07/31/06 -
- Pictures from the Fishersville, VA Outlaw Monster Truck show courtesy of Chad Dobbins!!
07/30/06 -
- Recap & Teasers from the Tomah, WI show courtesy of Kyle Doyle!!
07/29/06 -
- Toledo Monster Jam Summer Heat Recap & Teasers posted!!
- Davisburg, MI Monster Truck Shootout Highlight Video now posted!!
07/28/06 -
- Recap & Teasers from the Davisburg, MI Monster Truck Shootout!!
07/27/06 -

- Champaign Monster Nationals Photo Gallery now posted!!

- Ionia, MI Rock & Monster Truck Show Highlight Video now posted!!

- Posted flyer and show information for the Washington, MO Monster Truck Extravaganza!!

07/26/06 -

- Recap & Teasers from the Ionia Free Fair Rock & Monster Truck Show!!

- Mansfield Monster Nationals Article up on The Enthusiast Network!!

- Pictures from the Rutland, VT Extreme Monster Truck Nationals courtesy of Andrew Palochko!!

07/24/06 -

- Recaps and Pics from the Champaign Monster Nationals courtesy of Josh Kischer!!

- Posted the  Summer Motorsports Spectacular videos from Englishtown, NJ courtesy of Marty Menze!!

07/22/06 -
- Recap and Pics from the Jefferson County Fair "Battle of the Big Boys" courtesy of Carol and Danny Maass!!
07/21/06 -

- Three new photo galleries from Kyle Doyle, including the Mansfield Monster Nationals!!

- 10 New Drawings from Tommy Lee Byrd added to the  MT Art Gallery!!

- Sudden Impact  "The Ride" update!!

- Vaters Monster Motorsports Press Release!!

07/17/06 -
- The Mansfield Monster Nationals Highlight Video has been posted!!
07/16/06 -
- Teasers & Recap from the Mansfield Monster Nationals!!
07/12/06 -
- Kyle Doyle's latest Blog Article has now been posted, and it is a MUST READ!!
07/10/06 -

- The Monster Blog  T-Shirt is here!! See below for ordering details!!

- Updated and re-organized the Links section!!

07/06/06 -

- Teasers from last night's Warrenton, MO show courtesy of Chris Kaelin!!

- Clio, MI Article now up on The Enthusiast Network!!

07/04/06 -

- First photo of the new Pouncer body from Predator Racing courtesy of Chad LeGeyt!!

- Bloomsburg Jambo officially cancelled--see below for official release.

- Happy Fourth of July!!

07/03/06 -
- Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular from Prescott Valley Highlight Video now posted!!
07/02/06 -

- Pictures from the Lindsay Monster Truck Show courtesy of Kyle Seden!!

- Videos from the Firebird Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam now posted in the Videos section!!

- The 2nd Annual Monster Mash is coming to Lebanon, MO September 30th!!

07/01/06 -

- USHRA Monsters On Mainstreet Recap & Teasers!!

- Amsoil Rock'N Monster Truck Series Championship Points announced!!

- Bloomsburg, PA    4 Wheel Jamboree to proceed as planned!!

- Road Rippers Joins BIGFOOT Team!!

- We welcome our newest sponsor!!









Photo by:  JR SEASOCK


  • Fishersville, VA Outlaw Monster Truck Show!!:  The Performance Motorsports Outlaw Monster Truck Show took place this past weekend in Fishersville, VA!!  A great friend of The Monster Blog, Chad Dobbins, was on hand and got some great shots.  Thanks to Chad for these pics from the Friday night show where Allen Pezo in Predator took out Gary Porter in Grave Digger in the Racing finals!!  (07/31/06)

