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- Miami, OK O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals
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Monster Truck Wars South American Tour!!:  (A.P. Motorsports PR) A.P.Motorsports and South American promoters are excited to announce our tour dates, monster truck lineup and freestyle moto-x-jumping team for the 2010 Monster Truck Wars Tour South America.
     Talent line up for the Monster Truck Wars Tour will feature Monster Patrol driven by James Tigue ll, Godzilla driven by Steve Hearley, Grim Reaper driven by Dustin Lewis, Sin City Crusher driven by Darren Cox and Burnin' Money driven by Mark Foulk. Our Freestyle moto-x-jumping team features riders Tim Dyson, Dan Weeks and Nicholas Gore. Also touring is the Bumble Bee ride truck driven by Dezo Turos and Lisa Fonder. The Monster Truck Wars tour will feature bilingual announcing in English and Spanish. Mike Fonder, President of A.P.Motorsports and long time motorsports announcer will be announcing the performances in English with a special guest Spanish announcer to be announced shortly.

     The Monster Truck Wars 2010 South American Tour is scheduled to start June 25 in Bogota,Colombia at the Simon Bolivar Park with three shows June 25,26,27 at 7pm. Then the tour moves to Bucaramanga, Colombia at the Soccer Football Stadium of Bucaramanga with one big show July 3 at 7pm. From there the tour moves to Medellin, Colombia at the Stadium El Dorado for two show's July 9 & 10 at 7pm. One last date in Colombia is pending and then the Tour heads to Chile,Argentina,Boloivia and Peru. More countries and dates are being finalized for September and October and will be announced soon.
     A.P.Motorsports has signed a 5-year deal with our South American partners to produce all kinds of motorsports and concert events in South America over the next 5 years. Our South American partners just finished a tour with Guns-n-Roses and has the Scorpions starting their South American Tour.
     But for now South America get ready cause the REAL DEAL Monster Truck Tour is ready to rock-n-roll the fans, waiting to see the American Monster Trucks. Trucks have been gone threw with new motors being installed, new identity's for a couple of the trucks and alot of work from the teams to make this tour a huge success. Parts are packed, trucks are loaded, clothes are packed and the tour is ready to ship to South America.
     A.P.Motorsports would like to thank all the team owners,drivers,crew members who have busted their butts working long hours to prepare trucks,file paperwork and everything else they have done to make this a reality. Steve Hearley deserves a "that a boy" for dropping everything he was doing for Chris Arel in Canada to come home and get his truck and equipment ready in two days!!  Thanks Steve Hearley and the Godzilla monster truck team including Jeff!! Chris Arel Thank You for everything, your the man in Canada!!
     A.P.Motorsports will have coverage of events in South America weekly being sent to monster truck news outlet TheMonsterBlog.com with results, pictures and video. For more information, check out apmotorsports.tripod.com and remember, "The Ground's Already Shakin'!!"  (05/30/10)

