10/31/05 -
New "Behind the Scenes with KD" article in the Features section!!  Also, don't miss the "All Over the Place 2005" music video from KD also in the Features section!!  Happy Halloween!!  Also new pictures in the Fan Photo Gallery from Jim Mace!!
10/29/05 -
Posted new pictures from Kyle Seden in the Fan Photo Gallery!!
10/28/05 -
Posted COVERAGE of the 4 Wheel Jamboree from Springfield, MO from earlier this year!!  Added 3 new events for December to the Event Schedule!!
10/26/05 -
Added a ton of just announced shows to the Event Schedule!!  New pictures from our very own Chris Kaelin added to the Fan Photo Gallery!!
10/25/05 -
Posted a batch of new and updated Wallpapers for your computer desktop!! Find them in the Features section!!  Also, our first Fan Submitted Coverage from Codie Early on the Florida Monsters of a Mission event can now be found on the Coverages page!!
10/24/05 -
Two new drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd, the Iron Outlaw, and the Stomper Bully!!
10/22/05 -
Posted VIDEO from the Western Navajo Fair featuring Bearfoot & Monster Patrol!!  An unbelievable new drawing of USA-1 by Tommy Lee Byrd in the MT Art Gallery!!  Big update to the MT Schedule!!
10/15/05 -
Posted COVERAGE of the Ft. Smith, AR O'Reilly Monster Truck Racing Super Seres!!
10/14/05 -
Posted the COVERAGE of the Lebanon, MO event featuring BIGFOOT!!
10/13/05 -
Update to the MT Schedule!!  A new drawing of the Torqzilla Monster Truck by TLB!!
10/12/05 -
HUGE update to the Fantasy Monster Truck Series pages!!
10/11/05 -
Added some great new shots to the Fan Photo Gallery from the West Coast Monster Truck Nationals courtesy of!! Thanks Stacey!!
10/10/05 -
Posted the ALL NEW Monster Blog Fan Forum!!  Welcome to Kyle Doyle, you can now view his first Article for the site in the Features section!!  Also, a new LZ's Pit Report Feature Article on Sergeant Smash!!
10/09/05 -
Updated the MT Event Schedule!!
10/08/05 -
VIDEOS from the Lebanon, MO Bigfoot Car Crush!!  Also, announced this week's Picture of the Week winner and a new drawing from TLB!!
10/03/05 -
A new drawing by TLB and new entries for this week's Picture of the Week contest!!
10/02/05 -
Posted VIDEOS from the Ft. Smith, AR O'Reilly Monster Truck Racing Super Series show presented by Monster Events, Inc.!!
















  • "All Over the Place 2005" by KD:  We have an absolute treat for you on this Halloween evening!!  Kyle Doyle has compiled an amazing collection of photographs from Team RAM's 2005 season into a one-of-a-kind music video!!  Using "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park.  You all are going to enjoy this, as I must say, this is a must see for and Monster Truck fan!!  You may find the music video in the Features section, with KD's Editorial columns, or by clicking here!! (10/31/05)

  • Team RAM's Northeastern Swing:  Also, we have now posted Kyle Doyle's latest "Behind the Scenes With KD" article in the Features section!!  A big thanks to KD for another awesome update and Happy Halloween!!  Check it out and let us know what you think on THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum!!  (10/31/05)

  • Springfield Day 1 Coverage!!:  We have finally posted coverage of the 4 Wheel Jamboree from Springfield, MO held earlier this year on April 30th and it can now be found in the Coverages section!!  Coverage from Day 2 is coming soon!!  Please check it out and leave some feedback for us on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks & enjoy!!  (10/28/05)

  • CFP Winter Schedule:  Checkered Flag Productions has released their 2006 Monster Truck Winter Nationals schedule and we have added all of those events to our Monster Truck Event Schedule, the most complete on the internet!!  THE MONSTER BLOG is tentatively scheduled to attend two of  these events in Cape Girardeau and Sedalia, MO!!!  Can't wait to see our first CFP shows.  Check out our Event Schedule now to find out when CFP is coming to your town!!  (10/26/05)