  • Monster Trucks in Tomah, WI!!:  The Monroe County Fair featured a star-studded lineup Saturday night as the monster trucks invaded Tomah, WI!!  Avenger, Brutus, Raminator, Rammunition, and Summit Bigfoot did battle in Racing and Freestyle competitions.  In Racing, it was Mark Hall in Raminator taking out Dan Runte in Bigfoot in the finals for the overall victory.  Freestyle saw Chris Bergeron in Brutus end up on his roof for the second time this week, while teammate Jim Kohler made an amazing save to bring Avenger back onto all fours after rocking all the way up on the sidewalls!!  Bigfoot, Raminator, and Rammunition all put together solid runs during freestyle as well, making for an excellent night of action for the Wisconsin fans.  A huge thanks to Monster Blog Special Contributor Kyle Doyle for the recap and teasers, be watching for more from this show later this week!!  (07/30/06)

  • Digger Domination In Toledo!!:  The Monster Jam Summer Heat tour hit the Toledo Speedway in Toledo, OH this weekend with Bulldozer, Destroyer, Safe Auto, Maximum Destruction, and Grave Digger performing in Wheelie, Racing, Donut, & Freestyle contests!!  Saturday night Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger swept the entire evening, dominating in his hometown show.  Mark MacDonald in Safe Auto also turned in impressive performances all evening long, but was one-upped by Pauken in each contest.  Saturday night was a great show and we were very glad we headed down at the last minute to catch it!!  Thanks to all folks from LiveNation for putting on another great show, and be watching for many more pictures from the show right here on!!  (07/29/06)

  • Monster Truck Shootout Highlight Video!!:  The Oakland County Fair Monster Truck Shootout highlight video has now been posted in the Videos section!!  You can also check it out by clicking the link below.  See all the action as American Thunder, Bad News Travels Fast, Ballistic, Evolution, Full Boar, and Project X race and freestyle in Davisburg, MI!!  Thanks to my mom Lynette Bonar for the great camera work, hope you all enjoy the video!!  Stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you thought!!  (07/29/06)



(Please note that this video is 15 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • Monster Truck Shootout in Davisburg, MI!!:  The Oakland County Fair in Davisburg, MI played host Friday night to Larry Hatt's Monster Truck Shootout!!  Six trucks were present to do battle in Racing and Freestyle contests including American Thunder, Bad News Travels Fast, Ballistic, Evolution, Full Boar, and Project X.  In the final round of racing it was Mac Plecker in Ballistic barely edging out Bruce Haney in Bad News for the victory.  Freestyle saw an impressive performance from Kevin Poore in Project X, but in the end it came down to the same two trucks--Bad News and Ballistic.  Both trucks pulled off great donuts and kept up good momentum, but in the end it was Bruce Haney taking the crowd vote and the Freestyle win!!  Be watching for more pictures and a highlight video coming very soon!!  (07/28/06)

  • Champaign Monster Nationals Photo Gallery!!:  Monster Blog Special Contributor Kyle Doyle has submitted his photo gallery from the Champaign Monster Nationals!!  Check out the gallery of over 50 great pictures of Excaliber, Nitemare, Raminator, Rammunition, & Sudden Impact going head to head in Monster Nationals action!!  Click the link below or visit the Blog Photo Gallery in the Coverages section to see the gallery and then stop by the Fan Forum to let us know what you thought!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/27/06)




  • Rock & Monster Truck Fest Highlight Video!!:  The Ionia Free Fair's Rock & Monster Truck Show highlight video has now been posted!!  See all the action as Lil' Miss Dangerous, Devastator, Brutus, and Avenger go head to head in Wheelie, Racing, & Freestyle competitions!!  Thanks to my beautiful wife Rajeana for the awesome video work!!  Going along with the rock theme of this show, the video features the band Priestess' new single "Talk to Her."  It is a rockin' song, and courtesy of Jeffrey Thorpe at Cornerstone Promotions and The Monster Blog, you can download the single in mp3 format by clicking here!!  Stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you thought of the video and the song!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/27/06)