Monster Spectacular Tour Update - New Brunswick!!:  (By Doug De Nance) Three cities – three shows – in three days. Could it be a three-peat for the defending Monster Spectacular champion? The challenge began in Saint John, New Brunswick on the Canadian east coast leg of the 2010 Monster Spectacular tour. Fans thronged to the VIP Pit Party to meet all the stars including FMX riders. Sport Bike Stunt riders and ATV Quad warriors. But ultimately the fans were there early to meet the man.
     To be the man you must beat the man – Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter, the defending Monster Spectacular Points Champion. Everyone in the stands knew it. And so did the highly competitive slate of monster truck drivers waiting for their shot at the man – and the points.
     Jay McPherson was brought in as the driver of Iron Outlaw specifically because he held the fastest time trial time in Monster Spectacular history. Last year Jay Mac posted a 1.97 over a five car stack on concrete. Now the fastest time title holder would take on the racing master – none other than his boss on the 2 Xtreme racing team.
     Jon Zimmer is the 2009 Rising Star Award winner and the 2010 Big Air Champion in Amsoil Shock Therapy. But he’d more that rising into the sky to beat Jimmy Creten. He’d need to be first over the car stack every time.
     Excaliber is a storied truck from the 1980’s. The big Chevy Silverado had the original graphics restored just for this occasion. And a hired gun driver with the same experience level as the truck name itself. John Kilinger couldn’t resist the chance to do battle with the man – and just possibly live up to his nick name, “The Killer”.
     The scene was set in Saint John. First up was the Wheelie Competition – and the first win for Creten. Was this to be the pattern for Bounty Hunter all weekend? If Monster Truck Racing was an indication, Creten was on a roll, blasting through the brackets to take the win.
     The shock and frustration was thick in the air as the tour moved to Moncton. Jay Mac settled into the mechanics of Iron Outlaw and spent the time before show time secretly tweaking the 1800 horsepower at his disposal to see if he could get 1801. Zimmer’s typical Texas-style smile was gone and he glowered at Bounty Hunter, and then sat visualizing his racing strategy. The Killer looked like he just might make his name a reality, his dark eyes flashing like a lit powder keg.
     In order to reset the brackets, it was to be a Monster Spectacular fans dream come true. Time trials would have to be run – with the record holder in the house. The Topeka, Kansas native climbed into Iron Outlaw to watch for the green light. Maybe he was over anxious, maybe it was too much adrenaline, but like Casey’s famous turn at bat, Jay Mac failed to break the 2 second barrier.
     But that 2 second barrier would be broken, and the time trial record tied that night. John Zimmer is as competitive as they come. He was smarting from the loss the night previously and decided to lick his wounds by trying to put a licking on the Monster Spectacular time trial record. He managed to lay down a 1.97, tying Jay Mac’s record time.
     But Zimmer pushed Amsoil Shock Therapy so hard that the monster sat crippled at the end of the cars, blocking Creten’s time trial lane. Zimmer struggled with the truck, eventually enlisting the track officials to help. The time ticked by as Creten sat in Bounty strapped into his seat with a five point harness ratcheted so tight he could barely breathe. And he sat, and sat and sat as Zimmer worked on his truck.
     Then it dawned on the fans that maybe Zimmer was stalling to make Creten lose his edge as he waited in Bounty Hunter. Zimmer is a very clever driver and he knew that his record tying time trial time would give him the pick of the brackets and the lane choice. It was never revealed if that was Zimmer’s strategy, for just as the question was being posed, Amsoil Shock Therapy was cleared from the track.
     Creten eased Bounty to the car stack, then abruptly roared the engine and slammed the front tires down on the lead car. He wanted the best possible trajectory for this time trial. But did the wait take the edge off the defending champion?
     Creten waited for the light to go green and shot off the line like the devil himself was chasing Bounty Hunter. The monster crossed the stack barely clearing the tops of the cars. It looked like a very fast time. But the official time had to be checked on all official’s watches as it was unbelievable. The fans believed as they screamed out their approval. Creten had just set the new Monster Spectacular time trial record with 1.75 seconds.
     The tour rolled on through the maritime province to Bathurst for a Sunday matinee. While the times were fast in the time trial, Creten could not duplicate the feat from the night before, posting a 1.98 with Bounty Hunter as the fast time.
     Creten did duplicate his winning ways in Wheelie competition, tossing t-shirts to the crowd after the cheer off. And he did get back to his winning ways on the race track, defeating his teammate Jay Mac in Iron Outlaw for the win.
     But the ultimate winners are the fans. They win with safety, as Bounty picked up extra time in Freestyle when fans unwittingly stepped below the safety holds and Bounty Hunter was stopped with the remote ignition interrupter radio to allow the fans to be escorted to their seats. And they win with the excitement of Freestyle as Bounty Hunter used the time to deliver the biggest air of the weekend, a cyclone donut and a bicycle style landing on the driver side wheels out of a sky wheelie.
      Just like Jimmy Creten, you can be a winner too. Just check the schedule on www.MonsterSpectacular.com to find out when you can attend a Monster Spectacular show!! (05/30/10)

Miami, OK O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals Photo Gallery!!:  The annual Miami, Oklahoma O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals was held this past weekend and our HUGE 300+ picture photo gallery is now online!!  See great monster truck action including stars like Barbarian, Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Cult Energy Activator and more, along with modified tractor pulling and tuff trucks, all by clicking the link below. Thanks to Ross Z. Bonar for the great shots, be watching for TMB TV from Miami, Oklahoma in a few weeks!!  (05/28/10)



Lima, OH 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals Photos & Video Coverage!!:  The 2010 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals tour continued as the series rolled into Lima, Ohio's Allen County Fairgrounds for what is annually one of the biggest outdoor shows of the year!!  After a tight battle following the first weekend in Springfield, Missouri, Dan Runte had a slight lead over Mark Hall in the season points entering Lima. Hall turned up the heat in a big way over the four show weekend, making it to every final round and winning 3 of 4 racing competitions, with Runte only managing a Sunday afternoon victory. Raminator now sits atop the Monster Truck Thunder Drags standings by 160 points over Bigfoot. In addition to the great racing action, Chris Bergeron in General Tire continued to dominate the freestyle portion of the events much like he did in Springfield, while Dave Radzierez finally got a chance to show what the Airdog diesel monster can do with some great exhibition freestyle performances. TMB's Paul Harry and Chris Parrish were on hand for all the weekend's events and they've put together some awesome coverage. Click below to see Paul's huge photo gallery and Chris's excellent video coverage, featuring interviews, action and features. Thanks to Family Events for their hospitality and to Paul and Chris for their great work!!  (05/26/10)





A New High Maintenance Under Construction!!:  (Coopersville, MI)  After taking 3 Freestyle Championships, some nasty crashes, vertical wheelies, and blistering fast cyclones, the current High Maintenance chassis will be retired this Summer. Built in 2000 by the Perrin family and Charlie Bidgood of AB Spring, the current chassis has served well for nearly a decade of wild rides and heart thumping thrills. To segway into a new decade and new chapter of Perrin Motorsports we would like to welcome Rich Inman and Concussion Engineering to the team and announce the construction of a new Concussion Engineering Chassis for Perrin Motorsports.

