8/31/05 -
Huge update!! Posted Charlie Wagner's video from The Buck Battle of the Monster Trucks, and the NEW Fan Photo Gallery in the Features section with some great pics by Chris Kaelin!!
8/28/05 -
Posted video from I-70 Speedway Eve of Destruction!!!
8/26/05 -
Posted the coverage from the Washington Jaycees Monster Truck Extravaganza!!  Added events to Schedule, NEW ADDRESS!!!
8/22/05 -
Posted video from Washington Jaycees Monster Truck Extravaganza!!
8/21/05 -
Added the first LZ's Pit Report Editorial to the Features page!!
8/19/05 -
Posted our first coverage from the St. Louis Monster Jam!!
8/18/05 -
Added some more events to the Monster Truck Schedule!!
8/16/05 -
Posted the Monster Art Gallery in the Features section!!
08/15/05 -
Posted the Features section, and the new Monster Truck Wallpapers!!
8/13/05 -
Posted the first version of the most complete Monster Truck Links page on the internet!!  Added a few events to the schedule and edited a couple of events!!
8/12/05 -
Posted the first version of the most complete Monster Truck Event Schedule on the net!!

Posted new site design and added THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum Message Board!!












  • Video from THE BUCK!!:  Very excited to announce that an awesome guy, Charlie Wagner, has been kind enough to allow THE MONSTER BLOG to post his video from this past weekend's "Battle of the Monster Trucks" at the Buck Motorsports Park in Lancaster, PA.  By all accounts from those who were lucky enough to attend, it was a great show, so go check out some video of Bigfoot, Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Samson tearing up the Buck!!  A huge thank you to Charlie Wagner for some great video!! (8/31/05)

  • Fan Photo Gallery:  Just posted the all-new Fan Photo Gallery!!  This section provides a place for Monster Truck fans who don't necessarily want to start their own website to share their Monster Truck photos with other Monster Truck fans!!  We start the section off with a bang, featuring some awesome pictures from a great member of the Monster Truck community, Chris Kaelin!!  Head on over to the Features section to see pictures of Raminator's display and car crush at Alton Dodge in Alton, IL!!! (8/31/05)

  • Hurricane Katrina:  Just wanted to say to all the folks in the Gulf Coast area, that we here at The Monster Blog have all of you in our thoughts and prayers as you deal with this terrible event.  Thank you for your support and God be with you as you deal with the aftermath.  Again, we are thinking about you, and will keep you in our prayers!! (8/30/05)

  • 1,000 HITS!!!:  I am so proud and delighted to announce that late Tuesday night, THE MONSTER BLOG received its 1,000th hit!!  Thank you all so much for your support and for visiting the site.  In just 20 days of being open, we have had 1,000 hits.  Its hard to believe, but it just makes me that much more excited about what we are doing here at the site, and we've got tons more great stuff in store for all of you fine folks in the Monster Truck Community!!! (8/30/05)

  • Thoughts & Prayers to Dr. Danger & Family:  Just wanted to send out our sympathies to Dr. Danger and his family after the stunt gone wrong at the Eve of Destruction event last night at I-70 Speedway.  During a stunt in which Dr. Danger was to jump into a stack of two vans and a station wagon in a stock early '90's Ford Taurus, the car landed on the roof hard and the Doc was injured.  Last news at the track last night was that Dr. Danger had a broken shoulder, arm, and neck, but was conscious and alert when he was extricated from the car.  He was also able to move his hands and feet, which is great news, considering.  According to the track announcer, Dr. Danger's first words to EMS crew members were, "Man, What a Rush!!"  The Monster Blog will have Dr. Danger in our thoughts and prayers, and we're rooting for the Doc to pull through this!!  (08/28/05)  UPDATE 2:  Dr. Danger is being held at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  This from a track official:  "Broken vertebrae at the base of his neck, broken shoulder, dislocated right elbow, broken left arm. Was sitting up and talking, more worried about how he was going to cover his next two scheduled jumps then about his condition."  The Monster Blog is very happy to hear that Dr. Danger is ok and will pull through this, and we continue to extend our Thoughts & Prayers for a speedy recovery.  In light of this information, and after getting a feel for Dr. Danger and his personality, The Monster Blog feels comfortable in releasing the video of the stunt and the pictures of the aftermath. I think that Dr. Danger would rather have more people see his death defying jump, than continue to withhold because of his injuries. So, you will be able to see this crazy stunt over on the video section!!