(Please note that this video is 20 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • Washington Jaycees Monster Truck Extravaganza!!:  The Monster Truck Extravaganza & Tuff Trux Challenge is coming back to the Washington Fairgrounds in Washington, MO August 19th!!  The event will once again feature the legendary Bigfoot, Big Dawg, and Bad News Travels Fast monster trucks!!  The show starts at 6:00PM with tickets only $8.00!!  For more information, visit or see the flyer below!!  You've gotta be there, The Monster Blog will!!  (07/27/06)


  • Rock & Monster Truck Fest in Ionia, MI!!:  Tuesday night, Perrin Motorsports' Rock & Monster Truck Show invaded the Ionia Free Fair in Ionia, MI for a FREE monster truck event!!  The show featured Lil' Miss Dangerous, Devastator, Brutus, & Avenger competing in Wheelie, Donut, & Freestyle contests.  Jocelyn Perrin stood Lil' Miss Dangerous on the tailgate, taking the Wheelie contest win.  Perrin also put forth a strong effort in the Donut contest, but it was Chris Bergeron in Brutus taking the win after finishing a great donut on his roof!!  After having steering problems in the Donut contest, Jim Kohler in Avenger let loose in Freestyle, getting huge air and insane cyclones, and took the Freestyle win.  All in all, it was a great show by Perrin Motorsports, and it was made even better because it was FREE!!  Stay tuned for many more pictures, a rockin' highlight video, and much more right here on The Monster Blog!!  (07/26/06)

  • Mansfield Monster Nationals Article Posted on TEN!!:  The Monster Blog's coverage of the 2006 Monster Nationals Championship event in Mansfield, OH has now been posted on The Enthusiast Network, including feature length article, photos, and highlight video!!  Head on over and check them out, then stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you thought!!  I have provided a link to our version of the highlight video (20MB), which is higher quality than the one posted on TEN (5MB).  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/26/06)






(Please note that this video is 25 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • Extreme Monster Truck Nationals in Rutland, VT!!:  A big thanks out to Monster Blog Special Contributor Andrew Palochko for these sweet shots from this past weekend's Extreme Monster Truck Nationals at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland, VT!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/26/06)

  • Champaign, IL Monster Nationals!!:  The final event on the 2006 Monster Nationals tour took place Sunday in Champaign, IL!!  Sean Duhon in Excaliber started the evening off by taking the win in the Wheelie contest, while '06 Racing Champ Mark Hall in Raminator defeated teammate Geremie Dishman in Rammunition for the Racing win!!  A huge thanks to Josh Kischer of St. Paul, MN for sending in these great shots and to Amanda Weldy for the results!!  (07/24/06)

  • Summer Motorsports Spectacular Videos!!:  The Summer Motorsports Spectacular from Englishtown, NJ took place at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Wednesday July, 12th and Monster Blog Special Contributor Marty Menze was there for all the action!!  Marty took some great videos at the show, and was kind enough to share them with us so that we can share them with you.  Check out the videos now in the Video section or by clicking below!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!



  • Jefferson County Fair "Battle of the Big Boys"!!:  The monster trucks were back at the Jefferson County Fair in Hillsboro, MO this year, and The Monster Blog's good friends Carol Maass and son Danny were among those in attendance!  The format would be different this year, as only Bigfoot and Big Dawg would be in attendance, going head to head in the "Battle of the Big Boys".  Both Doug Noelke and Keith Sturgeon put together great freestyles, mixing in sky wheelies, donuts, slap wheelies to the delight of the Missouri crowd.  A huge thanks to Carol and Danny for the recap and the great photos!  I'm sure we'll be seeing more in the Picture of the Week contest, so be watching for those!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/22/06)

  • Three New Photo Galleries From KD!!:  Monster Blog Special Contributor Kyle Doyle has submitted three new photo galleries, including over 70 awesome photos from this past weekend's Monster Nationals!!  Also see pictures from the Rantoul, IL 4th of July Parade and Raminator Car Crush, and the Berger Family Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep Car Crush in Hazelton, PA!!  All of these galleries are now available in the Blog Photo Gallery in the Coverages section, or by simply clicking below.  Thanks to Kyle for the great photos, Enjoy!!  (07/21/06)