     “I couldn’t be happier with Rich and the guys at concussion” stated team owner Jeff Perrin, “We’re definitely looking forward to achieving some great things with the new truck.” he continued. “Rich’s fabrication work is amazing and his chassis are tough.” Perrin Motorsports is also thrilled to welcome Steve Combs and Knight Stalker Enterprises to the fantastic lineup of sponsors making it possible to compete. Knight Stalker Enterprises will be sponsoring the new High Maintenance with all new sway bars and two new 4” double bypass 26” travel shocks and the team couldn’t be more excited.

     August will mark the 20th anniversary of Jocelyn's monster truck career, what a way to celebrate as she will climb behind the wheel of her all new truck as Concussion Engineering and Perrin Motorsports hope to have the truck fully operational by September.

     The team is shooting for some testing and possibly unveiling for a test and tune session at the 4 Wheel Jamboree in Indianapolis, Indiana in mid-September. Fans can still catch High Maintenance and Jocelyn in action with the summer shows kicking off July 3rd in Mt Pleasant, Michigan.
     Special thank you to everyone who made the past decade of thrills and spills possible and to everyone helping to make the next just as fun!  For more information on High Maintenance and the Perrin Motorsports team, check out www.PerrinMotorsports.com!!  (05/26/10)

Miami, OK O'Reilly Outlaw Nationals Recap & Teasers!!:  The TMB Crew made our fifth annual stop at the O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals in Miami, Oklahoma this past weekend, with John Darnell and the MAP Motorsports crew putting on a great show as always. With heavy hitters such as Equalizer, Cult Energy Activator, and the hometown-hero Devin Jones, this was setting up to be one of the best shows to ever hit the Miami Fairgrounds. Racing all weekend was fast and intense, with Bruce Haney in Bad News Travels Fast picking up the Friday win over Ben “Bobo” Winslow in Sudden Impact’s Ground Pounder and Sean Duhon in the Cult Energy Activator getting the nod in a very close call over Isaiah Morales in Hot Tamale for the Saturday racing win.

     The wheelie contests each night boasted some of the best collective efforts the TMB crew has seen as every truck accomplished wheelies that could have won on any given night. Devin Jones and the Barbarian edged out both Hot Tamale and Equalizer’s vertical wheelies with earthshaking, vertical wheelies and slap wheelies as well as a wild, one-wheeled wheelie that we can’t wait to show you!

     Freestyle topped off both nights as Team Hawkins tried to dethrone the Barbarian truck. In the end, however, the hometown hero was too much as a wild two-wheel drive freestyle Friday and a hard rollover on Saturday placed the Barbarian in the winner’s circle.

     A huge thanks goes out to John Darnell and the MAP Motorsports Team, Steve Darnell, and all the teams for hospitality and effort over the course of the weekend. Be on the lookout for an all-new TMBTV episode with two-angles of footage from Colby Marshall and Kaedon Berry as well as a full photo gallery from Ross Z. Bonar in the coming weeks!! (5/24/10)

Monsters Return to Miami, OK This Weekend!!:  (Springfield, MO) The lineup has been set and it's going to be the best show to ever hit Miami!  Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Ground Pounder, Cult Energy Activator, Bearfoot, Bad New Travels Fast, Sgt. Smash and of course Miami's very own superstar, Devin Jones in the Barbarian. Eight of the best monster trucks in the nation, plus 30-40 tuff trucks, plus the smoking diesel 4x4 pulling trucks, plus a special grudge match between Justin Gallion's triple engine modified tractor and the brand new triple engine tractor from Albuquerque, New Mexico that Sonny Martinez is thrashing on right now to get finished in time to make the show. It is without a doubt the best lineup of horsepower to ever hit Oklahoma. Don't miss this year's show!!

     TMB will on hand for all the fun in Miami for the 5th straight year, stay tuned for updates on our Facebook account and for coverage later in the week right here on TheMonsterBlog.com!

