11/29/05 -
New drawing from Tommy Lee Byrd of the War Wizard!!
11/27/05 -
New Pictures from Chris Kaelin in the Fan Photo Gallery (see below), and an exciting announcement regarding some new videos (see below)!!  Plus, the latest "Behind the Scenes" article and 6 awesome new Wallpapers from Kyle Doyle!!
11/23/05 -
GIANT Coverage from the PSM World Finals by Bryan Wagner is now up!!  Also, big update to the Event Schedule!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!
11/22/05 -
Posted an all-new "Behind the Scenes" article from Team RAM's Kyle Doyle!!  See it now in the Features section!!
11/21/05 -
More videos from Indy!!  Results and Standings are up from the first weekend of the Fantasy Monster Truck Series!!
11/20/05 -
VIDEO from the Indy Thunder Drags is now up!!  Some awesome stuff, check it out!!  Also event recaps and teaser pictures from Indy and the PSM World Finals below!!
11/18/05 -
Some awesome new drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd!!  The Blue Thunder truck, and a special feature that shows Tommy going through the process of doing the Monster Mutt drawing!!
11/17/05 -
Big Announcement!!  Read about it here on the main page and then check out the all new Flyin' Bryan Photography Feature!!  Includes nearly 60 pictures from this past weekend's Port St. Lucie, FL show!!
11/16/05 -
Added the official 2006 Monster Nationals dates to the Event Schedule!!
11/15/05 -
New Update from Kyle Doyle with the first, exclusive pics of the new Raminator hauler!! Check it out!!
11/12/05 -
HUGE update to the Fantasy section!!  You may now make your picks for the Inagural Weekend of the First Ever Monster Truck Fantasy League!!
11/11/05 -
Added a TON of events to the MT Schedule!!  Three new drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd!!
11/10/05 -
KD submits some more incredible Wallpapers to liven up your desktop!! Check 'em out in the Features section!!
11/09/05 -
KD checks in with a new "Behind the Scenes" article in the Features section!!  KD has also sent in some awesome new Wallpapers for your computer desktop!!
11/03/05 -
Added a new drawing of the Natural High SSR Monster Truck by Tommy Lee Byrd!!  Also made a big update to the Event Schedule!!
11/01/05 -
AMAZING New Wallpapers submitted by Team RAM's Kyle Doyle in the Features Section!!














Photo by:  CAROL MAASS


  • Rolling Thunder M.T. Nationals:  THE MONSTER BLOG will be represented at this weekend's Rolling Thunder Monster Truck Nationals event at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM!!  My parents, Lauren & Lynette Bonar will be covering the show for the site and testing out their new Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera in preparation for the coming Monster Jam season.  The event, presented by Torgerson Motorsports will feature 4-5 trucks including Monster Patrol, Pit Bull, and el Bandito!!  We will have pictures and a full coverage of the event coming soon!!  (11/29/05)

  • Behind the Scenes With KD:  Team RAM's Kyle Doyle brings us his latest update!!  You've seen the awesome pictures of the car crush at Holzhauer Auto & Truck Sales from our very own Chris Kaelin, now hear the Behind the Scenes story from Kyle!!  Check out his latest feature article, entitled "Gratitude" in the spirit of this past week's holiday, in the Features section or by simply clicking here!!  Enjoy and let Kyle know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks!!  (11/27/05)

  • Raminator Car Crush in Nashville, IL!!:  The Monster Blog's very own Chris Kaelin attended a Raminator display / car crush at Holzhauer Auto & Truck Sales in Nashville, IL earlier today!!  Chris was able to take some awesome shots throughout the course of the day, which we will be bringing to you very soon here on the site!!  Team RAM's Kyle Doyle was also on hand driving the Raminator R/T and will surely have some awesome pictures for his weekly update as well.  A big thanks out to Chris for covering the event for the site, and we will soon have a full gallery of his shots online!!  (11/26/05)  UPDATE 2:  Just posted all of Chris's pictures from the car crush and display in the Fan Photo Gallery!!  Check em out now in the Features section or by clicking here!!  Thanks again to Chris for taking some awesome pics at the event, let him know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  (11/27/05)

