Going to the Phoenix area is becoming quite common for Lynette and I.  There are a lot of cities in the Phoenix area, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe, Surprise, and Scottsdale to name the biggest.  This day would be a little different for us, as we were to cover a Bigfoot car crush during the afternoon and the WGAS Motorsports Monster Truck Event in the evening.  Talk about a Monster Truck fans idea of a perfect day!!  Coming from Tuba City into Phoenix gave us a temperature shock this day, as leaving home the temperature was in the low 70ís, and later, arriving at the F1 Race Factory in Phoenix, the temperature would reach 92 degrees.

Pulling into the F1 Race Factory parking lot was a neat experience, seeing the big Race Factory sign with Bigfoot sitting in front of the building.  There was a helicopter on one side of the parking lot, crushed cars on another side, Big Foot sitting in front of the entrance and next to Bigfoot was a Chevy Tahoe with Jimmie Johnsonís name and number on it.

As I arrived at the front of the store, I recognized several familiar faces from the previous week in Prescott Valley.  Of course there was Keith Sturgeon, driver of Bigfoot, and Howard Fleischmann and Kim Sigman of Community Tire.  I was introduced to Scott Sanders, President of the Race Factory.  It was a very busy day for Scott and he had to take off, but before he did, he introduced us to his manager Chris DíAlton.

Chris gave Lynn and I a tour of the Race Factory and it is amazing what these gentlemen have done with an old Samís Club building.  Walking inside, you see an Arcade Room on the right, a small meeting room with windows looking in the back at the tracks.  There are two tracks, one for the bigger kids and one for the smaller kids.  They have another larger meeting room, locker rooms to put on your racing suits.  A Bar and Grill area, a souvenir or gift store.  Chris explained that they even had two race leagues going on, set up like those at a bowling alley, only its for go-karts.  Brilliant!!  Community Tire and the F1 Race Factory belong to the same business club, so today they are working together to put on another Bigfoot car crush.

I am able to visit with Keith a few minutes at a time here and there as everyone wants the attention of the guy who drives Bigfoot.  Keith is doing very well with all the people and doing a great job covering up how tired he is.  I could see just a little difference between last week and this week in Keith, but he made sure the fans didnít know.  He has been on the road over a week and done a few car crushes, not to include loading and unloading the big truck, and putting plenty of miles on the big rig.  He does disappear for awhile with the truck, comes back and it is cleaned again.  Now, that is dedication.

I have distant cousin named Autumn in the Phoenix area, I invited her and her four year old son, Hunter, to come and see the car crush.  Not being any different than any other fan, I ask Keith for a little special attention for Hunter.  Everyone would like the driverís attention and Keith does a great job making sure they get it.  When Hunter arrived and had his picture taken with Keith in front of Bigfoot, you could see the excitement in a young man that had never seen a monster truck.  Makes it all worth it to bring a smile to the children faces, Keith said.  I was happy just to be with Hunter when he was able to see his first real Monster Truck.

Once again we have another awesome car crush by Keith Sturgeon, driver of Bigfoot #10.  As always, I will let the pictures and video describe the action!!

Play The Video!!

  Bigfoot 30th Anniversary Car Crush!!

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I would really like to thank Keith, Scott Sanders, and Chris DíAlton of the Race Factory, Howard and Kim of Community Tire, these guys were all great and very helpful with everything we needed to get the job done for the Monster Blog.  We had a lot of fun and we can't wait to see Bigfoot at Community Tire and F1 Race Factory again next year!!

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