Monster Spectacular Tour Update - Alberta!!:  (By Doug De Nance) It was Monster Spectacular in stereo this past weekend. Two cities. Two teams. Two teammates. Two winners.
The monsters rolled into the rolling foothills of Southern Alberta with two cities to rev up before the off week on the western leg of the 2010 tour. First up was Medicine Hat, named the gas city for all the natural gas resources nearby. Lots of “gas” in the form of methanol racing fuel was about to be burned there on Friday night.
     The two teams that had been frequently battling it out in the West squared off to do the dance again. The US pairing featured the Sudden Impact team of Sean Duhon driving Cult and Ben “BoBo” Winslow piloting Ground Pounder.
     While the two boys from the southern states were set to compete against each other, they had the famous Maniac Racing team from Canada set to spoil their fun. Veteran driver Don Frankish had Maniac tuned to perfection, using the wonderful weather to hide out in the sunshine away from the pits to do his final tweaks. True to his legacy of grooming up and coming drivers, Don Frankish had invited the driver of Western Renegade to come and learn from the master. Barry Parkin leaped at the chance and had the honor this weekend of driving side by side with Frankish in the other Maniac team truck, Jurassic Attack.
      Parkin was going to have a great opportunity to learn on the fly. A new wrinkle was to be included to challenge the drivers. Not only would they have to contend with the slick cement surface of a hockey rink. But the cars had been set on plywood that was placed on some sort of powder or dust that caused the car stacks to move like they were alive under the tires of the monsters. Track officials would not reveal the nature of the material, but it certainly challenged the drivers as it was like trying to hit wheelies on the back of a greased pig.
      Due to this unique set up, Barry Parkin had his learning delivered by the school of hard knocks on his very first hit during the Monster Wheelie Contest. As the cars shifted under the back tires of Jurassic, Parkin pounded on the throttle. When the spinning back tires grabbed the edge of the first car, Parkin stayed on the throttle and snapped a rear axle, putting him all but out of the game. Then Winslow aggressively approached the cars. Again the liquid nature of the obstacles caused Ground Pounder to not get as vertical as Winslow would have liked. With Frankish preoccupied about his second team truck, his wheelie was not of the form we are used to seeing from Maniac. Sean Duhon, watching the other trucks struggle, took a more finesse approach to the cars and stood Cult at 12 o’clock to take the win by cheer off.
     Regardless of being in his rookie year, Winslow as a quick study, experience as well as his team mate. He feathered Ground Pounder’s throttle over the cars to win without much of a challenge from the mechanically challenged Jurassic Attack. Duhon had his work cut out for him, but beat Maniac to advance Cult to the racing final.
     What a contrast the two team mates were who sat staged across from each other for the Monster Spectacular Racing Final that night. While dubbed the “Rajun Cajun”, Duhon hardly breaks a sweat when driving. Winslow on the other hand, is literally dripping when he emerges from the cab. Perhaps this intensity is what Duhon worked on this night. As they waited for the light to go green, Duhon stabbed the throttle while still standing hard on the brake. Cult lurched hard but appeared not cross the start line. Winslow however, reacted to the sound of Cult’s engine revving and jumped across the cars a fraction of a second before the light turned green.
It appeared that Winslow had false started and the win would be handed to Cult. But the chief track official ruled that Cult actually did move the tires onto the start line and therefore also had false started. To the delight of the fans, the race would have to be re-run. But the fact that Winslow had actually crossed the cars meant he would have a five foot penalty and have to start back that distance from the line. Cult took the checkered flag and the racing win.
     After an amazing monster freestyle and greeting the fans at the post show VIP pit party, the monster drivers and crews had to tire down and load up to make the trek to Central Alberta for a Sunday afternoon matinee performance in Red Deer.
     The Maniac team was the last to arrive at the arena on Sunday morning, having spent many late hours repairing the broken axle on Jurassic. Frankish’s blue eyes looked cold and menacing as he tired up the trucks. The Maniac looked more like his namesake every minute as the clock ticked down to show time.
     Maniac put a huge challenge down to Duhon in the Wheelie contest, grabbing the biggest air of the day in his pass. With Frankish drawing the final order position, it seemed that the win would have been a given. But Duhon again wowed the crowd with the verticality of his truck position. During the second round of the cheer off, Duhon actually reached out and shook Don’s hand thinking that Maniac had won. But when the track officials consulted the sound meter, Cult had won another Wheelie contest by the slimmest of margins.
     Racing pitted the two wheelie finalist against each other, but this time Maniac left no doubt as to who won – defeating Cult by a quarter truck length. Barry Parkin was inspired by the driving of his mentor, but could not keep the front end of Jurassic as low to the cars as Ground Pounder. Winslow would face Maniac in the final.
     Winslow had the look of a deer in the headlights as he sat on the line. A few feet away sat the winningest monster truck driver that Canada has ever produced. And Frankish was motivated. He wanted the points that he needed to keep him in the running for the Monster Spectacular 2010 title. Maybe it was the adrenaline that makes Winslow sweat so hard, maybe it was youthful reaction time. Maybe it was the young drivers other career of having to keep out of the way of raging bulls when he performs as a rodeo clown that gave him the edge. Whatever it was, it was enough as Bobo grabbed the racing win by the width of a terra tire tread over Maniac.
     Freestyle saw everything from flat track turns to cyclone donuts to slap wheelies to sky wheelies. When the smoke cleared, the fans were on their feet waving their Monster Spectacular souvenir pennants, hats, DVDs and anything else they could lay their hands on to show their love for the drivers.
     The Western leg of the tour takes the next weekend off, but the competition rages hot and heavy on the east coast. This time it’s three cities in three days in New Brunswick. Why not join the tour trek and catch all three performances of Monster Spectacular as the 2010 tour continues.  Check out www.MonsterSpectacular.com for more information!!  (05/18/10)