  • Sudden Impact "The Ride" Charity Event!!:  The Sudden Impact "The Ride" team participated in a really nice charity show for a young man with bone cancer last weekend in West Virginia. The young man's name was Josh and he turned 13 years old on July 15th. His wish was to ride in a monster truck, so the team took not only him, but his family for a ride to lead a town parade for his birthday. The box and bag seen in the photos are items that the team gave him that were collected from other teams. The team would like to thank Brandon of Sudden Impact Racing for the remote control car, t-shirt, and posters. Also thanks to Rick of Bigfoot for the shirt and toys, Mike Scott who formally worked with Clear Channel, David Fray previously of Sudden Impact Racing, and the Jefferson Parish Sherrif's Department for collecting all the other items from their friends. Mike and David now drive for BLM Motorsports doing events and donating a portion to children's charities. The team also visits children's hospitals and is doing some great work. Thanks to team owner Lee McKinley for the update and best of luck to him and the team in their continued efforts. Definitely one of those "feel good" stories in the industry.  (07/21/06)

  • Vaters Monster Motorsports Press Release:  Pioneer’s Monster Truck Mania presented by Fox Ford Mercury and Hinerman NAPA comes to the Jacktown Fair in Windridge, PA!!  This monster truck event promises a night packed with heart pounding monster truck action and wild and crazy freestyle motocross thrills.  World Finals competitor Black Stallion, along with the Iron Warrior, Killer Bee, and Storm Damage monster trucks will compete in racing, wheelie, and freestyle competitions demonstrating to the crowd their raw monster truck power.  The popular freestyle motocross riders will be there pulling their tricks jumping an astounding 70 foot gap steel ramp to steel ramp.  The Black Jack monster ride truck will be at the fair all week giving the crowd the ultimate monster truck experience.  Don’t miss the monster trucks on display at Fox Ford Mercury and Hinerman Automotive on Friday July 21 in Waynesburg, PA.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with the trucks and drivers.  Come out to the Jacktown Fairgrounds and party in the pits on Saturday July 22 from 1-4 pm with the monster trucks, drivers and Froggy 103.5.  The kids can learn all about monster trucks at the “Monster Garage Workshop” in the pits at 5 pm.  The show starts at 7pm and the price is only $5 with fair admission (fair admission $8)!!  For more information call the Jacktown Fair at 724-627-8473 or contact Denise Vaters at 301-991-1792 or by email at

  • Mansfield Monster Nationals Highlight Video!!:  The Mansfield Monster Nationals video has been posted in the Videos section!!  See all the action from both big shows this past weekend as Raminator and Nitemare clinch the 2006 Monster Nationals Championships, and T-Maxx, Sudden Impact, Bad Habit, Big Dawg, and Lil' Miss Dangerous bring the crowd to their feet in wild Wheelie, Racing, and Freestyle competitions!!  After you watch this video, there will be no doubt that you will not want to miss the next Monster Nationals show in your area!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/17/06)



(Please note that this video is 25 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • Mansfield Monster Nationals!!:  We headed out to Mansfield, OH today for the final points event of the 2006 Monster Nationals season at the Richland County Fairgrounds.  Mark Hall in Raminator clinched the 2006 Monster Nationals Racing Championship by winning Racing in the early show, while Andy Hoffman and Nitemare were officially announced as the winner of the '06 Freestyle Championship!!  Congratulations to them for winning the titles!!  Doug Noelke in Big Dawg came up short in his bid for the overall championship, but that didn't stop him from winning Freestyle in the early show, and taking Racing in the evening program.  Jocelyn Perrin Lil' Miss Dangerous picked up both Wheelie contest wins, and Carl Van Horn in T-Maxx laid down a wild Freestyle in the evening show to take home that victory.  Alex Blackwell did a great job in Sudden Impact, making one awesome save in Freestyle, and just barely losing to Perrin in the evening Wheelie contest.  Rookie Joe Sylvestor also impressed throughout the day in his new Bad Habit ride.  For more teaser pictures from the show, click the link below to some other photos on the Fan Forum!!  Thanks to all the folks with Image Promotions for their hospitality, and to all the drivers for putting on a great show!!  Much more to come from this show soon!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/16/06)




