9/30/05 -
Another great drawing of the Supeman truck from TLB, and some new pictures from Chad Dobbins in the Fan Photo Gallery!!
9/28/05 -
Two more awesome drawings by TLB, Tropical Thunder, and Bulldozer!!  Also, new pics from Ryan McCauley in the Fan Photo Gallery!!
9/27/05 -
Two CLASSIC MT drawings by Tommy Lee Byrd, Bigfoot 4 and the AM/PM Boss!!  Also this week's entries in the Picture of the Week contest!!
9/24/05 -
Announced this week's Picture of the Week winner and added a new drawing from Tommy Lee Byrd!!
9/22/05 -
Posted the new Fantasy section!!  Updated the Schedule and the Links pages with more new events and MT links, and a new drawing from Tommy Lee Byrd!!
9/21/05 -
New drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd, a bunch more photos in the Fan Photo Gallery, and some stiff competition for Picture of the Week!!
9/18/05 -
New VIDEO from the York, PA Shafer Motorsports Shootout, a big thanks out to Charlie Wagner!!
9/17/05 -
Announced this week's Picture of the Week winner, Bryan Wagner!!  Also, debuted the brand new PPRL Website here at THE MONSTER BLOG!!
9/16/05 -
Added VIDEO from the Lindsay Ontario Monster Truck Show, big thanks to Kyle Seden for submitting it to us, and some awesome pics by Kyle Carr from Bloomsburg 2005!!
9/14/05 -
Added pictures from Colby Kleensang to the Fan Photo Gallery, Added Picture of the Week section, and information on the PPRL MTM2 League, now sponsored by THE MONSTER BLOG!!
9/13/05 -
Added pictures of Chris Kaelin's visit to see Grave Digger in Spanish Lake, MO to the Fan Photo Gallery!!
9/10/05 -
COVERAGE of the I-70 Eve of Destruction is up!!  Added pictures from Jim Mace and Kyle Carr to the Fan Photo Gallery and announced the Picture of the Week Contest, with Kyle Carr taking the first week's honors!!
9/6/05 -
Added pictures from Colby Kleensang to the Fan Photo Gallery, new artwork by Tommy Lee Byrd, and VIDEO from Wildwood, NJ '04, Nazareth, PA '02, and Riverhead '05 Day 2, BIG thanks to Marty Menze!!
9/4/05 -
Added pictures to the Fan Photo Gallery contributed by Kyle Seden and Chad Dobbins!!  Also video from the Shartlesville, PA Tough Truck Challenge from Charlie Wagner!!  Also video from Riverhead Monster Trucks '05 from Marty Menze!!
9/3/05 -
Once more, another huge update!!  Even more incredible VIDEO from Marty Menze, from Riverhead '03 to Englishtown '05 and even some more video from Bloomsburg '05!!
9/2/05 -
Another huge update!!  Posted some more Charlie Wagner video from the 2005 4 Wheel Jamboree in Bloomsburg, and also a Marty Menze video from the same event's 2003 version!!  Also, some great pics from Tommy Lee Byrd in the NEW Fan Photo Gallery!!
















  • Fort Smith, AR:  Good news!!  Looks like we may be headed down to Fort Smith, AR this week for the O'Reilly Auto Parts Monster Truck Racing Super Series at Kay Rodgers Park!!  My father, Lauren Z. Bonar, owner of LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles, will be in town visiting, and we are head down to the event Saturday!!  The trucks that will be at the show are Wildfire and American Ironhorse, Gold Digger & God, Guts, & Glory, and Nitemare!!  Show starts at 7:30 PM at Harper Stadium, as part of the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair.  From what I hear, Brad Darnell of Monster Events, Inc. puts on a heck of a show, and I'm really looking forward to it!!  (9/27/05)

  • Picture of the Week:  An awesome week for the Picture of the Week contest!!  We had some great submissions, and the voting was really tough!!  In the end, Andrew Pellegrine took the win, with Ian Batey and Jason Twite rounding out the podium.  The other submission were great as well, view them on the Picture of the Week page!!  Thanks to all who submitted, and enter again for next week!! (9/24/05)