Virginia Beach, VA Monsters on the Beach Recap & Photos!!:  Last weekend TMB made our first ever trip out to one of the most unique events held each year, Monsters on the Beach held on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk!!  The event featured a great seven truck lineup including Randy Brown in Grave Digger, the hometown hero Steve Sims in Stone Crusher, legend Diehl Wilson in Virginia Giant and the wild new Crushstation "monstah lobstah", along with Gun Slinger, Bad Habit and Mopar Magic. The long beach race course would see Scott Hartsock and Gun Slinger dominate all weekend, making all four final rounds and winning three of four. Similar domination would be seen in freestyle as Steve Sims dominated the weekend, easily topping three of the four competitions. Randy Brown in Grave Digger did manage to take the Saturday night racing win and tore up the beach on Sunday to edge out the competition in freestyle. One driver making a splash was Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit as he was toward the top of freestyle every day, easily getting the biggest air of the weekend. A HUGE thanks to George Carpenter and Mike West for their hospitality and a great show, and also to Greg Winchenbach for helping bring TMB out for this special event. Our 300+ picture photo gallery is now online and keep checking back for more coverage from this awesome event!!  (05/15/10)



Patrick Enterprises Open House Video Highlights!!:  You've seen Paul Harry's great photos from the Patrick Enterprises Open House, now check out some great video highlights from TMB's Chris Parrish!!  See all the behind the scenes material, from classic photos and much more with some interviews mixed in as well. You can also check out some of Chris's great photos from the event at CP Action Art by clicking here. Click the link below to check out the video, a big thanks to Chris for his great work!!  (05/15/10)



Eliminator, Defender to Appear on Spike TV's Powerblock!!: (Bainbridge, IN) The Truk Wurks Off Road monster truck team has announced that their Bar’s Leaks Eliminator and Rislone Defender monster trucks, along with the father/son driving team of Greg and Zach Adams will be appearing this weekend on Spike TV’s “Powerblock” program!

     “We had a great time filming the Powerblock segment,” said Eliminator driver Greg Adams. “We’ve been running hard this year, and definitely tearing up our share of parts, so it was a nice break to be able to hang out and keep the trucks shiny and clean!” he said with a laugh.
     Greg’s son Zach, was equally excited: “Whenever we are home or at a hotel, we definitely tune in to SpikeTV’s Powerblock.” He added that “It definitely was an honor to be invited to appear on the show, to represent both our team and our sponsors. We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to get our team where it needs to be, and a gig like this definitely tells me we’ve been doing something right.”
     Needless to say, the team was excited when the request to appear on the hit automotive series, one of the most popular features on the Spike TV channel. “There have been some amazing motorsports and automotive vehicles and personalities featured on Powerblock in the past,” said Greg Adams. “Not many monster trucks have been invited to grace the studios there, so for us and the industry this is a pretty big honor. We’re definitely excited to be bringing our Bar’s Leaks and Rislone monsters to show off to the world!”
     The folks at Powerblock are pretty excited too it would seem, evidence of this being their recent post on the Powerblock Blog: http://powerblocktv.com/blog . Fans can check their local listings to find airtimes for Powerblock featuring the Truk Wurks monsters. The episode featuring the trucks will air this Saturday and Sunday, May 15th & 16th.
     Bar's Leaks and Rislone’s line of automotive chemicals is well known, well trusted, and maintaining the product standards you have come to expect in your vehicle maintenance throughout the years. Technologies change, but standards should not. Your vehicle is important and Bar's Leaks and Rislone have the solution! Find out more at www.BarsLeaks.com.
     For an up-to-date schedule as well as other information on the team, check them out online at www.trukwurksoffroad.com.  (05/12/10)

