August 27th, 2005 - I-70 SPEEDWAY, ODESSA, MO

THE MONSTER BLOG was right back at it this week, after attending the Washington, MO event, and posting the video and coverage within the week.  The stop this week was 3 1/2 hours north of our home base in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO at the I-70 Speedway in Odessa, MO. 

Found out about this event on the Mayhem board, and after doing a little bit of research, came across the I-70 Speedway website, where, sure enough, they were hyping up there first ever Carmegeddon Eve of Destruction.  Had always seen coverage and heard of these events at other sites, but had never gotten to go to one.  With a show lineup including Monster Trucks (of course), a boat & trailer race, school bus race, and stunts by Dr. Danger, I was pretty excited about this event!!

However, then I ran into the problem of having someone to go with me!!  With my wife unable to attend because she has to stay at home taking care of The Little Monster Blogger, and my Dad headed back home to Arizona, what is a guy to do?  Thankfully my friend and sometimes business partner Eric W. Anderson was able to come along, or else this coverage may not have been possible (Didn't get home until 3:30AM!!).

Must also make mention of something else, before we get rolling along here.  I-70 Speedway Operations Manager Brad Barlow (pictured above) is an awesome guy!!  Just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to him and everyone else at the track for being so hospitable, and allowing us access to whatever we needed, and, of course, for putting on such as awesome event.  They even provided us access to the flagstand for the Monster Truck portions of the show, and thanks to that, you all get to see the great video and photos that were made possible by this. 

THE MONSTER BLOG is proud to bring aboard the I-70 Speedway as a "Friend of The Monster Blog," joining Team Beast, Jim Mace & Hawg Wild, and the Washington Jaycees in that sponsorship designation.  You will soon see their logos strategically placed around the site, with some high profile sponsorships soon to come!!  Anyway, enough talk, on to the coverage!!




I had never made it up to the I-70 Speedway before, even though I sure wanted to numerous times.  The I-70 Speedway is an awesome facility located about 30-40 minutes east of Kansas City, MO.  The track has held NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races in the past (would have loved to attended one of those), and continues to hold ASA races each year.  As I understand, this would be their first Eve of Destruction featuring Monster Trucks, but judging by the crowd and their reaction, it will certainly not be their last!!




The ROCK 98.9 FM was on hand to broadcast live from the event, and there were some neat things to see down in the pit area for the "Pit Party", including this Dodge Intrepid limousine, which was quite the creation!!




The Army and Navy were on hand for recruiting purposes, and it was really great to have the military represented at the show.  I will state again, THE MONSTER BLOG is a huge supporter of our troops overseas and in the war against terrorism.  Go USA, and a big salute and THANK YOU to all those who have served, and currently are serving in the Armed Forces!!




In addition to your standard 4-car set obstacles, the setup included one set with a van, an RV camper, and A MOBILE HOME!!  This was awesome, and we were so excited to see how that would come into play later in the event!!




I have always wanted to see a school bus race in person, and tonight would be my first chance.  There were a number of buses parked in the infield lay waiting until the race.  Most of the buses even still had their "Sold to I-70" price stickers in the window.  Apparently, you too can own a school bus for the low low price of roughly $1,000!!




There was a great turn out for the event, probably close to a sellout, which is saying something when you consider the fact that this track has hosted a NASCAR event in the past.  As I always say at this point, on to the part you all have been waiting for . . . the MONSTER TRUCKS!!




Tonight we would be seeing a lineup of 5 trucks, with the Monster Truck portion of the show being put on by the Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular.  The show would consist of 3 rounds of freestyle, with the winner being judged by crowd applause at the end of the show.







I was really looking forward to seeing some trucks I hadn't seen before and meeting some other drivers for this event.  One of those was Jesse Birgy and the Playin' For Keeps truck.  This truck was an older style Chevy, and surprisingly enough, still ran a fuel-injected motor, as opposed to most trucks running the alcohol-burning motors now-a-days.  Would be interesting to see how the older-style truck would hold up in tonight's competition!!







Rod Mann in the Wildmann truck was truly a pleasure to meet.  He seemed like a nice, down-to-earth guy who was just out there to have a good time and put on a good show for the fans, and we immediately decided who we would be rooting for in the show tonight!! 







Born to Be Wild would be driven by Larry Quick in the show tonight.  Didn't get a chance to meet Larry, but the truck definitely makes its appearance known.  The chrome pipes coming out of the hood shoot fire, as you'll see later in the coverage, and this is an awesome touch on the truck!!







THE MONSTER BLOG was very excited to find out that this truck would be making its debut at the show tonight!!  The truck, fielded by Don's Monsters, Inc., was only finished on Wednesday, and the only action it had seen prior to the event, was being driven onto the hauler to be brought down to the show.  I am pretty sure that these are the first pictures of the completed truck to appear on the internet, a MONSTER BLOG Exclusive!!  Being driven by rookie driver Darren Crossman (didn't get to meet, but seems like a great guy), we couldn't wait to see the truck in action!!







And last but not least, the headliner of the show, Bearfoot being driven by owner of Don's Monsters, Inc., Don King (not that one)!!  As I understand, the name Bearfoot and truck body is rented by Don's Monsters from the Shafer folks to serve as their flagship truck.  Was very excited to see the good-looking truck in action tonight, and couldn't wait for the show to begin!!






Finally, showtime came around, and we headed up to the starter's stand to get in place for covering the action.  When the trucks roared to life and drove to the frontstretch for introductions, the crowd went nuts!!  Born to Be Wild kind of stole the show during intros, coming out lighting the place up by shooting fire our the chrome hoodpipes!!






Also in attendance at the show, was the Wild Thing tough truck (unfortunately I do not have the driver's name at this point).  I had seen this truck in action before, as he performed in the Mickey Thompson Tough Truck Challenge in Springfield earlier this year (you can even download a wallpaper of his truck getting some serious air in the Features section).  Kind of the catch at this show that the announcer played up, was trying to figure out what he could do to graduate his "baby" tough truck into a monster truck.  We were informed that he would be taking on the monster trucks in the freestyle competition, and they did a neat little deal where he drove up to Bearfoot revving the engine, and Bearfoot fired it up and faced Wild Thing, acting like he was gonna run him over.  With the battle lines drawn in the tough truck vs. monster truck freestyle, the show was ready to begin!!



Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!!!