  • Fan Submitted Coverages:  The only site for Monster Truck Fans by Monster Truck Fans is now taking submissions of Coverages in addition to Video and Pictures!!  Pictures from events are awesome and we love having them in our Fan Photo Gallery, but having the story from the event as well in a Coverage form is even better!!  The first Fan Submitted Coverage is now up thanks to Codie Early!!  He has submitted a coverage of this summer's Monsters on a Mission event featuring the Gold Digger and Rock Solid monster trucks!!  See it now in the Coverages section and leave some feedback for Codie on THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum!!  (10/25/05)

  • Monster Truck Wallpapers:  Just went through and updated all our old Wallpapers for your desktop to reflect the change to that we underwent a couple months ago.  Also added a bunch more Wallpapers from some of our recent events!!  Check them out now in the Features section!!  (10/25/05)

  • Western Navajo Fair VIDEO!!:  Video from the Western Navajo Fair in Tuba City, AZ featuring Chris Franklin Pro Mud Racing and the Monster Patrol and Bearfoot monster trucks is now up in the video section!!  Don't miss this awesome footage of some high powered mud bogging machines, not to mention two great performances by Rodney Tweedy in Monster Patrol and James Tigue in Bearfoot!!  A big thanks out to my dad, Lauren Z. Bonar, for attending the event and taking this awesome video with his new camera for us!!  I think he did a fantastic job, and there will be more coverage from this event coming soon here on THE MONSTER BLOG!!  (10/21/05)

  • The Monster Blogger is Headed to Indy!!:  Well, a big announcement, we will be attending the Special Events Monster Truck Thunder Drags at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, IN!!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to this event, which is going to be huge!!  Its a 6+ hour drive, but when I found out that our friend, Shane "Air" Blair would be driving SNAKE BITE at the Dome against the likes of Bigfoot, Raminator, Rammunition, Big Dawg, and more, we couldn't pass up the opportunity!!  As excited as this makes me, this is good news for you all too, as you will get to see our full coverage of the event soon after our return!!  Indy, here we come!!  (10/21/05)

  • Updates!!:  Sorry for the long week of no updates, I'm pretty sure that's a first for us!  Even a week with no updates has a few updates, as the Picture of the Week contest page is updated as the entries come in.  Speaking of which, we have NINE entries this week, the most ever!!  Will definitely be some tough judging tomorrow night, that's for sure.  Anyway, I had a real busy week with school and work this week, not to mention spending some time with the wife and my little man, so few updates this week.  However, we've made for that today I think!!  VIDEO from the Western Navajo Fair in Tuba City, AZ is up, thanks to Lauren Z. Bonar, my dad!!  Also an incredible new drawing by Tommy Lee Byrd of USA-1 is now in the Classic portion of the MT Art Gallery.  Big update to the MT Event Schedule, as a whole slew of new CCE events have been added as well as a Jim Morris event in Ft. Pierce, FL.  More updates coming this weekend including more coverage from the Western Navajo Fair, updates for the Fantasy Monster Truck Series page (get registered!!), and coverages from Sedalia and Springfield on the way!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (10/21/05)



  • Tuba City, AZ Fair!!:  THE MONSTER BLOG is extending its territory thanks to Lauren Z. Bonar, owner of LZ's Sports Source & Collectibles, and of course, my father, as he has finished up covering his first event in Arizona this weekend!!  Chris Franklin of Franklin Pro Mud Racing put on a fantastic show this weekend as part of the Western Navajo Fair in Tuba City, AZ.  Rodney Tweedy in Monster Patrol and James Tigue II in Bearfoot were on hand from Shafer Motorsports to entertain the crowd with some awesome Monster Truck action!!  Dad was also putting his new video camera through its paces, so we will have full VIDEO from the event very soon, and also a full COVERAGE coming within the next few weeks!!  Its been a long time since I myself have seen some good mud racing action, so I too can't wait to see the pictures and video!!  Chris & Althia Franklin and their whole staff just did an amazing job with the event, and a big thanks out to them for being so accommodating!!  You can see more about them at Franklin Pro Mud Racing's website.  We'll try to have some more teaser shots of "Monsters & Mud Racing on the Navajo Reservation" later tonight!!  Thanks & enjoy!!  (10/16/05)