Monster Spectacular Tour Update - Penticton, BC!!: (Montreal, Quebec) They say that history repeats itself. That old saying was certainly true on Saturday night in Penticton, British Columbia, when talking about Canadian monster truck drivers. The match up was Canada versus the USA in truck teams that night. But it could have been billed as old school versus new school and still had the same trucks on each team.
    The Sudden Impact team boasted rookie sensation Ben “BoBo” Winslow in Ground Pounder, along with 7 year veteran Sean Duhon in Cult. But eight years total team driving experience was just a drop in the bucket when compared to the Maniac Racing team.
     Don Frankish has been driving monster trucks for 22 years, most of it behind the wheel of the giant Ford Maniac. Frankish is renowned as a groomer of monster drivers, offering training and seat time to develop such stars as Linsey Weenk and Kristie Edge. Most of them have had the honor of driving one of the most recognizable trucks in the world – inside the teal blue colored Triceratops styled 3D body of Jurassic Attack.
    But Don had a very special surprise in store for the fans in Penticton. In the same way Jurassic Attack has a million years of history in the inspiration for the look of the truck, Don took a page out of the history books and brought it back to life by coaxing out of retirement the man who was the very first driver of Jurassic Attack, none other than Kevin Weenk.
     As the oldest of the famous Weenk brothers, Kevin was the inspiration for the youngest sibling Linsey, now the driver of Blue Thunder and the middle brother Nathan, a Cascar racing champion and freelance monster driver, most recently piloting El Toro Loco. Both brothers had their time behind the wheel of Jurassic Attack. But Kevin started it all back in the early 90’s – first driving an old steel body truck named Young Gun. His rise to fame came when he climbed inside Canada’s first 3D designed truck, Jurassic Attack, in 1995.
     While this history was mesmerizing for the true fans of Canadian monster trucks that populated the stands in Penticton, the Sudden Impact team was not impressed. They had done their research, at least according to the “Rajun’ Cajun” Sean Duhon. He made mention of the fact that Frankish was now 42, and while the Maniac driver was a four time former Canadian Monster Truck Champion, there was little respect being shown by Duhon – at least as far as Don’s age was concerned. He also pointed out that Weenk had been retired for a decade to raise his family with the same rural farm values as Weenk had been privileged to receive from his parents. Duhon made sure to remind the fans that history would be written on the track that very night when the monster competitions began.
    Duhon seemed intent on writing himself into the history books right away, as Cult aggressively took to the floor during the introductions. He slammed the front tires down on the car stack as if to make the statement that the “Cajun Kid” was here and to be reckoned with right now.
     The first competition was the Wheelie Contest and Duhon could have filed a protest as he was forced to use the same lane of crush cars for both his wheelie passes. On the other hand, maybe he felt he had it easy in Wheelie competition.
     First up was Maniac. Maybe Frankish had taken Duhon’s comments a bit too emotionally as he slammed into the cars for his first pass perhaps a bit too aggressively. Crush cars on cement are like hitting a moving target as they can slip and slide under 10,000 pounds of monster truck. As Frankish stepped into the throttle to raise Maniac to vertical, the cars shifted sending the big Ford sideways. He got the back end of Maniac so deep into the cars that he pulled out his “kill cable” on the back of the truck and had to have a track official reset it for his second pass.
Winslow was not willing to sit back and show respect to the history behind the Canadian team either. Bobo blasted Ground Pounder into massive wheelies that set the crowd to howling for the wild man from Plymouth, North Carolina. The highly educated driver (he holds two degrees in agriculture science from two different universities), knew he’d have to be great as Jurassic Attack was up next.
     While Kevin Weenk is known for his calm and cool demeanor, sometimes even the most collected and controlled individual has circumstances get the better of him. Weenk seemed completely revved up and ready to go as Jurassic roared out to the car stack and pulled into position. The track officials tested the remote ignition interrupter and then… nothing. Jurassic failed to start again. Weenk calmness was out the window and he could be heard cursing and howling at Frankish as they looked over the truck for the source of the problem – including the kill cable that Frankish had pulled on his truck earlier. The clock counted down and it was no points for Jurassic.
     Would racing be the same outcome? The Maniac team worked feverishly replacing what turned out to be a faulty starter on Jurassic as the Sudden Impact team faced off in the first bracket. But now Duhon’s desire to win got the better of him and he jumped the green light. Duhon protested to the track officials, but the video replay on the big screen clearly showed him jumping the light. However, Winslow – ever the country gentleman – offered to re-run the race. Perhaps it wasn’t the wisest choice for Winslow, as Cult beat Ground Pounder fair and square. And it may not have been the best choice for the Sudden Impact team, as it gave just the extra time the Maniac team needed to be sure both their trucks were ready to go.
     The Monster Racing Final paired up just what the history books ordered as Duhon sat across from Maniac. Both trucks loaded up on the throttle as they waited for the light to go green. Like a burst of dirty thunder, both truck exploded off the line. By the thinnest of margins, Cult took the checkered flag and had a double down winning streak for the night.
     As always, Monster Freestyle was for the fans. Chris Arel’s unique format kept the points secret going into the event as he would do for the entire tour. The variable clock was in play as well, with the trucks having to aggressively hit the car stacks, van stack and use the entire arena floor as quickly and aggressively as possible as the driver did not know how much time he would have on the clock. Winslow seemed momentarily surprised that time remained during his run, but used it to his advantage with a smoking cyclone donut to finish his run. Maniac and Jurassic put in solid runs but both had a shorter clock. Cult had the best of both worlds with a longer clock that he filled with huge air, sky wheelies and donuts, while burning the brake rotors to glowing red with flat track style slide turns in between.
     The tour moves east this coming weekend with a two city weekend in Alberta. Medicine Hat meets Monster Spectacular on Friday night and then the tour roars across half the province for a matinee show in Red Deer on Sunday afternoon. Why not grab a ticket for both cities and follow the caravan across Alberta as the Monster Spectacular Canadian tour continues for 2010, more info at www.MonsterSpectacular.com!! (05/11/10)