  • Big Announcement:  THE MONSTER BLOG is very excited to announce yet another awesome new feature that will soon by coming your way!!  You all know Charlie Wagner from the awesome Monster Truck videos he has submitted to the site and as a top notch tough truck driver.  Now, we are proud to announce that THE MONSTER BLOG will host a new feature entitled "Charlie Wagner's Tough Trucks!!".  Charlie has amassed over 2.5 hours worth of awesome tough truck video and we will be putting it all together for you with the hopes of releasing it around Christmas time.  Also, Charlie will be sending a lot of new Monster Truck footage from events over the last couple of years.  Here are a couple of previews of the videos that will soon be coming your way!!  (11/27/05)

Preview "Charlie Wagner's Tough Trucks!!" (2.5MB)

Preview New Monster Truck Videos from Charlie Wagner!! (4.4MB)

  • PSM World Finals Coverage!!:  Bryan Wagner's coverage from the Paul Shafer Motorsports World Finals is now posted in the Coverages section!!  Featuring over 500 amazing pictures by Flyin' Bryan, this is THE MONSTER BLOG's biggest coverage yet!!  Check it out now in the Coverage section or by clicking here!!  Let Bryan know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks & enjoy, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families from all of us here at THE MONSTER BLOG!!  (11/23/05)

  • Behind the Scenes With KD:  Time for another edition of KD's look Behind the Scenes!!  This week's article, entitled "Rides", gives an inside look at a corporate event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway where the Raminator Ride Truck was one of the feature attractions!!  Check it out new in the Features section, or by clicking here!!  Let Kyle know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/22/05)

  • Raminator at Holzhauer Auto & Truck Sales:  Recently was looking at the Raminator show schedule and saw that they would be appearing in Nashville, IL this Saturday at Holzhauer Auto & Truck Sales, which is about three hours from here.  Its looking like I will be attending that event, and will get a chance to meet up with Kyle Doyle and see everyone from Team RAM again after their awesome performance in Indy last week!!  And of course, you all will benefit as we will have video of the entire car crush and tons of pictures from the event!!  (11/22/05)

  • We're Back From Indy!!:  What a show!!  Big wins by Doug Noelke in the Big Dawg in racing and Jim Kohler in the debut of the Wrecking Crew in freestyle!!  A great show all around and a HUGE thanks to Jessia Hubley and all the folks from Special Events for all their hard work in putting it together!!  The competition was fierce in racing with a very unique turning course that would prove very challenging for the drivers.  Freestyle saw some amazing moments from Jim Kohler in the Wrecking Crew getting the craziest air I've ever seen and Allen Pezo in Predator taking a wild ride, flipping and landing back on the wheels!!  The judges were definitely looking for just the spectacular moment as Kohler won with a 30 and Pezo received a 29 for some very short runs.  The best runs from start to finish were definitely from Mark Hall in the Raminator and Doug Noelke in the Big Dawg, however!!  A great job by all of the drivers in Freestyle, and here are some teaser shots from the show!!  We have video of every bit of Monster Truck action and tons of pictures of all the trucks, including the new Wrecking Crew and Spike trucks that debuted tonight!!  All that and much more is coming just as soon as I can get it up!!  UPDATE 1:  Video from the racing portion of the show is now posted in the videos section!!  UPDATE 2:  Well, after some incredibly hard work getting all this stuff ready, it is finally here!!  The entire freestyle competition VIDEO is now up!!  Check it out, and let me know what you think!! (11/20/05)  UPDATE 3:  Just posted some more videos including tough trucks, quad wars, and Monster Truck intros!!  Enjoy!!  (11/21/05)









  • Fantasy Monster Truck Series Week #1:  Its in the books and the results and standings are up in the Fantasy section!!  Check it out!!  (11/21/05)