  • Ft. Smith Coverage!!:  Just posted the coverage from the O'Reilly Monster Truck Racing Super Series event in Ft. Smith, AR!!  Took us two weeks to get this one done, but with over 120 pictures it should be well worth the wait!!  Once again, a big thanks out to Brad Darnell of Monster Events, Inc. for putting on such a great show and can't wait to see another one of his!!  Check out the coverage now in the Coverages section, and leave your feedback on THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (10/15/05)

  • Lebanon, MO Car Crush:  Pretty good turnaround time on this coverage!!  It is now posted in the Coverages section!!  Read all about a fun little car show and Bigfoot car crush with over 100 pictures!!  You've got to read about the man, Shane "Air" Blair himself, who performed the awesome car crush, and how I predict he will be a huge star in the world of Monster Trucks!!  Check it out and leave some feedback for us on THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum!!  Fort Smith coverage coming soon!!(10/14/05)

  • Fantasy Monster Truck Series:  Well, its been a long-time coming since we first proposed this idea back in August, but we are finally at the point where we're about a month away from starting!!  Many of you are probably still wondering what this series is and exactly how it works.  Well, now on the FMTS page (you can access by clicking "Fantasy" at the top), we have all pages working and registrations have begun for the game!!  Also, there is a "How It Works" article that should give you some insight into the strategy involved in the game!!  To register for the FMTS, you must be a member of the new THE MONSTER BLOG Fan Forum.  Check out the Fantasy page for MANY more details!!  (10/13/05)

  • Behind the Scenes With KD:  THE MONSTER BLOG is very proud to welcome Kyle Doyle, crew member of Team RAM, into the fold.  You are all familiar with Kyle's fantastic photos and event recaps from the Monster Mayhem board, and his previous work with Monster-Style.  Now, Kyle's event recaps and amazing photography will be seen here at The Monster Blog!!  "Behind the Scenes With KD" can now be found in the Features section under Editorials.  His first feature article for the site, originally posted at the Mayhem board, "Richmond, IN Update!!" can now be seen in the Features section, or accessed by clicking here.  A huge thanks out to Kyle for contributing this to the site, and here's to the start of a great new partnership that will help bring you more of the best MT content on the 'net!! (10/10/05)

  • LZ's Pit Report:  A new Feature article by Lauren Z. Bonar has been posted in the Editorial section.  During our trip to Fort Smith, AR, Dad spent some talking with Jeff Brock of the Sergeant Smash ride truck!!  View the article now in the Features section, or access it by clicking here!!  (10/10/05)

  • New Fan Forum!!:  As we continue to grow, I felt it was important to provide a quality Fan Forum for the Monster Truck Community to connect.  There are other strong boards out there that I myself frequent as well, but I feel like having a wide spread of options is important, and I am simply providing another one.  So, the old Fan Forum that was hosted at CJB.NET has been done away with, as I think we can all agree, it didn't quite make the grade.  Thus, I have made a small investment and purchased a board with ezBoard because they definitely seem to be the top of the line as far as these things go.  I am still working on the design of the new board, so please be patient, but I would love to hear your feedback on it.  Unfortunately for the 38 loyal Monster Blog fans who were registered on the old board, I have to ask you to register again for the new board.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but most of you should be able to join with minimal difficulty and I think it will be worth it in the long run.  Thanks and enjoy!!  (10/10/05)

