- Ross Z. Bonar - Owner / Operator - Email


Duties:  Responsible for all the site work, all the editing, every update you see here on the site, and my beautiful wife Rajeana and I travel to and cover 20+ events per year in the Midwest.  I also am the primary moderator of the Fan Forum, Director of our Fantasy Monster Truck Series, and my wife Rajeana and I both judge the Picture of the Week contest.




- Lauren Z. Bonar - Event Coverage - Email


Duties:  My father who, along with my mom Lynette, travels to and covers events in the Arizona and New Mexico portion of the country.  Dad also helps out by Moderating the Fan Forum, and voting in the Picture of the Week contest.  Dad can be contacted at (928) 283-5311.




- Kyle Doyle - Event Coverage - Email


Duties:  A true asset to The Monster Blog, Kyle is a former team member of Hall Brothers Racing. Kyle wrote a "Behind The Scenes" series of Feature Articles for the site, chronicling his travels to events all around the country working for HBR.  Kyle also is an accomplished photographer who contributes some great photos from the events he attends, and will have a new article debuting in 2008.



- Paul M. Harry - Event Coverage - Email


Duties:  Paul M. Harry is the newest addition to staff. Paul is an excellent photographer and travels to more events each year than probably any other monster truck photographer. We are proud to have him on board!!




        - Tommy Lee Byrd - Artist / Event Coverage - Email


Duties:  Our resident Monster Truck Artist, who also covers events in the Tennessee / Georgia area.  Tommy also serves as a Moderator on The Monster Blog Fan Forum, and is one of the four judges of the Picture of the Week contest. Special Contributors


- Bryan Wagner - Special Contributor - Email


Duties:  Bryan Wagner is another of our most vital contributors to the site.  Bryan has a knack for taking great photos of the events he attends, primarily in the state of Florida.  Bryan also keeps us in the loop on the goings on with the Monkey'N Around team, of which he is currently a crew member, and their Southern Monster Truck Showdown promotion company.



- Dave VanArtsdalen - Special Contributor - Email


Duties:  No doubt one of the best photographers in the country, we are very lucky to have Dave cover events in the Pennsylvania / New Jersey area for us.  Very few Monster Truck Photographers can hold a candle to Dave's work, and the professionalism he brings to this hobby of his is unrivaled.




- Charlie Wagner - Special Contributor - Email


Duties:  When it comes to Monster Truck Coverage, one of the most popular forms of media is video of the action from events.  There are few better at capturing the excitement from an event on video than Charlie, and his willingness to share his footage with the rest of the Monster Truck Community is unrivaled on the internet.  Charlie attends events in the state of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, and is also an accomplished Tough Truck driver.



- Marty Menze - Special Contributor - Email


Duties:  Marty Menze is another of our video contributors, and like Charlie, he is great at capturing the action at events on camera, and then sharing it with Monster Truck fans all over, here on The Monster Blog.  Marty covers events in the New York / Pennsylvania / New Jersey area.





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