  • KD's Latest "Behind the Scenes" Article!!:  Kyle Doyle has submitted his latest feature article entitled "Ping Pong".  Go along for the ride as Kyle and the Hall Brothers Racing team criss-cross the country!!  Kyle tells a great story with his usual excellent writing and outstanding photography, from dealership events to a NASCAR race and some of our country's most beautiful scenery.  KD's articles are always a great read, but this one is a MUST read!!  Thanks to Kyle for the great work, stop by the Fan Forum and let him know what you thought!!  (07/12/06)




  • T-Shirt Is Here!!:  We are proud to announce that the 2006 Monster Blog T-Shirt has arrived!!  This black and green, great-looking shirt was designed by the folks at 1st Place Apparel and is now available for purchase!!  The shirt is available in Medium, Large, and X-Large and costs $20.00 including shipping and handling.  Show your support of The Monster Blog today by ordering your shirt now!!  Click the link below for more details and to make your order!!  Thanks for your support, and be watching for some more exciting monster truck merchandise coming later this year!!  (07/10/06)




  • Teasers From Warrenton, MO!!:  The Amsoil Rock'N'Monster Truck Series rolled into the Warren County Fairgrounds in Wednesday night for the first of two big shows, and Monster Blog Special Contributor Chris Kaelin was on hand for all the action!!  Charlie Miller in Kid Rock kicked off the evening by narrowly taking the wheelie contest win over Doug Charles in Wild Thang.  Kirk Dabney in Monster Patrol would dominate the rest of the show however, taking the Racing victory over Miller, and then winning Freestyle!!  Thanks to Chris for the great shots, be watching for more from this show coming soon!!  (07/06/06)

  • Clio, MI Article & Video Posted on TEN!!:  The Extreme Monster Truck Nationals at the Auto City Speedway in Clio, MI article, photos, and highlight video are now up on The Enthusiast Network!!  Head on over and check out the story and pics using the link below!!  The highlight vid on TEN is only 5MB, but I have also provided a link to The Monster Blog's version of the highlight video, which is better quality at 18MB.  Stop by the Fan Forum and let us know what you think!!  (07/06/06)






(Please note that this video is 18 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • Pouncer Debuts in Anderson, SC!!:  You've seen the Hot Wheels version in stores, but now the real life version of "Pouncer" from Predator Racing has debuted this past weekend in Anderson, SC!!  Thanks to Chad LeGeyt for sending us this photo of the new body from the show at the Anderson County Fairgrounds!!  (07/04/06)

  • Bloomsburg 4 Wheel Jamboree Cancelled:  Well, unfortunately since our last update on the status of this coming weekend's Bloomsburg Jamboree, the event has been officially cancelled.  Here is the official release from Special Events and President Bruce Hubley:

    To: Our Many Friends, Participants and Sponsors
    From: Bruce Hubley, President Special Events Performance Series and The 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals
    Subject: Cancellation of Toyo Tires 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds-July 7, 8 and 9