TMB TV Episode 3.2 - Pontiac Silverdome "Domination In The Dome"!!:  TMB TV is back for our second episode of an all new season with what may be our biggest coverage ever!!  Monster trucks returned to the Pontiac Silverdome with "Domination In the Dome" featuring sixteen trucks, a monster truck double backflip attempt and an old school car crush exhibition and TheMonsterBlog.com was on hand for it all!!  We brought out an incredible FOUR angles of video for this episode of TMB TV with host Ross Z. Bonar bringing it all to you with incredible editing work by our own Colby Marshall. A special thanks to Colby, Kaedon Berry, Chris Parrish and Shane Skinnner for their great video work at this historic event. Don't wait any longer, an all new episode of TMB TV is only a click away, so scroll on down and start enjoying!!  (05/05/10)



Monster Spectacular Tour Update - Regina, Saskatchewan!!: (Montreal, Quebec) As a freak spring snow storm blasted across the soon-to-be wheat fields of Saskatchewan, Monster Spectacular stormed into the provincial capital for the second stop of the 2010 Canadian tour. While the cold winds blew outside Regina’s Brandt Centre, the competition heated up inside with teammate rivalries. It is no secret that Jimmy Creten demands his drivers be at the top of their game every night. Jimmy always wants to face the very best competition each time he fires up Bounty Hunter. If that competition is a member of the 2 Extreme Racing Team then all the better as far as Creten is concerned. But this time the competition almost got out of hand with Darren Migues driving Iron Outlaw – so much so that it almost turned Jimmy Creten upside down before the second show even began.
     But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Here’s the story that led up to this situation. As the defending Monster Spectacular Champion, Jimmy Creten knew the target would be painted on his back for 2010. He had beat up Bounty Hunter in his first defense in Montreal two weeks prior and hadn’t had much of a chance to work on the truck while on the road. He arrived in Regina after a long haul just in time to begin wrenching on Bounty. While Migues was right there to help his boss put Bounty into tip top shape, in the pits the Iron Outlaw driver steadily needled his boss. While Jimmy gave Darren as good as he was getting, it seemed more intense than usual between the two teammates.

     Migues can get away with his good natured digs, as he has earned Creten’s respect as one of the top drivers in the business. So much so that Darren often drives the second Bounty Hunter truck because he can play at the same level as his boss. But it seemed that Migues was bent on proving that he could beat Creten in all three disciplines of monster competition during the weekend. He had set up Iron Outlaw with newly sculpted terra tires and had tuned the monster to be ready to perform on the ragged edge.
     Another team was intent on defeating Creten as well. The Sudden Impact duo of Sean Duhon and Ben “BoBo” Winslow were in Regina for the first time with their trucks, Cult and Ground Pounder. While they had a common goal, these two drivers couldn’t be more different. Duhon, often dubbed the “Ragin’ Cajun” or the “Cajun Kid”, had a seven year stint as a New Orleans police officer before coming into the monster truck business as a driver seven years ago. Winslow in his rookie year as a monster driver, holds two degrees in agricultural science and has a background as a rodeo bullfighter clown.
     There was going to be no clowning around for the only Canadian driver at the show. Barry Parkin felt he was driving Western Renegade for a hometown crowd as he makes his home one province further west in Golden Valley, Alberta. But he knew he might be outmatched in experience by the other drivers in the tight confines of a hockey arena concrete show, so he was at the top of his game and had his H2 Hummer monster truck gleaming and ready to go.
Friday saw Creten take the monster truck Wheelie Contest in a cheer off that was very close. Racing through the brackets showed the gap in experience, not only for Parkin, but for Winslow as well. Duhon was the more experienced driver, but Migues took him out in the semi-finals to create the dream racing matchup from a rivalry perspective.
     Iron Outlaw sat across the track from Bounty Hunter in the Racing Final. After the remote ignition interrupter test, the crowd quieted as the announcer set up the story behind the final. Just under the amplified voice of the announcer, Migues and Creten could be heard shouting back and forth to each other as they awaited the track officials go ahead to start up the trucks and be staged to the line.
     When the light went green, the roar from both trucks shook the very foundation of the building as both drivers hammered on all 1800 horsepower at their disposal. The finish was too close to call and the track officials debated for a few moments as the trucks eased back into the pits under the seating and were hidden from view.
     The moment that Bounty Hunter was announced as the winner, a truck roared to life and shot out of the pits. It was Iron Outlaw who launched onto the track and leaped onto one of the car stacks. Migues charged out of the truck and straight to the microphone. He smiled knowingly as the announcer stammered and stumbled to set up the interview. Migues made it clear that it wasn’t over yet and he laid down the gauntlet to Creten for Freestyle.