  • Salute to You!!:  First of all, congratulations to Mark Martin for his big win in Kansas City today!!  Going along with the spirit of his Salute to You Tour, I would like to salute all of you that visit THE MONSTER BLOG!!  On Tuesday, we will celebrate our Two Month Anniversary of providing some of the top Monster Truck content on the internet.  Hard to believe its only been two months we've been at this, it feels like a lot longer.  When I started this site, my goal was to make a strong contribution to the Monster Truck community, and I believe we have done that.  We have created the most complete Monster Truck Event Schedule and Links pages on the internet, and one of the most extensive video galleries on the 'net that continues to grow with every event we attend!!  We have also come up with a Picture of the Week contest that is drawing some amazing submissions each and every week!!  Throw in Tommy Lee Byrd's amazing art work and the MTM2 Past Present Racing League, and we have been making a huge impact!!  A few days ago we surpassed 6,000 hits according to the site statistics Yahoo WebHosting keeps for the site.  I felt it was important to go ahead and get a hits counter up at the top to publicly keep track of the awesome support we have received from the fans!!  You all are the reason we are successful and you all are the reason we are in business!!  Thank you all so much for your incredible support and we appreciate your continued backing!!  (10/09/05)

  • THE MONSTER BLOG on Wikipedia!!:  I was looking at the site statistics the other day and was amazed to see that people are coming to the site from Wikipedia!!  This is a neat deal for us, as Wikipedia is a widely used tool for internet research!!  Now under the subject of Monster Trucks, you can see a link to THE MONSTER BLOG!!  Throw in links from the likes of USHRA, Grave Digger, Bigfoot, and much more and we are making our mark in the MT world!!  Fun stuff!!  (10/09/05)


  • BIGFOOT Car Crush!!:  What a night in Lebanon, MO!!  Wasn't expecting too much out of what I thought would be your usual car crush when we headed up to Lebanon, MO tonight, but were we in for a surprise!!  Shane "Air" Blair, a budding superstar on the Monster Truck circuit, was on hand to put Bigfoot 10 through its paces and he put on one heck of a show for the large crowd in attendance!!  In addition to Shane's awesome performance, we got a chance to meet him and his family, and you will not find kinder, classier people anywhere.  A huge thanks out to them for being so friendly and for their hard work to entertain all the Bigfoot fans on hand!!  Also a huge thanks out to Mrs. Gail Bryant with the City of Lebanon who organized the Car Show and brought Bigfoot down to Lebanon for all her hard work in making the event a huge success!!  VIDEOS from the car crush are now up, and tons more pictures and a full coverage will be coming shortly!!  Thanks and enjoy!!  (10/08/05)



  • Cowan Civic Center - Lebanon, MO:  Once again, the Monster Truck season is extended for us here at THE MONSTER BLOG!!  Bigfoot will be doing a display and car crush in Lebanon, MO at the Cowan Civic Center as part of their car show.  We will be on our way up there tonight, with pictures and video to follow once we return!!  (10/08/05)

  • O'Reilly Monster Truck Racing Super Series:  What an event put on by Brad Darnell and Monster Events, Inc. this weekend in Ft. Smith, AR!!  Awesome Monster Truck action, with a great Tough Truck competition, and a performance by Draco the Dragonator!!  Dad and I had a great time down there this weekend, and a HUGE thank you goes out to Brad for everything, and to the whole Monster Events crew for putting on such an awesome show!!  Also a big thanks to all the drivers we met this weekend for being so courteous and friendly, I hope you enjoy our coverage of the event, and please register for the Fan Forum and leave feedback so our visitors can get to know you!!  VIDEOS have been posted, I sure hope you all enjoy them!!  Coverage will be coming later this week with extremely detailed recap and tons of pictures!!  Also, expect a couple of new articles from the event by Lauren Z. Bonar, which you will soon be able to find in the LZ's Pit Report portion of the Editorials section on the Features page!!  All of this and more coming soon from THE MONSTER BLOG!!  (10/02/05)

  • West Coast Monster Truck Nationals:  Another big score for THE MONSTER BLOG this weekend out in Red Bluff, CA!!  We were the winners of an eBay advertising opportunity at the event and our logo was featured in flyers handed out to thousands of people in attendance for the event this weekend!!  Welcome to all of you who are first-time visitors, I hope you register for the Fan Forum, and I hope you enjoy the site!!  (10/02/05)


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