last, featuring two shows in one day!!  Bigfoot, Gun Slinger, Holman's Beast, Cowboy, Ballistic, & Venom did battle in Wheelie, Racing, & Freestyle competitions, and Tommy got some great pictures of it all!!  See the full Coverage of the event now in the Coverages section, or by clicking below!!  Thanks to Tommy for the great job, hope you all it enjoy it!!  (05/15/06)





  • Apex Motorsport Promotions Press Releases:  (Scottsdale, AZ)  The buzz is in the air.  Cardinals Stadium season tickets are SOLD OUT for the year, and August 26th is coming faster than you expect as AMP Live Events brings to you the most amazing show ever seen on wheels...HUGE MONSTER WHEELS... to the enormous stadium floor to do the first ever Figure-8 Monster Truck racing event in Glendale, Arizona.
         “Between the All-Star Pit Party, Lasershow, Insane MX Freestyle Backflippers, Free Give-Aways, and Figure-8 racing, this will be the best Motorsports event for the buck ever to see our planet!” says promoter Scott Hart.
         Buy your tickets early before they sell out and you miss out on history being made at the 8th wonder of the world, Cardinals Stadium.
         Log on to to win free tickets, RC trucks, and other apparel before the event.  Tickets go on sale June 3rd.  Do NOT miss out!!

    (Image courtesy

    (Scottsdale, AZ)
      Torgerson Motorsports (TMS) and Apex Media are pleased to announce a joint partnership creating, Apex Motorsport Promotions (AMP).
         TMS is the largest independently owned Motorsport Promotion Company in the industry, in business over 25 years. In fact, the traveling Monster Truck Show concept is attributed to Stan Torgerson, TMS founder.
         TMS and their Monster Truck Show is excited to partner with Media Monster Apex, utilizing the Apex expertise in Direct Response Media while amplifying TMS’ expertise in the Promotion field…a perfect match…and with the Rollin’ Thunder of the Monster Trucks, a Perfect Storm!
         Apex has grown from 8 people and 8 million in media billing in 1994 to 60 people and 100 million in media billings for 2006. They’ve been leaders in the Direct Response Industry for 12 years, working with Television, Cable and Satellite outlets while marketing a variety of infomercial and sales “products” to stations and vendors selling to stations.
         What makes The Rolling Thunder Monster Truck Tour the best show in motorsports? It is the original concept of “Three Big Acts… One Ticket”. Not only do we put on the best Monster Truck Show around, but also give the crowd two other action packed shows with MX Freestyle Competition, Quad Racing, Tuff Truck Competition, Lawn Mower Racing, and many other exciting acts. By rotating different shows each year in the market, keeping our shows new and exciting.
         Dennis Hart is proud to form a partnership with his son Scott Hart, creator of Apex Motorsport Promotions and partner of TMS Motorsports, and says…”the match this union brings as a fun-machine and promotion-machine for the American Family and Advertiser alike, is exciting. I’m happy to be a part of it from the ground floor”.
         Danny Torgerson was excited, saying “We have really increased our strength now that we have the power of the best talent available teamed up with a media and promotion powerhouse."

  • O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals!!:  John Darnell's O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals hit the Ottawa County Fair-grounds in Miami, OK this weekend with six Monster Trucks doing battle in Straight Line & Chicago-Style Racing and Freestyle competitions!!  Rick Long in Bigfoot #11 dominated the weekend, winning both Racing competitions each night.  Andy Hoffman in Nitemare won Freestyle Friday night with his awesome reverser move, and hometown favorite Devin Jones in Road Rage took the Saturday night competition with an awesome save to keep the truck from rolling over!!  Billy Chapin in Terminator lost the entire rear end off the truck Friday night during Racing, and amazingly, the crew was able to get the truck back together in time for Saturday's show.  Kudos to the Wildfire Motorsports crew for their hard work.  A huge thanks to John Darnell and everyone with the MAP Motorsports crew for putting on a great show, we were very impressed by their operation and we are already looking forward to next year's Miami show!!  More pics and video from the show coming soon, so stay tuned, and stop by the Fan Forum for a bunch more teaser shots!!  Thanks!!  (05/15/06)




  • Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular!!:  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar, were back at it this weekend at the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV which hosted Steve Quercio's Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Saturday night!!  The all-freestyle show entertained the crowd with some high-flying, wheelie-popping monster truck action featuring Mike Welch in the Lucky Logger, Kelvin Ramer in Natural High, and Sam Sturges in both Unnamed & Untamed and Nasty Boy.  The show was a blast, and full coverage and video of the event is coming soon right here at The Monster Blog, so stay tuned!!  (05/15/06)



  • This Weekend At The Blog!!:  We're back at it this weekend after a full slate last week!!  We will be covering shows in Miami, OK, Laughlin, NV, and Eustis, FL this weekend, so be looking for some more great coverage from these shows later this weekend!!  We will try to provide updates on the Fan Forum, but if nothing else, look for updates Sunday morning!!  See below for the events we are covering and the trucks that will be appearing at them!!  (05/12/06)


    ** O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals - Miami, OK - Friday & Saturday - Ross & Rajeana Bonar **

    Bigfoot, Nitemare, Full Throttle, Terminator, Road Rage, & D'Sturbed!!


    ** Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular - Laughlin, NV - Saturday - Lauren & Lynette Bonar **

    Lucky Logger, Natural High, Nasty Boy, and Unnamed & Untamed!!

    ** Southern Monster Truck Showdown - Eustis, FL - Friday & Saturday - Bryan Wagner **

    Clydesdale, Cowboy, Gun Slinger, Monkey'N Around, Traxxas T-Maxx, & Wild Hair!!

  • Five New Photo Galleries!!:  Five new photo galleries have been posted on the site!!  We have photos courtesy of Special Contributors Kyle Doyle & Bryan Wagner from the Springfield 4 Wheel Jamboree, the Ocala and Naples Monster Jam Summer Heat Events, and the Monkey'N Around exhibition at the Trucks Gone Wild event all now in the Blog Photo Gallery!!  Also, a great friend of the site, Chad Dobbins, has sent in his awesome pictures from the Old Dominion Speedway Monster Truck Show which can now be seen in the Fan Photo Gallery!!  See the preview pics of each gallery below, and then click the links to head to the Blog & Fan Photo Galleries!!  Thanks to these guys for all their hard work, and we hope you enjoy all the pictures!!  (05/12/06)

4 Wheel Jamboree - Ozark Empire Fairgrounds - Photos by Kyle Doyle

Monster Jam Summer Heat - Ocala Speedway - Photos by Bryan Wagner

Trucks Gone Wild - Lakeland Motorsports Park - Photos by Bryan Wagner

Monster Jam Summer Heat - Florida Sports Park - Photos by Bryan Wagner




Monster Truck Show - Old Dominion Speedway - Photos by Chad Dobbins



  • 4 Wheel Jamboree Videos!!:  Three shows this weekend in Springfield, MO and every bit of Monster Truck action from those shows is now online in the Video Gallery!!  Tons of great footage taken by my beautiful wife Rajeana, thanks to her for doing such a great job!!  See it all, from Rammunition and Predator's big Racing wins to Jim Kohler's Freestyle domination all weekend, click the link below to see all of the action!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/09/06)




  • More Teasers From Firebird!!:  The pictures from Firebird have gotten a lot of positive feedback thus far, so we figured we would post some more pictures of some of the day's action my dad, Lauren Bonar, captured Saturday night!!  The first couple are of a Bigfoot #12 display at Ian Hughes Tire & Auto in Glendale that my parents stopped off at on the way to Firebird.  They got a chance to meet Ron Bachmann, and see the awesome Firestone Destination paint scheme.  Then it was off to Firebird, how about that sweet pic of one of the jet dragsters?  Very cool.  Then a few more pictures of some of the trucks that didn't get posted the first time.  Everyone did a great job at the event, so many great stories, should be an awesome coverage!!  And lastly, the perfectly intact, removed body from Jimmy Creten's Bounty Hunter after Freestyle Saturday night.  More to come soon, including a full coverage and video, so stay tuned!!  (05/08/06)








  • Monster Trucks at Old Dominion!!:  Rebel Pride Racing & the Old Dominion Speedway came together to bring an awesome 10 truck show to the fans in Manassas, VA this weekend!!  Michael Vaters in Black Stallion won Racing the first night, while Mike Hawkins in Equalizer was victorious the second night.  Hawkins also swept Freestyle both nights with huge jumps over a giant earth mover!!  Kevin Poore in Project X and Ray Mowery in Wild Hair also got Wheelie contest wins Friday and Saturday, respectively.  Here a few teasers from Chad Dobbins who was in attendance, and got some great pictures that will soon be seen in the Fan Photo Gallery.  A huge thanks to Chad for sending us pictures and results from the show!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/08/06)


  • Springfield 4 Wheel Jamboree!!:  The second event of the 2006 Special Events Performance Series went on this weekend in Springfield, and The Monster Blog was on hand for all three of the weekend's shows!!  Saturday saw nasty weather in Springfield, as the rain started early and stayed throughout the day.  During the first show, most of the trucks had problems hooking up on the wet concrete, but not Allen Pezo in Predator, as he marched through the brackets on his way to a final round win over Randy Brown in Grave Digger!!  Jim Kohler in Avenger brought the crowd to their feet with some insane donuts in the best Freestyle of the early show.  Saturday evening it was decided that the track was too messy for Racing and was converted to an all Freestyle show.  Kohler was again very good, but Randy Brown in Digger might have been just a little better in the evening show.  Sunday afternoon brought cloudy skies again, but thankfully no rain this time, and Geremie Dishman in Rammunition would take the Racing win over Grave Digger.  Once again, it was Jim Kohler dominating the rest of the field in Freestyle with big air, an awesome slap wheelie, and more crazy donuts.  All in all, we had a blast this weekend in Springfield and would like to thank the drivers and all the fine folks from Special Events for the awesome show they put on.  We will be hard at work this week to bring you more pictures & video from this great weekend of events at the 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals!!  Thanks & enjoy the teaser shots!!  (05/07/06)


