Ryan Seddon keeps us up to date as Edge Motorsports brings Motor Extreme to the Holy Land!!


Saturday - June 30th, 2007

The show on Thursday went fantastic. Media from around the world was in attendance including crews from Toronto, San Francisco and San Diego. The Israeli crowd was loud all night and really got into the FMX and Monsters. 23,000 people witnessed Bounty Hunter defeat FullBoar in the racing finals. The 2nd round match up between Easy Rider and FullBoar was arguably the best race of the night. Kevin and Easy Rider got the win, but got so much air that he suffered a broken axle housing and a blown right rear tire. That let FullBoar sneak into the finals.

The FMX riders had dual landing ramps to ride on, so the action was almost non-stop. Shawn Connors, Adam Cousino, JJ Romans, Thomas Alves and Jack Rowe ended their session with a huge train that included 3 Back Flips.

Kyle Chandler and Carolina Crusher ended his freestyle with a blaze of glory. A little gas made itís way onto the headers, made for a spectacular few seconds, but quickly burned itís self out. Lyle Hancock did the best he could a wounded truck. Going over the FMX hill Sudden Impact busted a front housing, 3rd Member and front steering. Bounty Hunter stole the freestyle show with 90 seconds full of slap wheelies, multiple bus hits and 2 huge launches off the FMX hills.

Friday the crew took a trip down to Jerusalem. It was good to get a day away from the stadium and really see some of the sights. This area is in rich in history and it was quite an experience. Tonight (Saturday) we have one more show at 9 p.m.

Check back tomorrow for more results!

It's great to see some local folks from the Tel Aviv area posting photos (over on the Monster Mayhem board). We hope the fans have enjoyed seeing the shows, as much as we've enjoyed seeing Israel.


Wednesday - June 27th, 2007

The action continues here in Tel Aviv. Pro Tracks II finished up the biggest freestyle pyramid and are currently grooming the FMX landing ramps. A brand new multi-million dollar sound system is also in the final phases of installation. When the sun goes down tonight we are practicing our open ceremonies, both to benefit our Israeli announcer and get the timing right for the pyrotechnics. The monsters will have a 350í foot straight away before making the turn towards the cars; it is a pretty enormous J-hook track.

Lyle Hancock had Sudden Impact out around town last night; a lowboy trailer hauled the truck around Tel Aviv. Itís been fun having Lyle around and he is excited about getting back behind the wheel. Kyle Chandler is used to having a big hemi motor, so making the jump over to the Bearfoot Chassis shouldnít be that big of an issue.

Tel Aviv is really a cool city. Itís not at all the way I pictured it before I left. The taxi drivers are absolutely crazy, the streets are narrow and the cab drivers are aggressive. We went over to the mall next door yesterday and besides not being to read anything, understand any Hebrew or know where to sign receipts; it was surprisingly similar to what we have in the state.

The competition should be pretty exciting tomorrow night. The drivers want to make the best of an 8 week trip, and all of them want to win the first event in Israel. - Ryan


Monday - June 25th, 2007

Ramat Gan Stadium is playing host to Motor Extreme, a showcase of some of the worlds best Monster Trucks and FMX Riders. The entire city seems to be infatuated with the first appearance of Monster Trucks in Israel. In fact, Kevin Kozala and Easy Rider was the first Monster Truck ever on Israeli Soil. Pro Tracks II has been hard at work protecting the natural grass field, laying down the wood and constructing the huge 200í x 400í track surface. The soccer field will be filled with 60 crush cars, 12 vans and 2 city transit busses during the events taking place on Thursday and Saturday.



The shipping containers arrived early last week after a long trip across the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean Sea. Working at night to avoid the heat, the drivers have unloaded and got the trucks competition ready. A relentless media schedule has kept the drivers as busy as the dirt crew. Easy Rider spent time doing a display down on the beach and it seems there is always a news crew waiting for a driverís interview. You canít make it to far in Tel Aviv without seeing Motor Extreme on billboards, posters or the side of city busses. Capacity crowds are expected and our hosts at the stadium are filled with anticipation for the shows.

A lot of misconceptions about Tel Aviv were put to rest our first day here. The people are very friendly, the beaches are beautiful, the food is unique and the city almost has the same feel of south California or Florida.

The Official Line-up:

Monster Trucks
Bounty Hunter Ė Jimmy Creten
Sudden Impact Ė Lyle Hancock
Carolina Crusher Ė Kyle Chandler
Easy Rider Ė Kevin Kozala
Full Boar Ė Ed Eckert

Freestyle Motocross
Shawn Connors
Adam Cousino
JJ Romans
Jack Rowe
Thomas Alves


Well, track construction is just about finished and painting starts tomorrow. Check back for more updates!!  - Ryan


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