Welcome to another MONSTER BLOG coverage, this time from our own Tommy Lee Byrd!!  Tommy attended a smaller show in Jasper, TN a couple weeks ago and did an awesome job covering it.  I just wanted to send out a special thank you to the folks from Jasper who put on the event for their help in arranging our access, and for their hospitality!!  On to Tommy's coverage!!

- Ross Z. Bonar - The Monster Blogger

Hey folks, it's time for another coverage!!  This time it is from the Monster Trucks Gone Wild event in Jasper, TN.  My eventful day started with driving down to Jasper and heading over to the event grounds.  Upon arrival, I saw all 6 trucks lined up on the side of the road getting ready to go to the show.  They were all tired up and fueled up, as they had to drive the trucks in from the road because the tractor trailers couldn't get in to the space where the event would be held.

I pulled over and hung out with them for a few minutes and gave some of them drawings.  The first thing I noticed was Holman's Beast's new paint scheme, which I think is really impressive.  It's actually a full vinyl wrap.  Also, I didn't expect to see the Ballistic truck there, but Mac and Liz Plecker were on hand as well.

I won't go into detail on the trouble I had trying to just get a parking place for this event....it's not worth it, lol.  After I got in touch with one of the people working the event, I got a nice, close parking place but it was still a long walk to get to where I needed to be.  I went over to the "pits" and hung around for a while along with the drivers.  We sat there and waited for the sound system to get hooked up and working, and then waited for another 30 minutes for the ambulance to show up so they could start racing.  In the mean time, they went ahead and had a driver meet and greet session.  So, the day started off kinda slow, but hiccups are to be expected when the promoter is putting on there first show.  Things started looking up when the monster trucks finally cranked up!!









First up was the wheelie contest.  They split the field into two groups of three and each truck would get three chances at a wheelie.  After each group ran, the fans would choose the winner by applause.  Then the winners from each group would face off in the finals of the wheelie contest.

Ballistic came out first and got the advantage of using the fresh crush cars.  Mac did some good wheelies and had a solid run.

Next out was Shane Smith in Venom.  Shane had a pretty good run.  There was nothing very spectacular but it was a good run.

The last driver out from the first group would be Scott Hartsock driving Gun Slinger.  Scott pushed the truck pretty hard and got more air than anyone else so far.  He also carried a lot more momentum.  He even tore one of the bedsides off of the truck!!

After his run was over, the announcer let the crowd choose who won.  The crowd picked Scott Hartsock and he would move on to the next round.  Let's see who he'll face!!

The first truck out from the second group was Cowboy, with Steve Reynolds driving.  Steve came out and attacked the track getting some good wheelies and some pretty good air.

Next up would be rookie driver Keith Sturgeon driving Bigfoot #10.  Keith did a very good job at getting the front end up in the air but wasn't getting a lot of air.  But, he had a solid run, overall.

The last truck from the the second group would be Holman's Beast.  Bobby did some great wheelies and kept everyone on the edge of their seats.  It was time for the crowd cheer-off and it ended up with Bobby Holman and his Beast coming out on top.  The wheelie finals would be up next.

Holman and the Beast came out first and wowed the crowd again with some awesome wheelies and great air, leaving it to Scott Hartsock to have to one up him for the win.

It was all up to Scott Hartsock to take home the wheelie contest win and he came charging out of his pit and hit the crush cars going much faster than anyone else had.  He cleared the cars in a big leap and landed on the rear wheels on the other side of them.  He did a couple more good wheelies after that, as well.

The crowd really got behind Scott and it was evident in the cheer-off after his run.  Gun Slinger was declared the winner of the wheelie contest in Jasper!!


The racing course was a two-car set, Straight-Line Drag format.  Qualifying was up next and I have no idea what the qualifying order ended being because of the poor announcing being done.  But here are some pictures of some of the qualifying runs.

Round 1 Racing matched up Bigfoot and Venom.  Keith came out on top in Bigfoot moving onto the next round.

Next up was Cowboy vs. Ballistic.  Mac got a little too much air of the first set in Ballistic and that let Steve Reynolds take the win in Cowboy.

Coming to the line next would be Gun Slinger and Holman's Beast.  Gun Slinger stayed low and came out on top, but Bobby Holman in the Beast was right there with him.

For the next round they started off with the loser's bracket.  They ran the losing trucks from the first round to determine who got 5th and 6th places.  Ballistic and Venom faced off first with Ballistic coming out on top.

Next was supposed to be Bigfoot vs. Holman's Beast but Bobby Holman had problems getting restarted after testing the RII.  Bigfoot had a bye run and advanced to the Finals.

Gun Slinger and Cowboy were up next to see who would face Bigfoot in the racing finals.  Steve Reynolds didn't let the boss win as he stayed low off the first set and took the victory and advanced to the Finals.

In the Finals both drivers pushed their trucks to the limit and Steve Reynolds got a lot of air off the first set but came from behind to get the win to beat Keith Sturgeon and Bigfoot, bringing the monster truck portion of the first show to an end.  The next show would feature Freestyle and another Racing competition.

Next was the mudding competition and there were only four contestants but each of them had two chances to make it through the mud.  This event took forever because everyone kept getting stuck.  The mud pit was actually fed by two natural springs that were at the start line and in between the crush cars of the monster truck course.  That's why those areas stayed muddy and slick all day during the monster truck competition.

After the mudding was over, it marked the end of the first show in Jasper.  There was another show coming up right after this one so we were all ready to see some more monster truck action!!  Click below to go to the next page for coverage from the second show!!