Welcome to another MONSTER BLOG coverage, coming to you from Sedalia, MO!!  This was only the third event for me this year, and we were lucky to come across it.  Was searching around on the internet and came across the Mega Monster Truck Tour website, and sure enough there was an event for Sedalia in just a few weeks!!  Sedalia, MO is about a three hour drive from where we live in St. Robert, but the chance to see 5 trucks we hadn't seen before was too good to pass up.

Again, this event was held back in June, two months before I started The Monster Blog, so really, my wife and I were just going to enjoy the show.  So if this coverage seems a little lighter than some of our more recent ones, that is the reason why.  We have had the videos from this show posted in the Video section for quite some time now, but if you haven't checked them out, be sure to do that after you get done reading the coverage!!

We arrived at the State Fairgrounds in Sedalia roughly about an hour before show time.  Right away I noticed something about the setup that I didn't like.  The track space in front of the grandstand was very narrow, only about three lanes wide.  The only obstacles set up were one row of cars with a van in the middle, and a large dirt mound that would be used for the Freestyle Motocross riders.  On either side of the cars was a lane that included two small dirt kickers.

This would be the area where the trucks would be doing Straight Line Drag Racing.  The trucks would simply charge in a straight line over the two kickers and the first one to the line would be the winner.  After the very poor racing course setup our last time out in Springfield, this was not what we were hoping for.  Nonetheless, some of the best trucks in the business were present, and I was sure they would find a way to put on a great show for all of us fans.

Unfortunately this event did not include a Pit Party of any kind either, so the only pictures we were able to get of the trucks before the event started was zooming in with the camera on the infield.

After waiting around for about an hour for the event to start, hitting the souvenir stands and the snack bar, and moving around a couple of times, trying to find the best place to sit, it was finally time for the show to begin with Monster Truck Introductions!!






Being a Chevy man, I was absolutely in love when I first saw this truck.  An absolutely beautiful 2005 Chevy Silverado, appropriately named, The Beast!!  The announcer proclaimed it as "the most powerful Monster Truck on Earth!!"  That may or may not be true, but you could certainly feel the roar of the engine as owner/driver Bobby Holman pulled the truck up in front of the grandstand.






The Kicker Ford Monster Truck would be driven by Sean Duhon in the evening's competitions.  I was not familiar with this truck or the driver, but it would be fun to see how he would match up against the rest of the field.






Andy Hoffman announced his presence when rolling the truck out for Introductions, roaring out to his place in front of the crowd, really showing the horsepower in his Nitemare Monster Truck.  You just kind of had the gut feeling that this guy and the Beast would be meeting each other in the Finals this night in Sedalia.





The Sudden Impact Monster Truck and its driver Brandon Legarde were introduced to the applause of the crowd.  I had remembered John Seasock as having been the driver of Sudden Impact from watching Monster Jam on TV from time to time, so it would be interesting to watch Legarde go up against some tough competition.





The last truck competing into tonight's action would be Venom, team truck to the Beast.  Rookie driver Shane Smith would be piloting the S-10 bodied Venom.


First up would be the Timed Runs Competition, to be followed by Straight-Line Drag Racing, and finally the Freestyle competition!!






First up was Sean Duhon in the Kicker, and it was immediately apparent that there was either something wrong with the truck or Duhon was just taking it easy to get a feel for the course.  According to the announcer, after a very slow run, the result would be the former, as the crew would have to thrash to get the truck ready in time for Freestyle, while sitting out for racing.  Tough break for the Kicker team.





Brandon Legarde in the Sudden Impact came out and laid down a respectable time, setting the current fast time, but the truck seemed to be nosing down kind of hard after the kickers.  That may have cost him some time, and it will probably cost him the top spot in the Timed Runs Competition.





Andy Hoffman was next up in Nitemare, and he laid down a very quick time, taking the lead from Legarde.  Hoffman set the bar very high for the Team Beast trucks coming up after him.





Shane Smith got off the line quickly in Venom, but got out of the throttle on the first kicker causing him to lose a lot of momentum in no man's land.  This would be enough to keep Shane from competing for quick time.





The old saying "save the best for last" really seemed to apply in this portion of the competition, as Bobby Holman absolutely roared off the line, with the Beast's massive horsepower lifting the front tires off the ground at the start.  Holman tore down the track, and before the announcer could even give the time, the crowd knew they had just seen the winning run in the Timed Runs Competition!!



Next up would be the Straight Line Drag Competition!!








The first match-up of the evening would put Bobby Holman in the Beast up against Brandon Legarde in Sudden Impact.  After that dominant performance in the earlier competition, expectations would be that the Beast would take this one going away.  That wouldn't be the case though, as Legarde got the jump off the line and led all the way to the second kicker.  The Beast, however, was playing catch-up and roared past by mere inches in the air over the finish line!!  Victory to Bobby Holman!!







The next pairing would be Andy Hoffman in Nitemare vs. Shane Smith in Venom.  This race would not be close as Hoffman got the jump off the line and never looked back, roaring to the victory.







For Round 2, the match-ups would be reversed.  This would pair Andy Hoffman and Brandon Legarde for the first pairing of the 2nd round.  The trucks were fairly even off the line, but Hoffman took the lead in no man's land, and would hold it as they crossed the line, taking the win over Legarde in Sudden Impact.






Time for a battle between teammates, as Shane Smith would have the unenviable task of taking on the powerful Beast and veteran Bobby Holman.  Surprisingly, Smith caught Holman sleeping at the light and roared ahead.  Unfortunately for him, his advantage would be short lived, as Holman nailed the gas and the Beast absolutely left Venom in the dust, advancing to a Final Round match-up against Andy Hoffman in the Nitemare.









Before getting to the exciting Final Round match-up that the whole crowd was buzzing about, it was time to settle Third Place.  Shane Smith in Venom would be taking the near lane, while Brandon Legarde in Sudden Impact would try the far lane.  The trucks left the line together, but Legarde put about a truck length on Smith going through no man's land and that would be the margin of victory, as Legarde would take 3rd place, and Smith would be stuck with 4th.









Time for the big Final Round match-up for all the marbles!!  The crowd was alive with anticipation, just waiting for the two trucks that had proven themselves to be the best over the course of the evening to take each other on for the title.  The fans would not be let down, as a great race ensued, with both trucks tearing off the line, ripping down the track, and flying to the finish line!!  In the end, it would be Bobby Holman and the Beast taking the win over Andy Hoffman's Nitemare by the smallest of margins!!  Congratulations to Bobby Holman for taking another win in his quest to be the Mega Monster Truck Champion for 2005!!





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