  • Updates:  Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple days, have taken a little time to relax with the family after school and work, but we're back at it again!!  Tommy Lee Byrd has made up some great new renderings of the Kicker truck and a great one of Predator hitting a sky wheelie!!  Also, tons of new submissions in the Fan Photo Gallery from Kyle Carr, Colby Kleensang, Ryan Roberts, and Ryan McHammer!!  In addition, we are up to 5 entries for this week's Picture of the Week, make sure to get your submissions in now!!  Take care all, and be watching daily for more updates!!  (9/21/05)

  • York, PA Shafer Motorsports Shootout VIDEO!!:  A big thanks out to The Monster Blog Special Contributor Charlie Wagner for some more AWESOME video from last night's York, PA event!!  Some great footage of Captain USA, Bearfoot, Wild Thang, Rampage, Blackjack, Broker, Easy Rider, and more battling it out!!  Thanks again Charlie!!  Be sure to go check out this new video, because it really is some great stuff!!  (9/18/05)  UPDATE:  Big apologies to Charlie, when I originally posted the stuff, I credited Marty  Again, big apologies to Charlie, and the problem has been corrected.  (9/18/05)

  • Past Present Racing League:  I'm proud to announce that THE MONSTER BLOG has officially partnered with Dave Collard and the PPRL.  Many of you have heard me say that I wanted to start an MTM2 league, but instead Dave has allowed me to join him at the PPRL.  I will now be doing the website for the site, and helping Dave with a number of things.  To start this off, Dave and I are proud to announce that the PPRL is now being hosted by THE MONSTER BLOG and we have registered, where you can now view the newly re-designed site!!  Tonight is the first event, and Chris and I are hoping to take Team Monster Blog to victory lane!!  (9/17/05)

  • PPRL Preview Video:  With the league starting up tomorrow night, myself and the rest of the MTM2 crowd are pretty excited about the first event at Mouton!!  Kyle Seden has made up an awesome preview video for the series that you just have to see!!  Click the logo below to play the movie (3 MB)!! (9/16/05)

  • Lindsay Monster Truck Show:  Big thanks to Kyle Seden for submitting some awesome video of Avenger, Brutus, and Full Boar battling it out in Lindsay, Ontario!!  Kyle is an awesome guy and we are proud to feature his work, check it out in the Video section!! (9/16/05)

  • Digger Display!!:  Monster Blog member Chris Kaelin attended a Grave Digger display in Spanish Lake, MO (north St. Louis) at Advance Auto Parts.  Chris took some fabulous shots that you can now see over in the Fan Photo Gallery, and look out for Digger in St. Louis as Spanish Lake was the first of 6 stops they will be making at St. Louis area Advance Auto Parts stores this week!! (9/13/05)

  • Past Present Racing League:  THE MONSTER BLOG is proud to announce that we have become the title sponsor of David Collard's Past Present Racing League.  The PPRL is a very unique online racing league for Monster Truck Madness 2, in that it promises to be the most challenging series ever to exist.  Not only will THE MONSTER BLOG sponsor the overall series title and the series itself, but I plan on competing in the series running the Devastator (by Slickster) Chevy Silverado in the Monster Jam and Circuit portions of the Championship, and running the classic Krimson Krusher (by Rep Fan) in the Old School portion of the series.  I'm a big green rookie, but the series promises to be a blast and I encourage you all to go check out the PPRL's website by clicking on the image below!! (9/13/05)



Ross Z. Bonar - The Monster Blogger - Driver of Brutus & Rolling Thunder!!

  • Fantasy MT Series:  As many of you have noticed, the "MT Series" button at the top navigation bar has not yet been functional.  Well, you may now notice that the button is gone, and has been replaced by one called "Fantasy."  THE MONSTER BLOG is proud to announce that we are starting the first Monster Truck Racing Fantasy game of its kind, THE MONSTER BLOG Fantasy MT Series.  The FMTS will begin later this year, and for those familiar with Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing, you will have an idea how the game will work.  Stay tuned for more details, the FMTS section is coming soon!! (9/13/05)