  • PSM WORLD FINALS!!:  What a show!!  THE MONSTER BLOG Special Contributor Flyin' Bryan Wagner was down in Deland, FL this weekend for the Paul Shafer Motorsports World Finals!!  Bryan took some amazing photos, as always, which will soon be found in the Flyin' Bryan Photography section!!  A big congratulations goes out to Larry Swim who drove the Kevin Harvick / Kid Rock #29 truck to victory in the Racing Finals against Dave Harkey in Bigfoot #14!!  Also to James Tigue II, who won the Freestyle Championship in the Carolina Crusher!!  All in all, a great event, and we will have tons of Bryan's awesome photos up in the next day or two!!  (11/20/05)








  • A Monster Weekend!!:  Well, this is definitely the biggest weekend of Monster Truck action since the inception of THE MONSTER BLOG!!  Two huge events taking place and the we've got them both covered for you!!  Flyin' Bryan Wagner will be down in Deland, FL using his amazing photography skills to cover the Paul Shafer Motorsports World Finals, while I will be in Indianapolis, IN for the season finale of the Special Events Monster Truck Thunder Drags!!  In addition, both events mark the beginning of the internet's first and only Fantasy Monster Truck Series, brought to you by THE MONSTER BLOG!!  My wife and I will be taking off first thing in the morning tomorrow, and I will try to provide an update from our hotel room late Saturday night after the show!!  Stay tuned folks, 'cause we've got some awesome things coming your way this week!!  (11/18/05)

  • Flyin' Bryan Photography:  I am very excited to announce that Bryan Wagner, who most of you know as Flyin' Bryan, webmaster of the Wildfire Motorsports, Southern Monster Truck Showdown, and Monkey'N'Around websites, will now be contributing pictures from shows he attends right here to THE MONSTER BLOG!!  This is another exciting partnership we have entered into that will help us continue to bring you some of the best Monster Truck content on the 'net!!  Check out the all new portion of the site which we are calling Flyin' Bryan Photography, which can be found in the Features section or by clicking here!!  A huge thanks out to Bryan for contributing his amazing pictures, and keep checking back, because Bryan will be sending in pictures from the Paul Shafer Motorsports World Finals being held this weekend in Deland, FL!!  Check out the new section and the first photos from this past weekend's Port St. Lucie, FL Extreme Monster Truck Nationals, and let Bryan know what you think on THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/17/05) 

  • KD's Latest Update:  Team RAM member Kyle Doyle has sent us his latest update which includes some awesome new photos (an exclusive first found only here at THE MONSTER BLOG) of the Raminator hauler since its latest repaint!!  Check it out now and let us know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  See it in the Features section, or by clicking here!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/15/05)

  • Fantasy Monster Truck Series:  The inaugural weekend of the first and only Fantasy Monster Truck Series is only a week away!!  Test your monster truck knowledge against other fans to see who is the ultimate fan!!  We're starting off with a bang with the PSM World Finals and the SE Indy Thunder Drags!!  If you haven't registered yet, you have until midnight on Friday, November 18th to get registered and get your picks submitted on the Fan Forum!!  See the Fantasy section for more details!!  (11/12/05)

  • MT Artwork:  New from our very own Tommy Lee Byrd, incredible drawings of the Bad News Travels Fast, Monkey'N'Around, and Monster Patrol trucks!!  Tommy really is an incredible talent, and I just wanted to feature one of his latest works here on the main page.  For those of you who are newer to the site and maybe haven't explored it enough, Tommy has an entire section that can be found on the Features page dedicated to his Monster Truck Artwork.  If you haven't seen it, you really need to check it out because this is something that any true monster truck fan will love!!  See the Monster Truck Art Gallery in the Features section or by clicking here!!  Leave Tommy some feedback on the Fan Forum, and let him know how much you appreciate his work!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/11/05)

  • Monster Truck Event Schedule:  Just added a TON more events to the Monster Truck Event Schedule, including some new Jim Morris, Torgerson Motorsports, USHRA, and Monster Nationals shows for the '06 season!!  I would just like to remind everyone that the most complete Monster Truck event schedule on the internet can be found right here on THE MONSTER BLOG!!  We have tons of events for the 2006 season already up and we update it everytime we get wind of a new show!!  Check it out by clicking here or on "Schedule" at the top!!  (11/11/05)