  • I-70 Speedway Eve of Destruction:  Just posted the video from last night's I-70 Speedway Carmegeddon Eve of Destruction event!!  It was a great show, and a HUGE thank you to Brad Barlow at the track for doing an awesome job putting together the show and for being so hospitable to us!!  Coverage is coming within the next couple of days, so keep checking back!!  (08/28/05)

  • New Domain:  Wasn't planning on announcing this until tomorrow, but you can now find us at  Someone threw it out as a suggestion on the Mayhem board, so I figured I would go ahead and make the announcement tonight.  You can also still find us at our current address as well!!!

  • Washington Coverage:  Washington coverage is up!!  Check it out, I think it came out really good, and there are some fantastic pictures!!  Will be going to I-70 tomorrow (see below) and that coverage, as well as Springfield and Sedalia coming soon!!  Also, maybe even some more exciting announcements!!  Thanks one more time to everyone for your support, we're closing in on 1,000 hits in just less than our first three weeks in operation!!!

  • Updates:  Coverage of the Washington, MO event will be up by tomorrow night, complete with some great stories and nearly 90 pictures!!  Also, will be attending the I-70 Speedway Eve of Destruction featuring Outlaw Monster Trucks on Saturday night and will have full coverage of the event!!  Trucks in attendance will include Bearfoot, Born to Be Wild, Torqzilla (making its debut!!), Playin' for Keeps, and Wildmann!! (08/25/05)

  • LZ's Pit Report:  My father and the owner of LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles, Lauren Z. Bonar, will now write an editorial column for THE MONSTER BLOG entitled LZ's Pit Report.  The first one is now posted and features a great story about a Tough Truck driver named Romie Marquart!!  You don't want to miss this awesome story, so check it out in the Features section now!!  (08/21/05) 

  • Coverages:  Posted the first of THE MONSTER BLOG's Coverages!!  The St. Louis Monster Jam event from back in February!!  Springfield and Sedalia will be up within the next week, and tonight is the Washington, MO event!!  Taking off here in a couple of hours, pretty excited!!  (08/19/05)

  • Eve of Destruction:  Just found out about the Carmageddon Eve of Destruction event that will be held at I-70 Speedway next Saturday night.  Am going to try to make it up for the event, as the lineup of trucks is different from other shows I've been to.  Bearfoot, Torqzilla, Born to be Wild, Wildmann, and Playin' for Keeps will compete, and it sounds like a great show!!  (08/19/05)

  • Schedule:  Added a couple new events to the schedule, and made one correction.  The Monster Truck event at St. Francois County Raceway in Farmington, MO has been removed, as, after speaking with Cory from SFCR, there are no plans to hold a monster truck event at the track now or for the rest of the season.  This piece of information came from the WMTRL site, not sure where they heard of this event  (08/18/05)

  • The Little Monster Blogger:  Those of you who check out the forum have probably seen the message, but my wife Rajeana and I are expecting our first child (a boy!!) to be born tomorrow morning!!  The site will probably not be updated for a couple of days, but I will be sure to make The Monster Blog's most exciting announcement when The Little Monster Blogger arrives!!  (08/16/05)  UPDATE 2:  My wife Rajeana and I are proud to welcome into this world Ross Zane Bonar II, will go by "Zane."  He was born at 2:47PM, August 16th, at a weight of 6 lbs, 13 ounces, and a length of 19.5 inches.  He is the most beautiful thing in the whole world, and I am a very excited & proud daddy!!

  • Monster Artwork:  As you've probably read by now, THE MONSTER BLOG has partnered with Tommy Lee Byrd to exclusively host his amazing Monster Truck Artwork.  The wait is now over, Monster Truck fans, as the Gallery is now up in the Features section, and it truly is a site to behold!!  Check it out now!!  (08/16/05)

  • Monster Wallpapers:  As promised, I am proud to bring you some fantastic Monster Truck Wallpapers for your computer desktop!!  Check them out now in the NOW POSTED Features section of the webpage!!  (8/15/05)