  • Picture of the Week:  Decided to try something new with all the awesome submissions that have been coming in.  Each week I will select the best picture from the Fan Photo Gallery as the Picture of the week, featured here on the main page.  This week's winner is Kyle Carr for this awesome shot of Rap Attack at the Monster Jam Summer Heat event in Owego, NY.  Kyle had so many great pictures, it was tough to choose just one, but you can see the rest in the Fan Photo Gallery!!  Submit your pictures to the Fan Photo Gallery and one of your shots could be chosen as the next Picture of the Week!!  We'll even do a picture of the month vote between the winners of each weeks or something along those lines, I think would be pretty cool.  Maybe we'll even come up with a prize for the person winning Picture of the Year, stay tuned!!  (9/10/05)  UPDATE:  The Picture of the Week now has its own section, which you can access above.  This section gives guidelines on submitting your photos, and rules for the contest!!  You can also see the pictures that have been submitted so far this week!!  (8/13/05)

  • I-70 Speedway Coverage:  has been posted, so be sure to check it out for the amazing story of a Tough Truck driver who takes the Freestyle win, beating a field of 5 monster trucks, and to read a full account of Dr. Danger's Death Defying Jump, and much, much more!!  (9/10/05)

  • New Staff Members:  As you all know, Tommy Lee Byrd has contributed some amazing work to the site, and we are proud to officially welcome him to The Monster Blog staff.  Also, a great guy, Chris Kaelin, has also joined to help us out with a number of things.  We're going to put these guys to work, and we're happy to have them come aboard!!  (9/10/05)

  • Tons of New Stuff!!:  Thanks to everyone who has been submitting stuff like crazy!!  The Fan Photo Gallery has grown by leaps and bounds, and the video gallery has become one of the biggest on the 'net thanks to Marty Menze and Charlie Wagner!!  Keep it coming everyone!!  In the meantime, check out new video from Riverhead Raceway Day 2, Wildwood, NJ 2004, and the ProMT Truxpo Tour Event at Nazareth Speedway from 2002, compliments of Marty Menze!!  Also, four new artwork drawings by Tommy Lee Byrd, and new pictures in the Fan Photo Gallery!!  (9/6/05)

  • Riverhead Raceway Monster Trucks VIDEO!!:  Marty Menze attended this event this weekend and he has already submitted his video from Saturday night!!  He sent it to me, and now it is up for you all to see, enjoy some Bigfoot, Demon, and Thrasher go wild!!  (9/4/05)

  • Shartlesville, PA Video:  Charlie Wagner sent me some great video from a really neat tough truck event in Shartlesville, and after I saw it, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to post it for you all.  I know its not monster trucks, but hey, tough trucks are great and THE MONSTER BLOG is a big supporter of the tough truck shows and of tough truck drivers like Romie Marquart, the Wild Thing from I-70, and even Charlie Wagner himself who says he's gonna run some Monster Blog logos on his truck next year!!  Watch for Charlie in the video, he's driving the black pickup truck, and don't miss the exciting finish!! (9/4/05)

  • LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles:  You've seen the logos, you may have even ventured to click one of them to see what exactly this was, but all we had up was that terrible website template!!  Well, not anymore, LZ's Sports Source is getting ready to make a strong comeback, with my father Lauren Z. Bonar back at it, posting sports memorabilia on Yahoo! Auctions, and the coming launch of the LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles Online Store toward the end of the year, which will host THE MONSTER BLOG store!!  More on that at a later date, but for now, be sure to check out Dad's online auctions for some great sports memorabilia!! (9/4/05)


  • Even more VIDEO!!:  This is just awesome!!  We have added so much in the past couple days, its just incredible.  Marty Menze has been sending me some incredible footage, and now we have videos from Riverhead, NY '03 featuring Bigfoot, Thrasher, & Mopar Magic, from Englishtown '05 featuring a dual freestyle by Bigfoot 30th & T-Maxx, and even more exciting . . . More Bloomsburg, PA 4 Wheel Jamboree video from Rammunition, T-Maxx, and a great video of Nitemare's unbelievable flip!!  (9/3/05)

  • Video from Bloomsburg!!:  Charlie Wagner has sent us some more fantastic footage from this year's 4 Wheel Jamboree in Bloomsburg, PA!!  You have to check out the video to see some incredible AIR from Team Raminator!!  Also, another great guy, Marty Menze has submitted video of Bigfoot's awesome 2003 Bloomsburg freestyle!!  You can now view them in our video section.  NOTE:  The video section is in order by most recent (date-wise) first, so scroll down to find these new additions to the section!! (9/2/05)


Don't forget to visit our host, LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles!!!




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