         The recent floods and severe weather in Northeast Pennsylvania lead the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds to cancel our annual 4 Wheel Jamboree event in Bloomsburg. We were fully prepared to produce the event this weekend. We had a team of 20 workers and reclamation specialists on the ground at the Bloomsburg fairgrounds working relentlessly to prepare the grounds for the show. Despite our valiant efforts, the town and the fair board decided otherwise.
         Please understand that in the twenty-five year history of the 4 Wheel and Off Road Jamboree series, we have never, ever cancelled an event. I fully recognize that many of you must request vacation time months in advance, work hard to get your 4x4 ready for the show and spend hundreds of hours preparing for the event. Because of your long time commitment to us, I really wish that the outcome was different.
         We've negotiated with the fair board and agreed to reschedule the 19th Annual 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg Friday August 18 thru Sunday August 20. After checking travel schedules for monster trucks that you come to enjoy and vendors that you come to talk with about new ways to fabricate your 4x4, we've found that most are available. In addition, after checking with area hotels, there is plenty of availablity. We have put in place a system where you can email us and we will quickly change your reservation to the new show dates.
         But you are the backbone of the show. Without 4x4 trucks at the event, we have no show.
         So I need your help. Would the rescheduled event work into your summer plans? I really need to hear from you. Would you be so kind to let me know by e-mail if you could change your plans and attend a rescheduled event? You can e-mail me at and let me know your thoughts.
         We certainly hope that you can join us in August. Honestly, we want to host the event for each and every one of you and that remains our commitment to our loyal 4x4 enthusiast base.


    Bruce Hubley


  • Happy Fourth of July!!:  All of us at would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July!!  A great day to celebrate our freedom and remember how lucky we are to live in the greatest country on earth.  Hope everyone enjoys the holiday with their families.  God Bless America!!  (07/04/06)

Picture from the Hazel Park Raceway Fireworks Extravaganza taken 7/3/06 by Ross Z. Bonar.

  • Prescott Valley Highlight Video!!:  The Monster Blog's highlight video from June 3rd's Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular at the Prescott Valley Speedway is now posted!!  See McGruff, Nasty Boy, el Bandito, Awesome Kong, and Unnamed & Untamed do battle in Racing & Freestyle competitions!!  Thanks to my mom Lynette Bonar for the great footage, hope you all enjoy the video!!  See it now by clicking on the link below or by heading over to the Videos section!!  (07/03/06)



(Please note that this video is 25 MB, so please be patient when loading!)


  • June 2006 Archive!!:  Yet another month down, and we are halfway through 2006!!  As usual, the content from the previous month has been archived to its own page to keep loading times from getting bogged down too much by all the great content here on the Blog.  To see content from last month, simply scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on the "June 2006" link under the Archive heading.  Thanks!!  (07/03/06)

  • Lindsay Monster Truck Show!!:  The annual Lindsay, Ontario Monster Truck Show is going on this weekend, and a great friend of The Monster Blog, Kyle Seden, was on hand today for all the action!!  Dave Rappach in Rap Attack, Chris Bergeron in Brutus, & Jim Kohler in Avenger put on a great show for the crowd, with Kohler taking the Freestyle win with a perfect score!!  Thanks to Kyle for sending in these great pics!!  (07/02/06)

  • Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam Videos!!:  Finally!!  After a very long wait, we are proud to have posted all of our videos from the May 6th Firebird International Raceway Monster Truck & Jet Car Jam!!  See Iron Outlaw, Nasty Boy, and Unnamed & Untamed put on a Wheelie Contest clinic, while Bounty Hunter and Maximum Destruction show the world what donuts are supposed to be like!!  Then see the former Freestyle World Champs go head to head with the rest of the 10 truck field in a wild Freestyle competition that saw Hot Wheels go end over end!!  All the videos can now be seen in the Videos section or by clicking the link below.  Thanks to my mom Lynette Bonar for doing such a great job taking the video, and to Firebird Int'l Raceway for allowing us to bring it to you.  If you think this show looked like a blast, you won't want to miss the fall show at Firebird, because certainly won't!!  Thanks & Enjoy!!  (07/02/06)




  • 2nd Annual Monster Mash Coming to Lebanon!!:  The City of Lebanon, MO & are proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Monster Mash is coming to the Laclede County Fairgrounds for two big shows Saturday, September 30th!!  The show will feature the legendary Bigfoot doing battle with Big Dawg, Gun Slinger, & Monkey'N Around in Wheelie, Racing, and Freestyle competitions!!  Much more information will be coming soon on this show, and will have it all for you right here, so keep checking back.  Check out the informational flyer by clicking the link below and reserve September 30th on your calendar because you do not want to miss this show!!  (07/02/06)


