A nice, fun, quick read here, with my parents' latest coverage of a BIGFOOT display & car crush at Rich Ford in Albuquerque, NM!!  Rich Ford is celebrating their 45th Anniversary, and what better way to do that than with Dan Runte & Bigfoot #15 in some high-flyin', car crushin' action?!?  Check out the Coverage & Video of the event, and thanks to all the people with Rich Ford who put on this great event, as well as to my parents for doing an awesome job covering it!!

- Ross Z. Bonar - The Monster Blogger

Arriving at Rich Ford in Albuquerque, Lynnette and I immediately found friendly and excited people everywhere.  The Rich Ford staff was helping customers and Bigfoot fans find parking.



We had to park in the back, as the lot was already filled with people.  As luck would have it, I parked right in front of the Bigfoot hauler.  No complaints, my dirty truck looked great sitting next to it.

As we were walking up to the showroom from the back, we came across two rows of old Ford Thunderbirds.  Beautiful cars, all in very good condition.  At the time we did not understand why they were parked in the back of the building, as the majority of people were in front.  We were to see that in the front there were numerous other activities.




I did meet an owner of one of these fine Thunderbirds, his name is Sid Foil. Sid is from Albuquerque and the first person we met.




We entered through the rear door, into a very large showroom.  There were several new vehicles in this huge showroom, however you could tell a few had been removed for the festivities.  There were tables and chairs for anyone who wished to remain inside with Chili being served in the front.




We walked out front where there were two rows with several canopies set up.  Walking down what looked like a little street with tents on either side, we saw Bigfoot parked with its front wheels on a couple of cars.  While taking pictures of the display, I was looking for Dan Runte.  I looked to the left, where there was a trailer with two ladies inside passing out Coke products, and saw a man behind a large grill making Hot Dogs and Brats and people eating everywhere.


I spotted Dan, went to say hello and he recognized me.  I could not believe that as we only met once for about thirty seconds.  We were talking about the Glendale show in January when Dan spotted Jim Roberts.  I was introduced to Jim; he is the man that set all this up.  He told me they do this here at Rich Ford every March and Dan Runte makes the trip from Missouri to do the car crush.  I would like to say thank you to Jim Roberts and his very friendly staff for the hospitality they displayed to The Monster Blog.



There were at least five local radio stations on hand with representatives passing out stickers, pizza, and speaking with fans.



The people in attendance seemed to be having a great time, walking around, checking out all the different booths, and of course, the star of the show, Summit Bigfoot #15!!









As the time for the car crush drew near, the staff and safety people got ready to keep a sharp eye on picture-takers and children.  I went across the street, but before I did, Lynn and I met a member of the Rich Ford staff that helped out with taking video of the event.  Rick Bowles, a manager in sales and helping with safety took Lynn out in the middle of Lomas Blvd.  Rick stayed right with Lynn just in case Bigfoot was to get a little out of control.  I have to thank Rick Bowles for the great videos Lynn was able to get, but more important, watching out for her safety.


The cars to be crushed were sitting in what is normally the main entrance to the dealership.  The event was coordinated with the Albuquerque Police Department to close Lomas Boulevard for about five minutes while Bigfoot takes three runs over the cars.  A few minutes before the crush, squad cars blocked each side of the street, allowing vehicles to clear, and keeping them out of Bigfoot's way.  The Police made sure the only cars crushed were the ones designated for crushing!!


This had to be a very well coordinated event to involve the Police Department and closing of a major street for a few minutes.  I cannot imagine there being a better coordinated car crush anywhere in the country.  Very impressive!!

From here I will let the pictures and video tell the story as Dan Runte and Summit Bigfoot #15 attacked the cars!!






























After the car crush runs, Bigfoot’s front wheels were parked back up on the crushed cars and the crowd was still very excited.  This had to be Dan Runte’s busiest time, as he was asked for autographs, asked to climb back in the truck for pictures, asked to take pictures with family members and through it all, he was friendly, happy, joking around with people and having a great time.



We were able to visit a few more minutes with Dan and it was time to leave.  It was snowing heavy back in Arizona and we had no idea how long it would take us to get home.  We searched for Jim Roberts to thank him again, but could not find him.  I sure hope he gets to read this and understands how much we appreciated him and the Rich Ford staff for their hospitality and for putting on such a fun event!!


That wraps up our coverage of Bigfoot's Display & Car Crush at Rich Ford in Albuquerque, NM!!  We had a great time, and thanks again to everyone involved.  Also, thanks to all of you for reading and hope you enjoyed the story, pictures, and video!!  Leave us some feedback on the Fan Forum, until next time . . .