     While all the trucks pulled out huge freestyle runs, there was no clear decision. Chris Arel runs a most unique Monster Truck Freestyle Competition in Monster Spectacular. The points are kept secret throughout the entire tour so that every truck needs to perform at the top of their game every night. The overall Freestyle points winner is only announced at the end of the tour so there is no night off and every truck could be the leader at anytime. Further, the variable clock means that there is no holding back. The trucks must come out and aggressively hit every obstacle possible as quickly as possible as the time could be short for them to score points. On the other hand, the drivers must be ready to be very creative if there is extra time remaining on the clock.
     On Saturday the tension was as thick as the snow that blew sideways across the city. Yet Creten was nowhere to be seen during the day. Eventually he was spotted at a local gym, pumping iron furiously like the former competitive body builder that he is. Perhaps he knew he had to be in top shape himself for the final show in Regina that night.
     To Creten’s surprise, when he arrived at the arena he found the intro had changed. Now Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter were to drive out and end up facing nose to nose. Migues came out first and slide Iron Outlaw past the centre position on his introduction. There was not much room for Creten to place Bounty Hunter into position after his intro lap. Creten had to crank the wheel hard as well as max out his rear steering to turn the truck into his designated spot. But the tires had picked up some of the sticky solution laid down on the arena floor for the sport bike stunt riders. As the tires grabbed, Bounty lurched up onto the passenger side two wheels and was instantly in trouble. Stomping the throttle, Creten managed to straighten Bounty out, then had to use all the power in his iron pumped legs to push the brake pedal through the floor to avoid ramming into Cult. The crowd went wild at what will have to go down as the wildest entrance Bounty Hunter has ever made in a Monster Spectacular show.
     While this situation might rattle other drivers, it seemed to only spur on Creten. Again he took the Wheelie contest, this time more decisively as Migues broke an axle on his first pass. All the drivers put aside their rivalries and worked together during intermission to repair Iron Outlaw so that Migues could make his qualifying Racing run. Again, the Racing final featured Migues and Creten and again by the width of a monster tire tread, Bounty won racing.
     Freestyle was everything you would expect and more. Migues stopped with a few seconds left on the green light and appeared to make it an easy opportunity for Bounty Hunter. Perhaps it was Cretens’ way of payback for all the shots he took from Migues in the pits, as Bounty Hunter stopped just short of the red light as well. The fans had lots to talk about during the special VIP Monster Garage version of the post show VIP Pit Party when the fans were escorted into the pits to visit the drivers and crews.
     The Monster Spectacular tour splits the country east and west next weekend, with the western event taking place in Penticton, British Columbia and the eastern show in Quebec City. No matter where you are in the great white north, there is a Monster Spectacular show coming to a town near you and you get more info at www.MonsterSpectacular.com!!  (05/04/10)

Springfield, MO Monster Truck Thunder Drags Recap & Photos!!:  The 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals season kicked off this past weekend as always in Springfield, Missouri!!  This event was made even more special by the debut of the new Retro Bigfoot and the new Ms. Bigfoot, along with new paint schemes from Raminator and Rammunition. The weekend saw incredible racing as Dan Runte in "Retro-Foot" and Mark Hall in Raminator matched up in the finals in all three final rounds. Despite Hall Brothers Racing's over a decade long streak of Monster Truck Thunder Drags championships, it was Team Bigfoot getting the edge in points after the first weekend, as Runte took two big wins versus one for Hall. Freestyle was owned by Team Scream as Jim Koehler in Avenger dominated the first event and Chris Bergeron in General Tire was tops on Saturday night and Sunday. Amber Walker in Ms. Bigfoot had an impressive debut, with some strong racing passes and solid freestyles, rolling it over after a wild slap wheelie in the first show. It was a great weekend overall in Springfield, a big thanks to Family Events for their hospitality and to all the teams for their efforts. Watch for this event in an upcoming episode of TMB TV, but for now enjoy Ross Z. Bonar's 300+ picture photo gallery!!  (05/03/10)



Patrick Enterprises Open House Photo Gallery!!:  TMB Super Photographer Paul M. Harry traveled to Circleville, Ohio this past Saturday for a very special occasion, Patrick Enterprises' 25 Anniversary Open House Celebration!!  It was a great event with lots of Samson and Dan Patrick memorabilia with a great turnout and everyone having a fun time. Click the link below to check out the photos, big thanks to Paul for the coverage and to the Patrick's for a great event!!  (05/03/10)



TMB TV Trackside Silverdome Pre-Show Episode!!:  TMB TV from the Silverdome is coming up this Wednesday night, May 5th at 8:30PM Eastern, but there was so much to cover, so many personalities to talk to, we have put together a very special pre-show episode of TMB TV Trackside. Watch below for lots of behind the scenes footage and interviews from Domination In The Dome and be sure to tune in this Wednesday for TMB TV from the Silverdome!!  (05/01/10)




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