  • Exciting Announcements: The Monster Blog is very proud to make three very exciting announcements today regarding exciting new content coming very soon to the Features section!!  In addition to these three high profile announcements, also look for Monster Truck Wallpapers to be added to the Features pages within the next day or two!!  Now, on to the announcements!! (8/14/05)

  • The Driver's Perspective:  The Monster Blog and Team Beast's Venom Monster Truck Driver Shane Smith have partnered for a great new feature!!  Shane will write a monthly column giving Monster Truck fans an inside look at the world of Monster Truck Racing.  The column will be located in the Features section under Editorials (coming soon), and will be entitled "The Driver's Perspective by Shane Smith."  I too will be writing a monthly column in the Editorials section on Monster Truck topics entitled "The Monster Blogger's Take." Check back for more information on these exciting developments!!

  • Monster Blog Artwork:  The Monster Blog is also very proud to announce another exciting addition to The Monster Blog's Monster Features section.  You may have seen the Monster Truck Artwork of Tommy Lee Byrd on various Monster Truck message boards, but now Tommy's awesome drawings have a place to call home on the 'net!!  If you haven't seen Tommy's work, you've been missing out, as it truly is a sight to behold!!  Tommy and I have partnered to bring you The Monster Blog's Monster Artwork on the Features page (coming later today or tomorrow!!)

  • The Monster Blog MTM2 Section:  Another great addition to the Monster Features will be the Monster Truck Madness 2 section!!  We plan on doing a number of things for this section, but to start with, I wanted us to be able to bring you some of the best MTM2 Trucks & Tracks on the 'net.  Those who are familiar with MTM2 know that there is no better truck and track designer than the Slickster.  The Monster Blog is proud to announce that we have come to an agreement with Slickster to be the newest home for all of his MTM2 trucks and tracks!! (coming later this week!!)

  • Updates:  Have been updating constantly this week since our launch of the website, and have some very exciting partnerships in the works, can't say anything just yet, but you'll notice that there is now a Features tab at the top (doesn't work just yet), and there are going to be some really cool things coming in that section!!  Also, as I've mentioned on the Fan Forum, am working on becoming a licensed dealer of Hot Wheels Monster Jam, Muscle Machines, and Monster Jam merchandise for a Monster Blog Store, but that is still a ways off.  Also, the MT Series button doesn't work yet either, but there will be some content relating to point standings of various Monster Truck series, coming soon.  Finally, you may be wondering about the weblog.  Well, I have been working diligently on creating the rest of the site, but once most of that is done, I will begin formulating the Monster Truck news weblog right here on the main page in this format.  All is coming soon!! (8/13/05).

  • TMB Links Page:  Version 1 of the most complete Monster Truck Links page on the internet is now up and running!!  Very soon categories for Classic Monster Trucks, as well as European and Australian Monster Trucks, Monster Truck Gaming websites, and Monster Truck Message Boards will be coming soon as well!! Enjoy!!  (08/13/05)  UPDATE 2:  Posted links for Classic Monster Trucks and Foreign Monster Trucks!!  UPDATE 3:  Posted Monster Truck Community (message boards) Links, only MTM2 Gaming Links are still to come!!  (8/14/05)

  • TMB Schedule:  Posted the most complete Monster Truck event schedule on the internet!!  This was quite a bit of work, and a lot of research went into making this page.  Hope you all find it useful and enjoy it, I will always be adding events as I come across them.  If you know of an event not on the schedule, email at with the info and I will get it added!!  (08/12/05)

  • Washington, MO Event:  Spoke with Brad, the event organizer at the Washington Jaycees, and we came to an agreement allowing THE MONSTER BLOG to cover the event and to help promote the event on the internet.  Very exciting things are happening here at the Monster Blog!!  (8/12/05)

  • New Design:  As you can see, the site has just gone through a much needed face lift.  I think that the new design is easier to use, and will make for a better website for all of your Monster Truck fans out there.  The blog itself will return later this week, along with many great updates I am working diligently on bringing to you.  I encourage everyone to keep checking back, as there is going to be some exciting things happening here at THE MONSTER BLOG!!  (08/12/05)

  • The Monster Blog Fan Forum:  I'm proud to announce the new message board for the website.  The board uses the phpBB format and is organized into various sections.  I encourage everyone to sign up, as we get more registered users on the board, we're going to have a pretty neat meeting place for all Monster Truck fans!!  Thanks for visiting!!  (08/12/05)


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