  • New Wallpapers from KD:  Kyle just keeps on coming up with the great content for the site!!  Five new wallpapers have just been added to KD's collection in the Wallpapers portion of the Features section!!  Some amazing photography that will look great on your computer desktop, including shots of Black Stallion, Summit TruckStyle, Nitemare, and of course, Raminator & Rammunition!!  Check 'em out in the Features section or by clicking here, and let us know what you think on the Fan Forum!!  (11/09/05)  UPDATE 2:  Seven more awesome wallpapers from KD!!  Check 'em out!!  (11/10/05)

  • KD's "North and South" Update!!:  Team RAM member Kyle Doyle has recently returned from another trip and has given us his weekly updated as part of  "KD's Behind the Scenes" Feature Article!!  Read about Kyle's trip down to Texas with the Raminator R/T and their trip up to Competition Graphics for some new paint!!  Check it out now in the Features section, or by clicking here, and be sure to leave some feedback on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/09/05)

  • Updates:  Just wanted to apologize for this week's lack of updates.  We pride ourselves in not going more than a few days without updating the site in some manner, but this has been a really busy week for me, and its been hard to find the time.  We will have a lot of stuff coming your way this weekend though, including a ton of info concerning FMTS kicking off the season next weekend!!  Also next weekend, we head to Indy for the big Thunder Drags event!!  All that and more coming your way in the next few days!! (11/09/05)

  • 10,000 Hits!!:  What else can I say everyone, but THANK YOU!!  Tonight, just less than one week short of being online for only three months, we have conquered a huge milestone!!  10,000 hits!!  Its been a ton of fun thus far, but a lot of work, and I just want to thank all of you who have helped make this possible.  We continue to keep our commitment of making a strong contribution to the Monster Truck Community, having given you the most complete Monster Truck Event Schedule and Links pages on the internet, one of the biggest MT Video Galleries, and the biggest variety of MT content on the 'net!!  We've done all of this in only three months, so stay tuned because we are going to keep at it!!  Thanks once again to all of you for your continued support!!  (11/05/05)

  • Picture of the Week Page:  Continuing our fall cleaning, if you will, I have made some changes to the Picture of the Week page that should help the page load faster and be more convenient for you!!  That page was also getting pretty long, and we've shortened it up a bit.  I will also soon be archiving the Picture of the Week section by month as well, but probably not until the end of the year.  I have some exciting ideas for next year with the contest, so stay tuned!!  (11/04/05)  UPDATE 2:  We have announced the September and October Picture of the Month winners, Andrew Pellegrine and Dave Vanartsdalen!!  (11/05/05)

  • Monster Truck Event Schedule:  In an effort to continue improving the site, we have combined the Monster Truck Event Schedule into one large schedule, organized by month, as opposed to by series.  Works much better having all the events together separated by month instead of having all the USHRA events at the top.  We have the most complete Monster Truck Event Schedule on the internet and we are very proud of that!!  (11/03/05)

  • Site Archive:  I've been meaning to do this for a while now, because as most of you know, the main page here was getting REALLY long, lol!!  We will know keep two months worth of material here on the main page and then archive the previous months.  You can access the archive by going to the bottom of the main page and clicking on the month you wish to view.  Hopefully, this will improve the loading speed of the main page and help make navigating the site easier!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/02/05)

  • New Wallpapers from KD!!:  When we announced a while back that Kyle Doyle would be contributing to THE MONSTER BLOG, I had no idea that Kyle would go above and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined with his contributions!!  KD has submitted 8 awesome new Wallpapers that can now be found in the Features section or by clicking here!!  With the "All Over the Place 2005" music video and now these new wallpapers, in addition to his "Behind the Scenes With KD" column, Kyle is making a huge impact here at THE MONSTER BLOG and we cannot possibly thank him enough!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (11/01/05)


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