  • Monsters On Mainstreet!!:  One of the most unique promotions in the history of the sport culminated before a packed house at the Ramsey Center in Sylva, NC tonight and Tommy Lee Byrd was there to cover all the action!!  Ford Trucks and the USHRA Monster Jam series ran a contest all year giving fans a chance to have a Monster Jam event in their hometown.  At the World Finals in March it was announced that Susan Shannon and her family from Sylva had won, and tonight eight USHRA monster trucks went head to head in Racing & Freestyle competitions in front of all their family, friends, and neighbors!!  Tony Farrell in Blue Thunder took the Racing win over Bryan Winston in Monster Mutt, and it was Charlie Pauken in Batman just edging out Farrell for the Freestyle win.  All in all, a great night of action and a fantastic end to a great promotion.  Thanks to Tommy Lee Byrd for covering the event, be looking for his full coverage right here on, coming soon!!  (07/01/06)

  • Amsoil Rock'N Monster Truck Championship!!:  The Shafer Motorsports summer season is in full swing and we have been informed that series sponsor Amsoil has put together a championship program for the 2007 season!!  The current points standings as of 6/30/06 have been posted here on The Monster Blog and can be seen by clicking below, and the top five have been posted in our "Championship Tracker" in the left hand column right here on the main page.  James Tigue II in Bearfoot currently leads over Charlie Miller in Kid Rock as the series is in Butler, PA this weekend.  Keep checking back for more updates!!  (07/01/06)


  • Bloomsburg, PA 4 Wheel Jamboree Update!!:  As many are aware, the Bloomsburg, PA area has been hit hard by the recent flooding in the northeast, and this has brought into question the status of next weekend's 4 Wheel Jamboree event.  The Monster Blog has been in contact with representatives from Special Events, and we have been informed that the show is in fact going forward as planned this weekend.  That means we are currently planning to make our way out for the show, so we look forward to seeing you all there!!  Stay tuned to for further updates!!  (07/01/06)

  • Road Rippers Toys Join The BIGFOOT Team!!:  (St. Louis, MO)  Toy State, under their name brand Road Rippers, has now joined the BIGFOOT Team as a corporate sponsor.  Road Rippers, Toy State’s highly successful line of battery-operated lights and sounds toy vehicles, is excited to be part of the team that created the first monster truck and now appears live before over 4 million fans every year!  Toy State even designed a new logo especially for this campaign!  Tom Hoke, President of Toy State, said, “BIGFOOT has been a wonderful partner in helping us bring strong product to little guys around the world.”
    BIGFOOT and Snake Bite® Road Rippers toys have been exciting BIGFOOT fans since 2002, and have included such favorite decos as Angels BIGFOOT, American Flag BIGFOOT, and Green Snake Bite! Under this new 2-year sponsorship program, BIGFOOT will be promoting the Road Rippers brand with special appearances and toy giveaways at selected BIGFOOT shows!!  “Kids are what both of our businesses do!  We are looking forward to working closely with Toy State to increase fan awareness,” said Jim Kramer, Vice President of Operations for BIGFOOT.
         Keep checking the BIGFOOT web site for updates, and look for the new Road Rippers logo on all the BIGFOOT monster trucks and tractor-trailers.  (07/01/06)

  • Welcomes MonsteRCUSA!!:  The Monster Blog is proud to welcome aboard MonsteRCUSA as our newest sponsor!!  MonsteRCUSA is a colorful new website bringing to life the love of Monster Trucks in the 1/10th scale R/C version by highlighting them with a new MonsteRCUSA Model each month.  They are also working to build an extensive R/C directory and online race calendar, in addition to a print calendar scheduled for release this fall.  We thank for their support of The Monster Blog and we encourage all of our visitors to head on over to and check them out today!!  (07/01/06) 




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