  • Coors Light Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam!!:  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar, were back on the road again this weekend, as Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, AZ held their annual Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam Saturday night, with 10 monsters on hand to do battle in Wheelie and Freestyle competitions.  Linsey Weenk in Iron Outlaw barely edged out Ronnie Sturges in Nasty Boy for the Wheelie contest win, while Tom Meents blew away the competition in Maximum Destruction to take the Freestyle victory!!  Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter lost the body off the truck during his run, and Chuck Warner in Hot Wheels went for a wild ride, ending up on top of the concrete barrier!!  Many more pictures and video of the show are coming soon, so stay tuned to The Monster Blog!!  A huge thanks out to the staff from Firebird International Raceway for their hospitality, and to all the participants for making it a night to remember!!  Enjoy the teasers shots!!  (05/07/06)




  • Monster Trucks Gone Wild!!:  Six trucks did battle in Jasper, TN as part of the first Monster Trucks Gone Wild event, and our very own Tommy Lee Byrd was on hand to cover all the action.  Cowboy took the racing win in the first show over Bigfoot, while Keith Sturgeon would come back in the second show to take his first Racing win over Scott Hartsock in the Gun Slinger!!  The only Freestyle competition took place during the second show, and Hartsock took home the victory.  Also in attendance were Ballistic, Venom, & Holman's Beast, which was debuting a sharp new paint scheme.  Tommy got some great shots, and be looking for his full coverage of the event here in the coming days!!  A huge thanks to the event organizers for all their help and for their production of the show.  Thanks & enjoy the teaser photos!!  (05/07/06)


  • Team KCM Lynch Hummer Display!!:  Kreg Christensen brought the 2005 Monsters of Destruction champion Dragon Slayer truck to the home of its primary sponsor this past week, displaying at Lynch Hummer in Chesterfield, MO!!  Lynch Hummer is one of the largest Hummer dealers in the country, and is the #1 the only Hummer dealer in the world who deals exclusively with the Hummer brand.  Visit their website for pictures of last year's display and exhibition with the KCM team at!!  We got a chance to talk with Kreg and his son Mike for a while at the dealership, and they are really great people.  We thank them for their time, and look forward to seeing them in action out there on the road one of these days!!  Click below to see our pictures from the display in the Blog Photo Gallery!!  (05/05/06)




  • Huge Weekend of Monster Trucks Coming Up!!:  Well, we may have had a few light weeks lately, but this coming weekend is gonna be a barn-burner!!  My wife and I will be in Springfield, MO for the 2nd round of the Special Events Performance Series which will feature one of those rare, classic monster truck battles, Grave Digger vs. Raminator!!  In Phoenix, where my parents Lauren & Lynette Bonar will be this Saturday night, Team Bigfoot will take on Team Meents for another of those classic battles that happen far too rarely in our sport.  Throw in Monster Trucks Gone Wild in Jasper, TN and Monster Jam Summer Heat in Ocala, FL, and The Monster Blog will be bringing you all the big action this weekend, so stay tuned for updates!!  (05/04/06)

** 4 Wheel Jamboree - Springfield, MO - Saturday & Sunday - Ross Z. Bonar, Kyle Doyle **

Avenger, Grave Digger, Metallic Mayhem, Predator, Raminator, & Rammunition


** Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam - Phoenix, AZ - Saturday - Lauren & Lynette Bonar **

Bounty Hunter, Hot Wheels, Iron Outlaw, Maximum Destruction, Nasty Boy, Snake Bite, Summit Bigfoot, Unnamed & Untamed, Monster Moose, & Public Disturbance!!


** Monster Trucks Gone Wild - Jasper, TN - Saturday - Tommy Lee Byrd **

Bigfoot, Beast, Venom, Gun Slinger, & Cowboy!!


** Monster Jam Summer Heat - Ocala, FL - Friday & Saturday - Bryan Wagner **

Grave Digger, TMNT, Destroyer, T-Maxx, Stone Crusher, and Bad News Travels Fast!!

  • A Day of Monsters in Phoenix Coverage!!:  Not only did my parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar, see an awesome WGAS Motorsports show featuring five trucks, but they also got to see a Bigfoot car crush, all in Phoenix, all in one day!!  The coverage from their busy day has now been posted in the Coverages section, be sure to check it out, and stop by the Fan Forum and let them know what you think!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (05/02/06)





  • Features Section Update:  Thanks to Kyle Doyle and Tommy Lee Byrd, the Features section has been updated with two awesome new wallpapers courtesy of Kyle, and two great new drawings of Snake Bite and Grave Digger by Tommy!!  Head on over and check them out by clicking below!!


  • The Monster Blog April Archive:  Wow, 2006 is absolutely flying by!!  Hard to believe we are already a third of the way through the year.  But with the end of another month comes another archive of the content here the main page.  Pretty timely as the front page was starting to load pretty slow due to the large amount of awesome content we brought you in April!!  So when you get to the bottom of the front page and want to look back at what we did in any previous month, just click the link to what you are looking for!!  Thanks!!  (05/02/06)


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